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The strong wind, mixed with a large amount of sand and dust, expanded in all directions like an explosion, blowing the Aragami away, clearing the field in an instant.

To avoid being swept in, Houri abruptly retreated and was nearly swallowed by the expanding impact.

As for Alisa, although she lunged forward in the nick of time to avoid the direct hit, her body was like a kite caught in the storm, miserable to the extreme.

The ground was actually cracked under the impact, spreading out a crack.

Houri and Alisa retreated in the midst of the windblast until retreating a distance of more than ten meters before finally stabilized.

Immediately, in Houri and Alisa’s eyes, in front of that diffuse and sandy dust, the huge figure appeared again, moving at a strong and powerful pace, step by step walked out.

When the Aragami was exposed in the air, Houri and Alisa’s faces changed when they saw the other side’s full face.

It was an extremely large Aragami.

It had the appearance of a tiger, with thick fur all over its body, armored cases on its limbs and head, and a red coat like a cloak on its back, which looked formidable.

However, such an imposing Aragami is looking at Houri and Alisa with a more brutal look than the rest of its kind, with its limbs clinging to the ground and its long fangs flashing in a cold arc under its vicious head.

Looking at the extremely large Aragami, Houri’s face sank.

Even Alisa’s expression became a lot more serious and muttered.


This is the name of the Aragami before them.

Even among all the Aragami, it is quite a famous name.

It originated in the southeast region of Eurasia, and now it is found in basically the entire Eurasian continent.

The scale is large, and among the large Aragami are known to be the most numerous and powerful.

In the large Aragami, Vajra is already equivalent to the representative existence.

Its power is so strong that God Eater simply can not defeat it alone.

Unless it is an excellent God Eater, without a small team of three people or more, it is impossible to defeat this Aragami.

So, both Houri and Alisa, under the breathtaking huge, their expressions became grave.


The large Aragami named Vajra erupted with an amazing growl sound that sent the surrounding sand and dust flying with waves of sound, displaying an extraordinary sense of power.

With that growl sound, the surrounding small Aragami didn’t even dare to approach, and even the medium-sized Aragami centered around the Kongou-like Aragami couldn’t help but retreat, giving up the entire field.

Immediately after, Vajra moved.

With a bang sound, the huge tiger sprang up like a spring and rammed into Houri and Alisa’s direction like a huge cannonball.

The powerful impact caused a strong wind around Vajra’s body, stirring up a sharp sonic boom as it shot forward.


Houri and Alisa at the same time heart tightened, not even think more, hurriedly dodge.


Among the heavy roar, the huge tiger landed heavily on the ground, as just the lunge, shaking the ground, so that the shock wave explodes like a windstorm.

This time, Houri and Alisa did not escape the aftermath, they were caught up in the shock wave, very simply blown away, thrown to the ground, rolling several times.

“Tsk!” Houri can’t help but be speechless and roll over hard to stabilize his body.

Looking at the large Aragami bathed in sand and dust, Houri’s fists unconsciously clenched.

“Is this the power of a large Aragami?”

That power is no weaker than the Fused colony of the previous world.

I’m afraid that the Vajra in front of him has about 30 points in all three attributes, except for INT, right?

In other words, at least, in terms of attributes, the Vajra in front of him is already almost like standing in the top of Tier 5.

It’s a bit bad as an opponent.

“However, it’s not an existence that can’t be defeated.”

Not knowing if it heard Houri’s speech, Vajra turned its head and a pair of eyes full of hostility instantly stared at him.
However, because of this, Vajra overlooked another opponent.

Bang Bang-!

In a chaotic sound of gunfire, the God Arc muzzle, which was transformed into a submachine gun type, kept flashing with fire, causing bullets to fall on Vajra’s body like a rain screen.

Vajra’s thick fur suddenly splashed with blood.

“Roar…?!” Vajra made a painful sound and was finally distracted, looking in another direction with a ruthless face.

There, Alisa held up the God Arc in the shape of a submachine gun and looked at the huge tiger-shaped Aragami in front of her, her eyes fluctuating with unprecedented fierce emotions like never before.

“Your opponent is me!”

The emotion carried in these words was equally fierce.

Alisa, who had always given off a feeling of confidence, pride and indifference, suddenly became extremely excited for some reason.

That look is like meeting some enemy, simply can not control their emotions.

Unfortunately, what Alisa did was only to provoke the Vajra in front of her.


At the moment, Vajra roared to the sky, and the cloak in the cloak behind him was a flash of current.

“Not good!” Houri was slightly startled.

The name Vajra is read a different way in India.

–Gadā Vajra.

This is the name of the weapon of Indra, the thunder God of Hindu mythology.

The large Aragami in front of them is called Vajra because of the similarity to Indra’s Gadā Vajra.



Not only a strong body, it also has the power to release thunderbolt, which is why it was given the name Vajra.

If the Vajra in front of them were to go full throttle and burst into a powerful burst of electricity, both Houri and Alisa would suffer a fatal blow.

“No solution anymore.”

Houri’s hand, crescent moon-like dagger suddenly flash, held tightly by him.

In his eyes, the dark pupils completely shifted, and in a moment was transformed into ice blue iridescent mystic eyes.

At this moment, Houri’s identity is no longer a soldier, but simply a killer.

In such a situation, Houri resolutely rushed out.

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