Illimitable Until Death v2c110


Just as Houri stormed out, the tiger-like large Aragami Vajra’s whole body suddenly burst out with amazing electricity.

The electricity, like a thunderbolt falling from the sky, was centered on the large Aragami roaring to the sky, expanding out in all directions.

The ground is like chocolate being eaten, shaved little by little.

The air seemed to be boiled hot water, giving off a lot of steam.

The thick currents spread like this and expanded to the surroundings.

The destructive power is incomparable amazing.


Alisa, who was in an agitated state, only had time to make one reaction.

That was to transform the submachine gun in her hand back into a great sword and block it in front of her body again.

Immediately after, the thick electric current was like the whip of God thrown heavily to Alisa’s body, directly engulfing Alisa.


Alisa, whose whole body was bathed in electricity, wailed.

On the other hand, Houri was in the same situation.

However, instead of resisting like Alisa, Houri didn’t even stop his body, his speed exploded and he charged out like a fierce beast.

Biri Biri-!

Under the fierce clash sound, the thick electric current came towards Houri’s direction.

Houri was like a weak mortal who wanted to challenge thunder God, his thin body looked so small under the thick thunderbolt.

However, Houri’s expression remained unchanged throughout.

There was no wavering in his heart.

No ripples in his eyes.

Just a single-minded ‘look’.

There was only one goal.

That is the raging lightning that came like the whip of God.

How fast the thunderbolt is, is simply something that one doesn’t even have to think about.

Even if Houri’s agility is not what it used to be, it is absolutely impossible to be faster than that lightning.

Therefore, Houri gave up the defense, gave up dodging, and focused all his attention on his eyes.

In a state of high mental concentration, Houri even felt that the flow of time around him had slowed down.

Then, under Houri’s mystic eyes, a crack-like dead line above the thick lightning flashed away.

“There it is!”

Everything that has a beginning naturally has an end.

Thus, in ‘Kara no Kyoukai’, Ryougi Shiki even uses the power of death perception mystic eyes to kill ESP, barriers and even space itself.

If Ryougi Shiki can do it, there is no way that Houri can’t do it.

Even if the object is a thunderbolt, a flash of electricity.

In other words, what Houri wants to do now is absolutely crazy.

Because Houri wants to kill the thing that is coming in front of him at great speed.

The thunderbolt.


Shouting, Houri rushed into a lightning-like stray arrow.


The cold blade light in the lightning crossed, like a white line, suddenly appeared.

Almost at the same time, the storm of lightning was completely stagnant.


The next second, in a muffled sound, illuminating the surrounding area of the thick electric current exploded, turning into electric arcs, gradually dissipated in the air.

Only Houri’s figure remained, reappearing amidst the flickering arcs of lightning, head lowered, slowly falling to the ground.

That is the true meaning of – ‘kill the lightning’.

This one moment, even Vajra can’t help but open its eyes wide, and the growling sound abruptly stopped.

Houri, who landed on the ground, flashed his body and rushed to Vajra’s body with a speed that accelerated to the limit.

The ice blue mystic eyes raised.

The substantial eyesight enveloped the large Aragami’s body.

What Houri’s eyes saw were countless dead lines.

The so-called Aragami is just a creature formed by pure Oracle cells.

The numerous Oracle cells that made up Aragami are all individual, just like the Fused colony, which uses Kabane as a component. Even if Houri can kill the Oracle cells, it is impossible to kill all the Oracle cells at once, thus killing the Aragami.

But as has been said before, the Oracle cells that made up Aragami actually have their own functions.

Oracle cells with the function of tooth form the tooth.

Oracle cells with the function of eyes form the eyes.

Oracle cells with the function of nose form the nose.

Oracle cells with the function of ears form the ears.

There are also Oracle cells that combine these Oracle cells with various functions to form the Aragami.

That is the Aragami core, which has the function of thinking.

Houri does not need to kill other Oracle cells.

Because even if it is killed, Aragami will not die with the core in place.

But as soon as Houri kills the Aragami core…

“Then I can kill any kind of Aragami!”

So, among the countless dead lines, Houri successfully saw it.

The line at the very center of a shallow dead line.

Houri can be sure.

There, that was the core.


The crescent moon-like dagger turned into a flash of cold light and entered Vajra’s body.


With a deafening fall, the massive Aragami slowly collapsed, stirring up a gust of dust and wind.


Standing in front of the fallen Vajra, Houri couldn’t help but whimper and fell to one knee on the ground, his whole body throbbing with pain.

A closer look showed that Houri’s body was smoking, and his skin had some traces of burns.

“Sure enough, even if I can kill the thunderbolt, my speed is nowhere near it.”

So, Houri wanted to cut into the dead line of thunderbolt, and it was extremely difficult.

Fortunately, the thunderbolt came at Houri in a straightforward manner, without any deflection.

Therefore, Houri was able to cut the thunderbolt’s dead line while being hit by the thunderbolt.

However, even for a short moment, Houri was still struck by the powerful current.

Of course, injury is inevitable.

Of course, compared to Houri, another person who was hit by the thunderbolt was more seriously injured.

Houri looked up.

Only to see, not far ahead, Alisa’s body appeared scorched black marks, fell to the ground, her body is also occasionally run through an arc of electricity.

It seems that this shoujo is completely unconscious.

Now, Houri smile bitterly.

“It’s troublesome enough.”

Houri stood up hard and walked slowly towards Alisa.

The sky was still dark and cloudy, unusually depressing.

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