Illimitable Until Death v2c112

Under Houri’s words, Alisa was equally aware of the problems she now had to consider.

Frankly speaking, the situation is really very bad.

Surrounded by an endless wilderness.

There were no survival tools at hand.

Like lost in the desert, or floating in the sea to an isolated island, the situation has been quite critical.

Even though Houri and Alisa are no more than normal people, they still need to eat and drink.

Lack of these, Houri and Alisa will have to die sooner or later.

What’s more, in this era, almost all outside is Aragami’s territory.

In this misfortune situation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they have to fight with Aragami at any time. And with Houri and Alisa are both injured, their whole life would end here if they screw up.

This was something Alisa could never allow.

Alisa has more important things to do than her unwillingness.

Alisa was absolutely reluctant to die until she finished that job.

That’s why Alisa chose to become God Eater.

At the moment, Alisa didn’t care about the fact that Houri was carrying her, and racked her brains to think.

At this time, as if Houri didn’t give enough trouble, he gave Alisa this sentence.

“I have to say in advance that I don’t know anything about Russia and I don’t have the tools to confirm the direction or the map to confirm the location, so I’ll leave it all to you.”

“… Is that so?” Alisa said in a low voice. “That’s why you saved me?”

“You can interpret it that way if you want.” Houri shrugged, extremely frank. “It’s just a handful for me anyway.”

Have to say, that carelessness tone of voice, in the ears of the person being saved, really makes it easy for people to get angry.

However, Alisa seemed unwilling to dwell on such trivial matters with Houri and simply asked. “So, where do you plan to move to now?”

“None,” Houri replied. “I just want to try to get out of this distress situation.”

“Try?” Alisa said with a start. “Did you just pick a random direction?”

In that case, it would be better to stay in place and not move, perhaps to wait for rescue.

“Unfortunately, there is a possibility of another Aragami attack at any time, and I don’t want to sit there and wait for death,” Houri said to Alisa. “Moreover, I didn’t choose a random direction, but I saw a large number of Aragami heading in this direction, so I chose this direction.”

At first, Alisa did not understand the meaning of these words.

It was only after a while that Alisa understood the meaning of Houri’s decision.

“So that’s it.” Alisa calmly analyzed. “Since the Aragami are now attacking in groups in the direction of the Russian branch, if there are a large number of Aragami heading in one direction, then that direction is most likely the direction of the Russian branch, right?”

“Well, that’s it.” Houri pursed his lips and said. “It’s just that it would be a miracle to make it back to the Russian branch on these two feet alone, and I was just thinking that maybe I could meet a team halfway that was also out on a mission. So if you have a better idea, you’d better come up with it now.”

Alisa pondered for a while, but could only helplessly admit that Houri’s approach should be the most appropriate method that could be taken in this situation.

But Alisa didn’t want to keep relying on others.

“Put me down,” Alisa said in an unquestionable tone. “I can walk on my own.”

“Are you sure?” Houri faintly glanced at Alisa on his back. “Okay, as long as you can get down on your own, I won’t have anything to do with stopping you.”

Hearing this, Alisa gritted her teeth and immediately tried to get off Houri’s back.

Unfortunately, the pain from her whole body still prevented Alisa from moving, causing a little pain to flash in Alisa’s eyes.

After all, Alisa was subjected to the full force of Vajra’s electric shock.

The electric shock, even if only in terms of power, is no different from the huge thunderbolt.

If it were not for the fact that Alisa is God Eater, the body injected with Oracle cells and physical strength is quite amazing. An ordinary person will instantly die by that kind of electric shock.

Alisa was able to survive, largely thanks to her physical fitness.

Even so, the injuries Alisa suffered were not light, almost immediately unconscious.

So, even if God Eater’s recovery is amazing, it will take some time to recover to a state where she can move on her own.

This fact made Alisa become reluctant again.

How can she be reconciled when she clearly pursuing strength in order to get rid of her own weakness, but ultimately needed to be saved by others?

Thinking of this, Alisa tried her best to squeeze out all her strength, struggled to get off Houri’s body despite the pain in her body.

Sensing the situation behind him, Houri stopped in his tracks. As he had said at the beginning, he did not try to stop her, but stayed quietly in place and let Alisa go down.


With a crisp clank sound, Alisa used her God Arc as a support point, stationing it on the ground and barely supporting her figure.

Then, Alisa didn’t even look at Houri for a second and then said with the same cold attitude as before.

“Let’s go.”

After saying that, Alisa used God Arc as a crutch and walked forward step by step.

That posture, although it looks unusually miserable, but also unusually determined.

Seeing this, Houri also did not say anything, but helplessly shrugged, also walked forward.

However, just then, a vision occurred.


The ground suddenly shook without any warning, and it became more and more intense.

“Wha-what?” Alisa was startled.

Houri was also caught off guard by the sudden change of events.

In the next second, a loud sound abruptly appeared.


It was a sound as if a woman was crying.

However, the voice was as loud as a thunderbolt in the clear sky, turning into a rolling wave of sound that echoed throughout the sky, stinging Houri and Alisa’s eardrums to buzzing, almost made them cried out.

The two could only cover their ears, raised their head and looked in the direction of the sound coming from.

Immediately, both of them were stunned.

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