Illimitable Until Death v2c113

At this moment, Houri and Alisa both saw an incredible scene.

At the end of the wilderness, on the other side of a hill, a huge figure appeared there at some point.

The figure was so huge that it far surpassed the previous Vajra.

In terms of size alone, the size of the opponent is also sufficient to exceed any large Aragami.

Such a huge figure was like a monster, crying out while surfing and spreading out a vine-like tentacle, flinging it around.


The ground is suffering from heavy blows.


The air was bursting.


Under the ravages of that immense figure, the entire sky and earth seemed to be shaken, trembling one after another.

It was a terrifying scene that would not even appear in a dream.

So, Houri and Alisa, while bearing the ear-piercing sharp cry, looked at the unbelievably terrible scene, both opened their eyes wide.

“Wha-what is that?”

Alisa’s voice came from beside Houri’s, clearly very slight, but incredibly through the heavy wave of sound, it penetrated clearly into Houri’s ear.

Houri can hear that Alisa’s voice is trembling.

And that was only natural.

Compared with Vajra, the huge figure in front of them is undoubtedly synonymous with destruction.

Compared to the other side, Vajra is no different from a docile kitten.

If there really are gods in this world, then whoever sees the scene in front of them will think so.

“That’s… ‘God’…”


That is God.

The reason why the Oracle cell’s aggregation was given the name ‘God’, the unbelievably large figure in front of them was definitely one of the decisive factors.

Understanding this, how could Houri not guess what the huge figure that was rampaging wildly was?


One of the most fearsome Aragami on earth, classified as Deusphage species.

Now, the culprit that caused the unrest in the whole Russian branch is showing its power in a distant other direction.

The reason can also be easily guessed.

“So that’s how it is…” Houri stared intently at the huge figure that was turning the sky upside down.

“Has the first unit already made contact with the Aphrodite?”

In other words, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma three people are already fighting with the Aphrodite.

This was decided at the battle meeting.

Alisa also knew about it.

Only, Alisa didn’t know what it meant to fight with Aphrodite before.

Now, Alisa knew.

Looking at the earth-shaking scene on the far side, Alisa murmured.

“How can such a monster be brought down?”

It was a justified question.

After all, Aphrodite had only wreaked havoc, and the waves had affected Houri and Alisa, who were so far away, so there was no need to even think about how terrifying its power was.

How can a trivial three God Eater defeat such a monster?

Even Houri can not help but begin to doubt, the three first units really have a way to defeat Aphrodite?

Although in the original work, Amemiya Rindo successfully defeats Ouroboros of the same Aragami’s Deusphage species as Aphrodite, even if it is Aragami of the same size, it doesn’t mean they have the same power.

Just like humans, there are weak and strong, God Eater is also the same. Even in the Aragami, there is also a clear distinction between high and low.

Oracle cell has the characteristic of predation, but it can absorb the characteristics of the thing it devours, and thus obtain the same function as the thing it preys on.

So, of course, the Aragami that preys more must be stronger than the rest of the Aragami that preys less.

Perhaps Aphrodite is more powerful than Ouroboros, which is also a Deusphage species.

Not to mention that even if Amemiya Rindo could defeat a Deusphage species, it would be a year from now.

The current Amemiya Rindo, naturally, can not be stronger than his own a year later.

In other words, at this moment, the three God Eaters of the first unit are on the edge of life.

They may die at any moment.


The vibration of the ground gradually began to diminish.

The sharp cry echoing in the air is also gradually weakened.

However, it was not that the Aphrodite stopped wreaking havoc, but that the other side seemed to be chasing the crusader, slowly moving in another direction.

Not long after, the earthquake stopped, and the sound wave also disappeared.

Houri and Alisa watched as the huge figure began to move away, and both fell into silence.

An atmosphere of silence immediately replaced the previous roar, filled the entire wilderness.

Houri and Alisa did not say anything for a long time, half a day without any reaction.

Until a long time later, Alisa only lowered her head, said this sentence.

“You aren’t going over there?”

Houri did not answer, just silent for a long time, said with a sigh. “Do you think that I am a match for that monster?”

“But it is your companion who is responsible for defeating it, right?” Alisa turned her head and finally looked at Houri, and said. “Seeing that scene just now, I don’t think three God Eaters alone can defeat a monster like that.”

The implication is that the three people of the first unit are under mortal threat, and may even be dead.

In such a situation, Alisa said. “With the current you, you may still be able to save them.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, silence returned to the surroundings.

Houri just looked at the huge figure that was gradually going away, and the thoughts in his mind turned rapidly.

Although the current incident was not mentioned in the original work, since a year later the plot has not yet begun, it proves that Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma will not die here.

So, Houri is not worried that the first unit will die.

Of course, because of Houri’s current involvement, there could be a butterfly effect.

However, what Houri is more concerned about is whether the first unit has also suffered from the Russian branch lieutenant’s trap.

If so, once the first unit people really died on the battlefield, then Houri will really be isolated.

At that time, not to mention that Side Mission cannot be completed, Houri may continue to be attacked by the lieutenant.

“It seems that it is really necessary to go over to see.” Houri turned his head, looked at Alisa and then said. “What are you going to do?”

Alisa’s expression began to change.

After a while, Alisa made up her mind.

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