Illimitable Until Death v2c114

On the vast wilderness, two figures are running forward with great speed. Just like a fast vehicle, even against the wind, the speed is still not the slightest weakening, but getting faster and faster.

Houri and Alisa were running like the wind, keeping their eyes firmly on the front.

Within the vision of the two, the huge figure comparable to a tall building has long disappeared.

However, from time to time, there is a faint cry-like sound in the air, telling Houri and Alisa that their target has not deviated from the direction.

Unfortunately, even so, it wasn’t an easy task for Houri and Alisa to reach their destination.

Although there is a definite direction, this wilderness is endless. If it is so easy to go out, then Houri and Alisa will not treat their own situation as distress to deal with.

In such a situation, Houri glanced at Alisa, who was following him closely and did not say anything on the surface, but actually sighed a little in his heart.

“She has recovered to the extent that she can move so vigorously?”

How long has it been?

God Eater’s recovery power is really extraordinary.

Of course, Houri didn’t know that while he was sighing like that, Alisa was also watching him and was secretly shocked.

Alisa was not convinced when she lost to Houri.

However, Houri’s performance still puzzled Alisa.

“He’s obviously not a God Eater, how can he exert this level of physical ability?”

If Houri was able to overpower Alisa before, it could be explained as superhuman skill. But now, Alisa knew that Houri’s strength was not just superhuman skill.

The speed that even she could barely keep up with with all her strength told Alisa that Houri’s physical ability was definitely not weaker than her own.

At least, in terms of speed, she seems to be far behind Houri.

The evidence is that Houri’s speed has been maintained at a frequency that is only high and not low, and is obviously still comfortable.

An ordinary person can actually have this level of speed, that is enough to shock people.

And when she thinks about it, Houri’s performance has been extraordinary so far.

“Coming and going with ease in Aragami’s hordes.”

“Able to blow away Aragami with foot power.”

“Moreover, while holding me hostage, he easily cut the wall of the simulated training ground.”

“What kind of person is this guy?”

Alisa had this question while feeling a little… envious of Houri’s extraordinary abilities…

It was to get rid of her weakness that Alisa chose to become God Eater.

But now, Houri’s existence is telling Alisa that even if she doesn’t become a God Eater, she can still get rid of her weakness and be powerful.

It was almost as if her own approach was completely negated.

“Surely, I have no way to accept this person.”

Alisa, who was thinking this way, knew that she was simply being unilaterally hostile to Houri.

Realizing this, Alisa’s grip on God Arc tightened while she felt a little self-loathing.

At that moment, Houri suddenly stopped in his tracks.


Alisa was startled and hurriedly stopped and turned her head to look at Houri.

However, Houri did not look at Alisa, but raised his eyes and gazed ahead.

Alisa followed Houri’s line of sight, and then her eyes were slightly solidified.

Because, in front of them, a group of small Aragami is following an Aragami a little larger than themselves, like a pack of wolves following their leader, slowly walking through the wilderness.

As it happens, it’s blocking the road Houri and Alisa must pass through.

In such a situation, Houri suddenly said.

“Are you still able to fight?”

Alisa responded by putting a hand on her chest.

The pain in her body had subsided, but there was still a slight tingling sensation.

The wrist was paralyzed and a little weak.

This kind of physical condition is really not good, her strength will definitely be greatly reduced if she got into battle.

However, Alisa could not say no.

Therefore, Alisa just looked at Houri and said. “Who do you think I am?”

Hearing these words, Houri smiled.

“I’d like to ask, who do you think you are?” Houri looked at Alisa and said indifferently. “Don’t forget, even if you’re not injured, you’re still just a newcomer.”

Alisa’s eyes trembled, and her eyes became sharp as she looked at Houri.

If Alisa was only unilaterally considering Houri as an enemy before, then Houri’s statement now was a reason for Alisa to treat him as a real enemy.

At that moment, Alisa stared hard at Houri and said in a cold voice. “Are you looking down on me?”

“It’s not that I’m looking down on you, but you overestimate yourself too much.” Houri ignored Alisa’s hostile stare and said to himself. “Although you are an extremely rare new type, that still doesn’t change the fact that you are just a newcomer to the Russian branch. Even though you are not weak in combat, you are still immature, and that is who you are now.”

“But you ignore your weaknesses, think you don’t need to rely on anyone, confident, proud, and indifferent,” Houri said faintly. “Someone like you with many disturbing aspects, I don’t want to end up dying along with you because you overestimated your own abilities.”

“!” Alisa’s eyes began to appear agitated.

However, what Houri said was all in his heart.

Houri, who was familiar with the original work, knew that Alisa was actually a person with her own story.

However, this does not mean that Alisa does not have any faults.

In a full year or so from the start of the show, Alisa does have too many faults.

This shoujo is really too antisocial, it wasn’t much to call her eccentric.

Although this is also a personality, on the battlefield, how can such a person be entrusted with their own back?

“One can be weak, but one can’t ignore one’s weakness.”

Houri met Alisa’s gaze and looked straight at the shoujo in front of him.

“Have you faced your weakness?” Alisa’s heart heaved.

Alisa’s heart pounded, and then it missed a beat.

Ignoring this Alisa, Houri withdrew his gaze and looked ahead at Aragami’s troops.

“If you don’t want to admit your weakness, then don’t fight with me, it will only hold me back.”

After saying that, Houri rushed out.

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