Illimitable Until Death v2c115


Seeing Houri rush out like this, Alisa speaks out subconsciously, but it was already too late.

As Alisa watched, Houri’s body turned into a blurred black shadow and rushed towards the Aragami in front of him.

The Aragami, who were walking in a group, seemed to notice the movement and turned their bodies one after another to look in Houri’s direction.

At that moment, Houri’s figure arrived.

Houri hesitated for a moment.

Houri wondered if he should show his true ability.

With the mystic eyes of death perception, Houri could kill Aragami, who was unkillable.

However, as a human being, Houri should not have the means to kill Aragami. Once he kills Aragami in front of people’s eyes, the existence of the death perception mystic eyes will have to be half exposed.

This is something that Houri wanted to avoid before.

Houri even chose to conceal to Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma. Now someone from the Russian branch is with him, so there is no reason to show the death perception mystic eyes in front of her.

However, this hesitation only lasted for a moment.

“My Main Mission 1 is to kill Aragami, there is no reason to give up the opportunity to earn a lot of rewards because of some concerns.”

As in the previous world, one of Houri’s Main Missions was to kill the target object and determine the mission evaluation by the number.

As such, Houri naturally had to kill as many Aragami as possible.

But because he didn’t want to reveal the death perception mystic eyes, Houri has not killed Aragami until the previous Vajra.

In this way, Main Mission is completed, but there won’t be many rewards if it was fulfilled like this.

“Now that the war has begun, I can’t be too cautious if I don’t want to lose the opportunity.”

Houri once again showed his overwhelming decisiveness and judgment.

After all, risk and profit coexist.

So, Houri raised his eyes, his dark pupils turned into an icy blue color, and he quietly held Moonblade in his hand.


It was only then that the swarms of Aragami roared out.

The result was a cold blade light.


In the tearing sound of flesh, the sharp dagger cut through the Aragami’s skin, and with a splash of dark red blood, it penetrated into the Aragami’s body.

There, there was the Aragami core.


The Aragami core shattered with a sharp dagger.

The roaring Aragami stopped abruptly, its eyes dimmed, and it gradually fell to the ground.

Houri did not pause, directly pulled out the bloody dagger, with a pair of cold eyes, swift as a fierce beast, he changed direction and his body is suddenly scurrying to another Aragami front.

Hand up, knife down.


The sharp dagger again penetrated into the Aragami’s body, killing the second Aragami with a crisp and clear blow.


At this point, the Aragami let out an angry low growl one after another and rushed in Houri’s direction.

This was exactly what Houri wanted.

In the distance, Alisa watched this scene with her own eyes, her delicate face changed dramatically, and then finally surged with shocked emotions.

Looking at Houri, who was weaving in and out of the herd, dodging back and forth with his extraordinary body technique, the dagger in his hand turning into a murderous weapon for harvesting Aragami, and unfolding his massacre like a demon, bathed in the scream and blood of Aragami, Alisa spoke out incredulously.

“How… How is that possible!”

Alisa originally thought that Houri was already extraordinary enough.

Little did she know that the previous perception was only the weakest part of it.


How can an ordinary person who is not even God Eater kill Aragami with just a dagger?

She has thought that except for God Arc, human weapons are ineffective against Aragami?

So, what is this scene in front of her?

While Alisa was in a state of shock, Houri finished the battle.


With the last Aragami core shattered, the growling sound that resounded in the air completely disappeared.

Houri stood in the middle of a group of Aragami corpses, looking at the Aragami that had fallen around him, but his eyebrows were creased.


If the uninformed people heard these words, they would be baffled.

However, Houri really felt that there was some trouble.

“Although I can kill Aragami with death perception mystic eyes and thus complete the first Main Mission. But then, won’t I be unable to complete the second Main Mission?”

Houri’s Main Mission 1 is to kill Aragami.

But Main Mission 2 is to retrieve the Aragami core.

However, Houri also needs to kill the Aragami core if he wants to kill Aragami.

In this way, Houri will not be able to complete Main Mission 2.

“I never thought I’d run into trouble in a place like this.”

Houri’s frown grew deeper and deeper.

“I guess I’ll have to do something about that.”

Thinking about this, Houri suddenly thought of something, turned his head and looked in the direction of Alisa.

Alisa was currently still in shock, looking at Houri’s eyes with nothing but disbelief.

“Could this be the reason why he was able to cut through the thick steel wall?”

Alisa’s eyes involuntarily turned to the dagger in Houri’s hand.

Alisa was certain that the dagger could never be God Arc.

Although it looked quite extraordinary, as long as it was not God Arc, then there was no way to kill Aragami.

That was clearly the case.

Clearly so, why was Houri still able to kill Aragami like that?

Alisa just felt that her head had become confused all of a sudden.

In this situation, Houri crossed over the bodies of Aragami and came to Alisa.

But at this time, Alisa took a step back and distanced herself from Houri.

Seeing this, Houri’s brow raised, looked deeply at Alisa, and said with a faint smile. “Are you afraid of me?”

Alisa did not say anything.

But her performance is enough to say everything.

Faced with something she could not understand, Alisa finally showed her weakness.

In response, Houri just looked at Alisa and said. “Now that you have shown your weakness, if you still choose to turn a blind eye, then it is not a matter of ignorance, but simply avoiding it.”

With these words, Houri turned around, ignored Alisa and walked forward.

Looking at Houri’s back, Alisa opened her mouth slightly, but finally could only lower her head, grit her teeth and slowly followed.

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