Illimitable Until Death v2c116

As a result, Houri and Alisa never spoke to each other for the rest of the journey.

Alisa seemed to have lost her pride in front of Houri, keeping her head down and not talking the whole time, making the atmosphere between them seem extremely depressing.

Houri did not make a special effort to correct this atmosphere, continuing to move forward while allowing Alisa to follow.

Along the way, Houri and Alisa encountered a few more waves of Aragami.

However, these Aragamis were either alone or in small groups, but no large Aragami like Vajra was ever seen.

Therefore, Alisa still did not find the opportunity to strike the whole time. Before she could react, Houri has carried the dagger to rush forward, all the Aragami were killed with a slash.

Of course, he had to kill the Aragami’s core to kill them.

So, Houri’s Main Mission 1 is steadily progressing, but Main Mission 2 is not progressing at all. Not to mention the extra reward, even the most basic completion is not achieved.

However, Houri was in no hurry.

Because Houri has already thought of the way to complete Main Mission 2.

Only, it needs Alisa’s help.

However, with the current atmosphere between the two, Houri thinks it is better to leave it for now and talk about it later.

In such a situation, not long after, it was dark.

In the end, Houri and Alisa although have been rushing, and the speed is not slow, but still can not catch up with Aphrodite, not even out of the wilderness area, and can only stop.

After all, the rapid march at night is really dangerous.

And, Alisa aside, Houri is still more or less with some injuries, plus a day’s rush, it is best to stop and rest.

Fortunately, not long after dark, Houri and Alisa found a ruin in the wilderness.

So, the two entered the ruin and began to rest.


This is the sound of branches being burned.

In the dim ruins, a campfire was being lit, letting the light of the fire illuminate the surroundings and dispel the chill in the air.

Houri and Alisa were sitting opposite each other, but their eyes did not meet.

It was only after a while that Houri took out a packet of cookies from the Black Ring.

It was the energy cookie Houri had exchanged when he first entered MainGod space.

In the last Transcript world, Houri only used it once, and never had the chance to use it again.

In MainGod space, Houri chose a personal home renovation plan, the refrigerator in the mansion is the type that can automatically generate ingredients to a certain extent.

Therefore, this cookie was kept by Houri until now and finally came into use.

After taking one out, Houri tossed the cookie to Alisa and said. “Eat one, one will keep you from eating all day, so don’t eat too much.”

After saying that, Houri then nibbled on the cookie by himself.

As for Alisa, after subconsciously taking the cookie, her heart once again fell into a state of speechlessness.

A single cookie can provide the needs of a day?

She had never even heard of such a thing.

In this era of Aragami, when the land was occupied, livestock was preyed upon, and people could only live on various kinds of miscellaneous food, the problem of food was always a problem in every place.

If this kind of food, which can solve the day’s food, was made public, one can imagine it would create a big sensation in the world.

However, the man in front of her was taking out such things with a carefree face.

In this way, the complexity in Alisa’s heart is also imaginable.

Looking at the cookie in her hand, Alisa was silent for a long time before she finally took one out and slowly nibbled on it.

Houri glanced at Alisa gnawing on the cookie and smiled without a trace, then, as if indifferent, asked. “Speaking of which, you haven’t told me why you came along?”

Alisa’s movements came to a halt.

“There must be a reason, right?” Houri said to Alisa, hugging his head against the wall, with his eyes resting on the ceiling. “Otherwise, I don’t believe that you would want to go near a monster like Aphrodite for no reason.”

Alisa did not answer immediately, but kept her head down, looking at the cookies in her hands, wondering what she was thinking about.

Houri also did not rush, quietly sitting there, waiting for Alisa’s answer.

This wait, is waiting for a full ten minutes or so.

Ten minutes later, Alisa spoke in a low voice and said.

“I have an enemy that must be defeated.”

This sentence made Houri raise his eyes and looked at Alisa.

Houri naturally knew about this matter.

The enemy that Alisa said she had to defeat was in fact an Aragami.

However, it was not an ordinary Aragami.

“It is the enemy that killed my parents.” Alisa’s hand holding the cookie tightened little by little, and her tone became a little scary.

“And still in front of me.”

In other words, Alisa watched her parents being killed but was powerless.

She couldn’t save others, and she couldn’t save herself.

Disgusted with her weak self, Alisa chose to become God Eater and take up the God Arc that could kill Aragami.

“Didn’t you say before that I was overreacting to Vajra?” Alisa said as she turned her attention to Houri. “That’s for sure because the murderer of my parents is a Fallen species of Vajra.”

As said before, even if it is the same species of Aragami, the power can be very different.

The so-called Fallen species is a kind of Aragami that, in the midst of constant predation, absorbs the characteristics of all kinds of prey into its own body, thus creating an unknown mutation.

This kind of Aragami is much stronger than the species before the mutation.

For example, the Fallen species of Vajra, if it really exists, is definitely more powerful than the Vajra, which is a large Aragami.

“That’s why I joined the Russian branch in order to defeat it.”

Alisa slowly shattered the cookie in her hand, her eyes filled with endless obsession and hatred.

“After knowing that this war was caused by Aphrodite’s hormones, I decided that I must find Aphrodite so that I could definitely find it as well.”

After all, Aphrodite possesses the hormones that attract any Aragami.

The variant of Vajra that killed Alisa’s parents would certainly be attracted as well.

So, Alisa’s purpose for following him over was simple.

“I want revenge.”

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