Illimitable Until Death v2c118

The night passed quietly.

The next day, just after the dawn of the day, and the fire from the ruins in the wilderness slowly dimmed until it completely disappeared.

Houri and Alisa both came out of the ruins, looked at the still-pitch black sky, and took a deep breath.

“Well, I’ve got to get on with it.” Houri saying this and turned his head, looked at Alisa and asked. “What about you?”

Alisa didn’t answer the first time but was silent for a long time before saying back. “I’m going too.”

“Is it?” Houri did not show the slightest surprise but simply nodded.

Houri had already said all that needed to be said.

Since Alisa hadn’t given up her purpose and wanted to continue her revenge, there was no reason for Houri to continue to intervene.

After all, this is Alisa’s own decision.

Alisa naturally also knew about this matter.

“No matter what, my destination will not change.” Alisa seemed to have regained her composure, and her tone once again returned to the somewhat impersonal level at the beginning, saying. “Even in order to live, I have to. Otherwise, in the absence of food, a person left in this wilderness, in the end is only to usher in death.”

“But, going over there doesn’t mean that you will be saved.” Houri cast his eyes to the other end of the wilderness and said. “It is the most dangerous place in this war, so it is better to stay here and wait for rescue than to go into danger.”

“Then you could have done that.” Alisa glanced at Houri and spoke without expression. “I don’t want to stay here and wait for someone to rescue me.”

After saying that, Alisa crossed Houri and walked forward.

Seeing this, Houri shrugged, with a look of indifference, also forward.

Not long after, the two figures began to accelerate, and gradually sprint, with a speed incomparable to ordinary people, sped forward and disappeared in the sand.

After a night’s rest, both Houri and Alisa, injuries and condition have recovered to varying degrees.

So today, the two rushed up, the speed is actually much faster than yesterday.

In addition to the two people have different physical strengths, they can still keep going even if they keep running like this.

In addition, one of Houri’s equipment effects is to restore one-tenth of his stamina every ten minutes. As long as he didn’t run to the limit of his speed, calculating his own stamina, then he could keep on running like this.

And Alisa as God Eater, through the amazing recovery power of the Oracle cell in his body, compared with Houri is also not at any disadvantage.

So, for a whole hour, Houri and Alisa are running in the wilderness at a speed that looks amazing to ordinary people.

Only stopped when they met with Aragami’s troops again.

In the midst of a faint howling, Ogretail’s Aragami appeared in a group, running on the wilderness like Houri and Alisa.

Looking at that group of Ogretail, Houri has not yet reacted, Alisa then said.

“This time, I will also participate in the battle.”

Saying this, Alisa gripped her God Arc and didn’t even look at Houri for a second as she stepped forward.

Just as Alisa was about to rush out, Houri said.

“Do something for me.”

This statement made Alisa stop in her tracks and look at Houri with astonishment in her eyes.

Obviously, Alisa did not expect that Houri, who was always so strong in front of her, would suddenly say such words.

Houri seems not to see the surprise in Alisa’s eyes, straightforwardly said his thoughts.

“I need Aragami core, the more the better.” Houri looked at Alisa and said, word by word. “If you join the battle, I want you to help me hunt those Aragami cores.”

“Cores?” Alisa frowned at once.

For Aragami cores, as long as it is God Eater, it will not feel strange.

Because retrieving Aragami core is also a very important part of God Eater’s work.

As the most important part of Aragami, the Aragami core has many roles.

For example, the development of weapons, the manufacture of ammunition, equipment polishing, tools production, etc., as long as the need for Oracle cell project, Aragami core can be used as a material.

It is no exaggeration to say that the number of cores even affects the size and strength of a stronghold.

Like God Eater’s God Arc, which is also the use of Aragami core as a material to create biological weapons, God Arc’s performance will certainly be greatly reduced without Aragami core.

So, most of God Eater’s tasks are related to retrieving the core, and even most of the time there will be a mission to defeat Aragami to get their core.

As for the method of retrieving the core, there is a very simple means.

That is predation.

Melee type of sword type God Arc has the function of predation, can be activated by God Arc, let God Arc devour the object.

In this way, the melee type God Arc users usually use predation to take out the core of Aragami’s body.

Alisa is the new God Arc user and can use predation in sword form.

Houri wants Alisa to help him retrieve the Aragami core to complete Main Mission 2.

Unfortunately, the core is already a very important resource.

As God Eater of the Russian branch, Alisa had no reason to help Houri, who was part of the Far East branch, with his work.

So, Alisa said directly. “Why should I help you?”

Houri did not answer but simply opened his palm to Alisa.

In Houri’s hand, a packet of shattered cookies lay on top.

Seeing this, Alisa was dumbfounded.

It was only then that Alisa noticed a problem.

That is, without the food Houri provided, she is probably starving right now?

Moreover, if Houri did not continue to provide food, she would really die of hunger on the battlefield.

In other words, Houri had already paid for it.

If Alisa chose to ignore it, then last night’s cookies were equivalent to feeding an ungrateful person.

How could Alisa, who had high self-esteem, bear this?

“… I know.” Alisa looked closely at Houri and said. “I’ll give you all the cores I’ve to retrieve during this time, so I won’t owe you anything, right?”

“That’s right.” Houri shrugged and said. “Although the remaining cookies will probably only last the two of us another three or four days, that will at least support us out of the wilderness?”

“Got it.” Alisa turned around and looked at the Aragami group in front of her.

“Then, let’s begin.”

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