Illimitable Until Death v2c119

Bang Bang–!

The muzzle of the submachine gun roared, sending a hodgepodge of gunfire resounding overhead in an endless stream.

The bullets that turned into a rain screen seemed to storm ahead and landed on a group of Ogretail.

Bang Bang Bang–!

In the next instant, each bullet caused a violent explosion, causing fire to rise up and envelop the Aragami.

Ogretail’s Aragami immediately let out a painful scream, the fire burned its whole body that began to smoke, slowly fell to the ground.

Looking at this scene, Alisa’s eyes gaze up slightly, the God Arc in her hand suddenly transformed into the form of a long sword.

However, Alisa did not rush out, but aimed the tip of the sword at the fallen Aragami, and pressed the hilt with force.


A fierce beast-like growl sound rang out.

However, it was not the cry of Aragami, but the cry of God Arc in Alisa’s hand.

The God Arc in Alisa’s hand suddenly burst out with black skin and gradually coalesced into a shape.

It was like the shape of some kind of Aragami’s head.

Immediately, the ferocious head was bursting up from the God Arc in Alisa’s hand, like a snake mouth coming out of a hole, swept forward at a great speed, and fiercely bit the Aragami that fell on the ground.


The sound of flesh being crushed appeared at first.

The head ripped open the fallen Aragami, penetrating deep into its flesh, and then swallowed a glowing pearl inside the Aragami’s body.

That pearl is the Aragami core.

At this moment, Alisa is using the special predatory function of God Arc’s melee type.

In this way, Alisa kept feeding on the Aragami that fell on the ground, retrieving the cores of these Aragamis one by one.

Not far away, Houri watched this scene and smiled a little contentedly while swinging his dagger at a lunging Ogretail.


In the splitting sound, the dagger easily cut through the Ogretail’s skin, causing a large amount of blood to spill into the air.

Immediately after, Houri turned around immediately, facing the bloody Ogretail that howling in pain, and kicked it heavily.


The muffled hit sound rang out.

Ogretail was directly kicked flying by the powerful force, bounced out like a ball, hit the ground and slid towards Alisa’s direction.

Seeing this, Alisa did not understand Houri’s meaning?

After glancing at Houri’s direction with sharp eyes, Alisa turned the God Arc in her hand and started predation again, letting the ferocious head come out again, tearing at the sliding Aragami and swallowing the core of the opponent.

The battle is always going on in this form.

Whenever an Aragami attacked Alisa, Alisa would turn her God Arc into a gun and shoot the incoming Aragami, then turn her God Arc into a sword and launch a predatory attack to retrieve the core.

Whenever an Aragami attacks Houri, Houri will wave the dagger in his hand, like cutting paper and easily killing the Aragami, and then kicking the half-dead Aragami to Alisa’s direction, so that Alisa can collect the mess.

Although the two seem to be in disagreement, in fact, they are quite in a tacit understanding once they cooperate.

Alisa, after all, is only a newcomer, and it is certainly more advantageous to just stand in place and shoot than to fight in close quarters.

Houri although not God Eater, but has a death perception mystic eyes this weapon, its killing power is unparalleled in close combat out.

The two of them are near and far, so where would be inappropriate to work together?

At least, only Ogretail this level of small Aragami, it’s too easy with the strength of two people to deal with.

So, a large group of Ogretail was almost killed in ten minutes, none of them survived.

It was only after the battle was over that Alisa raised the God Arc in her hand and pointed it at the ground.

The tip of the God Arc instantly extended the ferocious head, opened its mouth and spat out a piece of glowing gem.

Houri went straight, without saying anything, stretched out his hand and put it on top of the pile of gems.

In an instant, the pile of gems suddenly disappeared from the ground and entered Houri’s Black Ring.

Looking at this scene, Alisa couldn’t help but be stunned, and subconsciously wanted to say something, but stopped.

Anyway, incredible things have happened many times, would she still care about this once or twice?

With this thought, Alisa simply shut up and looked at Houri quietly, as if she wanted to see through him.

Unfortunately, it would be a fool’s errand to see Houri’s secrets with this alone.

“All right.” Houri stood up and said to Alisa. “Let’s get going.”

Alisa didn’t answer, just followed Houri’s back without a word and continued on her way.

Next, Houri and Alisa did little to change what they did.

When they encountered Aragami, they crushed them.

After defeating them, they went on their way.

Rest when the night comes.

Then they set out at dawn.

In such a situation, the two have been heading towards their destination.

And in this process, the two have defeated the Aragami, if not nearly a thousand, then there are several hundred.

Among them, most of the small Aragami, medium Aragami less, as for the large Aragami, there is only one.

That’s what happened on the second day.

Houri and Alisa were on their way as usual when they came across a Vajra.

When they saw the Vajra, Alisa’s emotions were out of control again and went straight for it almost without thinking.

As a result, she was abused badly.

If it wasn’t for Houri, who saw the situation and rushed up when Vajra entered the power storage state and was ready to release its thunderbolt, death perception mystic eyes fully opened and directly attacked Vajra’s core to kill it, then I’m afraid Alisa would have to suffer another serious injury.

Even so, Houri and Alisa still suffered a little injury.

After that, Alisa seemed to finally realize the reality of her own lack of strength and fell into a state of depression.

But even so, Alisa still did not give up the idea of going to the location of Aphrodite and continued to follow Houri on the road.

In this way, on the third day, Houri and Alisa finally came out of the wilderness and arrived at the site of Aphrodite raging a few days ago.

The scene that appeared in front of the two made them completely lost words.

That is like the tragic state of hell.

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