Illimitable Until Death v2c121

With Soma leading the way, Houri and Alisa made their way around the hellish scene to a mountain trail heading up.

Along the way, no one spoke.

Both Alisa and Soma, are not the type of people who will make friends with others, or even take the initiative to communicate.

The two are somewhat similar in terms of being aloof.

Houri, on the other hand, is an extremely easy-going person.

If the fellow traveler is talkative, then Houri does not mind talking to others.

If the fellow traveler is this kind of virtue, then Houri also will not go to find trouble.

So, three people along the way simply did not have a conversation.

Eventually, three people came to the end of the trail and saw a cave.

At the entrance of the cave, a person was on sentry duty.

“Soma.” Tachibana Sakuya first spotted Soma who was leading the way, then only saw Houri and Alisa and directly stupefied there, shocked said. “What are you doing here?”

Alisa didn’t answer, just looked away.

After all, Alisa had no relationship with anyone present and hadn’t even spoken a word to them before, so naturally there was nothing to say.

Only Houri, stepping forward, spoke to Tachibana Sakuya. “We’ve had a little bit of trouble here, and you guys don’t seem to be doing very well.”

Hearing this, a bitter expression appeared on Tachibana Sakuya’s face.

Needless to say, Houri had guessed correctly.

It wasn’t hard to guess.

Aphrodite had clearly left, but the people of the first unit were still here and had found a hiding place, one was out on patrol, and the other was here on sentry duty, so it was clear what was going on.

As for what happened, Houri does not know, but it is also not difficult to guess.

Anyway, of the three God Eaters in the first unit, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma are both able-bodied, and Amemiya Rindo is the only one who is not here.

So it wasn’t hard to guess what happened?

At that moment, Houri directly said. “What happened to captain Amemiya?”

“Don’t worry, he’s still alive.” Tachibana Sakuya said with a sigh. “You’ll see if you come in.”

After saying that, Tachibana Sakuya turned around and walked into the cave.

Houri and Alisa looked at each other subconsciously, then immediately looked away and walked into the cave together, leaving Soma alone, leaning against the wall, took over Tachibana Sakuya’s post and began to stand guard.

As the group walked into the cave, the light around them began to gradually drop and become dim.

However, the cave was not very deep, and it did not take long to reach the bottom.

The next second, Houri stopped and looked ahead.

In the deepest part of the cave, before the rock wall, Amemiya Rindo was leaning against it.

“Yo, kid, I didn’t expect you to come to this kind of place, you have good guts.”

Amemiya Rindo, while smoking, greeted Houri as thoughtlessly as before.

However, not to mention Houri, even Alisa who had no relationship with Amemiya Rindo lost her words after seeing his condition.

Amemiya Rindo’s current condition was definitely not good.

The upper half of his clothes had come off.

The area below his neck was wrapped in bandages.

The bandages were stained with bright red blood.

Moreover, his chest was also slightly sunken a little.

That is a serious injury no matter how one looks at it.

It is serious enough to make people die, even God Eater will not be able to move and stand up again.

With such an injury, Amemiya Rindo although leisurely smoking, but the hand holding the cigarette has been trembling, simply can not be stabilized.

Such a miserable state, let Houri’s eyes can not help but flicker.

The God Eater in front of him is not just a God Eater.

This is a God Eater who could defeat Ouroboros as a Deusphage species alone a year later, but now, is reduced to this state, really let people do not know how to express their feelings.

“What’s going on?” Houri asked Tachibana Sakuya. “How could captain Amemiya be so badly injured?”

Aphrodite was indeed quite terrifying.

However, with Amemiya Rindo’s caution, he would have started organizing a retreat without hesitation when he sensed the danger, so how could he be in this situation?

In fact, Houri’s idea is not wrong.

As soon as they talked about this matter, Tachibana Sakuya took a deep breath, as if suppressing her anger, and spoke in a low voice.

“We’ve been schemed to.”

With one sentence, both Houri and Alisa turned their attention to Tachibana Sakuya.

Looking at Houri and Alisa, Tachibana Sakuya slowly began to explain.

Three days ago, three God Eaters from the first unit, together with the elite of the Russian branch, went on a crusade against the Aphrodite.

According to information, there was a large gathering of Aragami around Aphrodite.

The Russian God Eater’s mission was to stop the Aragami and separate them, isolate Aphrodite, and then the Far East unit’s first unit would carry out the crusade.

However, in the process, the God Eater of the Russian branch suddenly retreated en masse.

Moreover, they left the three people of the first unit behind and pushed Aphrodite and a large number of Aragami to Amemiya Rindo and others.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Amemiya Rindo immediately ordered to retreat.

But before they could retreat, God Eater from the Russian branch, who had boarded the helicopter and were preparing to leave, fired downwards en masse, using the most powerful explosive rounds, bringing Aphrodite and the first unit into firing range.

In the end, Aphrodite was not destroyed but was completely furious.

Houri and Alisa heard Aphrodite’s terrible scream in the wilderness when the Aphrodite was enraged.

At that time, Aphrodite went completely crazy, not only shot down most of the helicopters flying in mid-air, but also flattened the surrounding area, and only a very few helicopters escaped.

“In that situation, Rindo was hit head-on by Aphrodite to cover our retreat.” Tachibana Sakuya clutched the God Arc in her hand and said half thankfully, half angrily. “If it wasn’t for the fact that Aphrodite continued to head in the direction of the Russian branch and simply ignored us, perhaps we would have died.”

“No way!” Alisa couldn’t help but open her mouth and say in some disbelief. “Why would the Russian branch do that?”

“We should ask that to the captain.” Houri grinned.

“In order to hide his secret, he actually went out of his way to spoil even the most important mission like this, I really began to wonder what kind of big secret he really has.”

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