Illimitable Until Death v2c122

At this point, Houri can finally be sure of one thing.

In this case, the relationship between the Far East branch and the Russian branch was also hostile, not cooperative.

Obviously, the Russian branch is hiding some extremely important secrets.

This secret, the Russian branch of the upper management has been trying hard to hide, even to the point of letting the mission fail, even sacrificing their personnel.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for the Russian branch to ask for help from the Far East branch and let the Far East branch send its men to participate in this incident.

Therefore, this time, the Far East Branch found out the abnormality of the Russian Branch and took the initiative to send the first unit in the name of rescue, so that the first unit people could investigate in the dark.

It is because of this that the Russian branch is so hostile to the rescue from the Far East branch.

“I’m even starting to wonder if the attack we just encountered when we arrived at the Russian branch was also a covert operation by the Russian branch,” Houri said. “Otherwise, it’s too much of a coincidence that the so-called pre-attack troops came at the same time we just arrived.

In fact, it was that attack that killed all but three God Eaters, one soldier and one communicator from the first unit of the Far East branch.

In the light of this situation, Houri suspects that the attack was secretly triggered by the Russian branch in order to eliminate the people sent by the Far East branch.

“After all, the timing of the lieutenant’s rescue was also extremely coincidental.” Houri looked at Amemiya Rindo and said. “Probably, he saw that we were about to break out and reach the Russian branch, so he started to bring troops to the rescue, if our situation was very bad, then he would not have appeared.”

Hearing this, Amemiya Rindo closed his eyes by default, and even Tachibana Sakuya lowered her head with an expression of having a hard time saying anything.

Seeing this, Houri understood at once.

“You have already guessed all this, but you still ended up in this situation?” Houri said without mercy. “Such a shame.”

“Compared to your performance, we did lose some face.” Amemiya Rindo with a bitter look shook his head and said to Houri. “But it’s good enough to have survived.”

“But I don’t think surviving is enough.” Houri looked directly at Amemiya Rindo and said bluntly. “I have nothing to do with the Far East branch’s rivalry with the Russian branch, but I won’t feel good if I don’t get my revenge since someone else has been messing with me.”

“Oh?” Amemiya Rindo asked with interest. “So what are you going to do?”

“Still need to ask?” Houri didn’t hesitate at all and spoke up. “Now, I have to turn the Russian branch upside down and expose the secret they are trying to hide.”

At these words, Amemiya Rindo and Tachibana Sakuya’s reactions aside, Alisa, who belonged to the Russian branch, could not continue to listen to them.

Alisa looked at Houri, and her azure eyes were filled with a strong will.

Alisa immediately said. “Depending on what you do, I will decide whether to consider you as an enemy.”

“Enemies?” Houri couldn’t help but laugh and said sarcastically. “You don’t have any friends anyway, and the rest of them are strangers to you, so it’s no big deal to be your enemy?”

Alisa fell silent and said no more.

It was only then that Amemiya Rindo said again. “So, are you going to return to the Russian branch?”

“I have this idea.” Houri did not hide his plans and said to Amemiya Rindo. “The upper echelons of the Russian branch probably didn’t pay any attention to me as an ordinary soldier, and it was already the limit to be able to plan roughly and create a trap for me to jump into.”

Anyway, Houri’s Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2 have already been completed, so all he needs to consider is whether or not to give up the extra rewards.

If he doesn’t want to give up the extra reward, then Houri can continue to fight on the battlefield and increase the amount of Aragami kills in Main Mission 1 and the number of cores obtained in Main Mission 2.

But in that case, the rewards of Main Mission 1 and Main Mission 2 are accumulating, but Main Mission 3 also loses its chance to be completed.

Since this is the case, Houri naturally has to consider the completion of the last Main Mission first.

Not to mention, Houri’s Side Mission, which is based on the completion of Main Mission 3, has a reward of 10,000 CP, so it would be a shame to give it up.

In addition, there is still a score to be settled with the Russian branch, so Houri’s choice is self-evident.

Understanding Houri’s thoughts, Alisa immediately took a stand.

“I’ll go back with you too.”

With these words, Houri looked at Alisa again.

Alisa also met Houri’s gaze.

The two eyes met again, but as they did the first time they met, there was friction and a strong electric spark.

In response, Houri simply said with a faint smile. “What? You don’t want to continue your revenge?”

“There’s more than one revenge I need to take.” Alisa, without hiding her thoughts, said with a somewhat cold expression. “The last time I was defeated by you, I must also take revenge.”

Houri’s brow raised at once.

“All right.” Amemiya Rindo, as if bored, blurted out. “If you want to flirt, there are plenty of opportunities later.”

This statement immediately drew a rebuttal from Houri and Alisa.

“Who’s flirting?”

A very neat phrase that made Houri and Alisa look at each other again, their eyes became a little unpleasant.

“Okay, not flirting.” Amemiya Rindo said as he raised his hands in surrender. “However, we guess there’s no way we can follow you for now, so you’ll just set off together as two people.”

“In the battle with Aphrodite, there were quite a few helicopters that were shot down.” Tachibana Sakuya also said in a hurry. “There may still be some helicopters left there that are not malfunctioning, so you can look for them and it should help you.”

Houri and Alisa both nodded.

So, Houri and Alisa went on their journey again.

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