Illimitable Until Death v2c124

Just as Houri was racking his brains to think of a way, a huge figure appeared silently in the corner of the empty lot in front of the ruins.


At this instant, a chill abruptly sprang up behind Houri, making him stiff.

Just as Houri was racking his brain for a solution, a huge figure appeared silently in the corner of the ruined clearing ahead.


This instant, a chill abruptly sprang up behind Houri’s back and made his whole body stiffened.

Being keen on ‘Death’ made Houri clearly perceive a cold chill.

In such a situation, Houri turned his head with great effort, as praying for luck, looked at the corner of the ruins, also saw the silent appearance of the figure.

Seeing that figure, Houri’s pupils slowly shrunk to the size of a pinpoint.

Also in this instant, the huge black shadow with a cold aura suddenly scurried out.

Speed, incredibly fast.

Just in the blink of an eye, the huge black shadow is scurrying to the top of the three Vajra gnawing at the rubble, fiercely pounced down at one of the Vajra.


Blood splashed into the sky.

The Vajra did not have any reaction from the start and was directly stepped on by the huge black shadow that swooped down, and its whole head was trampled into pieces.

Immediately, the black shadow suddenly waved its front claw.


In the crisp tearing sound of flesh, next to the black shadow, a Vajra that had just reacted was shredded by a crisp claw, and its entire head was flying.


The last remaining Vajra finally reacted and broke out into a terrifying howl.

However, that howling was actually with a hint of shock and anger.

This was the reaction of the last Vajra.

The next second, that Vajra did not even have time to escape, the cold black shadow pounced on.


The sound of gnawing resounded.

This time, Vajra’s head was not shattered, but its throat was brutally bitten off, splashing out a large amount of blood and staining the ground red.


Until then, the cold black shadow raised its head and let out a deafening roar.

That roar, as if it could pull people’s deepest fears out, reverberated in mid-air for a long time.

In that roar of sound waves, Houri’s heart can not help but tighten.

And in Houri’s side, just calmed down Alisa dumbfoundedly looking at the huge black shadow as if suffered an unimaginable shock, completely frozen.

Upon closer inspection, the black shadow was a Vajra.

However, it was an extremely strange Vajra.

The body hair was of a pitch-black color.

There was a cold aura all over its body.

The head is not like the tiger shape of a Vajra, but a face with an old man, as if it were a human head.

Such a black Vajra is now standing in the center of the ruins, its surroundings scattered with the severed limbs of its kind, bathed in a pool of blood, like the devil from the abyss, emitting a frightening reverberating growl sound.

No doubt, that is not an ordinary Vajra.

An ordinary Vajra would not attack its own kind, let alone possess the power to instantly kill a Vajra of the same species.

However, this strange Vajra in front of them did.

Because it is a Fallen species.

Far more than the prototype Vajra, with more power than the Vajra, also has a bloody and brutal personality Fallen species.

For this variant of Vajra, Houri did not feel unfamiliar.

The reason is simple.

It is the one who killed Alisa’s parents.

Vajra, which had been reported in sightings in Russia five years earlier, had been given a special name.

Its name is Heavenly Father Dyaus.


The sound of a strong heartbeat like a drum beat came from Alisa’s body.


The sound of the heartbeat is intensifying as if it wants to burst out of Alisa’s body, it can’t stop ringing.

However, Alisa was completely unaware of it.

Letting her heartbeat violently as if it were malfunctioning, Alisa just stared blankly at the pitch-black Vajra that roared to the sky as an image appeared into her mind.

It was a picture of a naive silver hair shoujo hiding in the closet.

At that time, the shoujo was not yet an unsympathetic person, always with a high-handed posture to face the people around.

At that time, the shoujo had her own parents, and although her life was not rich, she had a beautiful family.

That day, in order to make the hard-working parents pay as much attention to themselves as possible, the shoujo mischievously hid, hoping that her parents would find her and jump out of the closet to scare them.

Eventually, the parents made it to the shoujo’s hiding place without incident and were soon able to find the shoujo.

The shoujo is sincerely looking forward to the moment when she is found.

So, the shoujo hid as much as possible and watched her parents through the closet door.

It was in that situation, just for a second, that the parents in the shoujo’s eyes disappeared.

A black shadow emerged from a dead end and swallowed the terrified couple into its belly.

Just under the watchful eyes of the shoujo.

Eventually, what remained in the eyes of the shoujo was a face.

The face of an old man who bit the shoujo’s parents and whose mouth was covered with blood, resembling the merciful Heavenly Father, but with a black body and an evil smile.

The memories are interrupted here.

The last string in Alisa’s mind was also broken along with it.


A desperate exhale escaped from Alisa’s mouth.


A painful memory rolled through Alisa’s mind.


The body alternated between extreme cold and extreme heat.


The hand holding God Arc was so hard that the skin cracked and blood oozed out.

At this point, the only words that came to Alisa’s mind were.

“I’ve found you…”

A nightmare-like existence.

“I found you…”

The enemy who changed her fate.

“Found you…”

Looking back at the efforts made so far.

“Found you…”

The painful memories that cannot be wiped away.

She finally found it.

“Heavenly Father!Dyaus–!”

With a hysterical shout, Alisa’s whole body burst out with amazing strength, breaking free from Houri’s tight grip on her wrist.

With a stepping motion, Alisa suddenly rushed out.

“Alisa!” Houri was shocked.


With a desperate cry, Alisa, holding God Arc in her hand, rushed in the direction of Fallen species Vajra, named Heavenly Father, without looking back.

Looking at this scene, Heavenly Father turned its eyes, the corners of its mouth slowly raised up.

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