Illimitable Until Death v2c126


With a deafening roar, a violent thunderbolt heavily smashed on the ground as the center of a black shadow, unceasingly extended out in all directions.

Where the violent thunderbolt passed, the ground was like fragile bean curd was stirred up, exploded into a piece of debris, attacking the surrounding like an attack by artillery fire.

At the same time, the terrifying shockwave was also extended.

In the midst of it, Houri’s figure kept retreating, like a small boat trying to survive in a stormy sea, dodging in the bursting wind.

And while dodging, Houri’s pair of ice blue mystic eyes kept a close eye on the raging thunderbolt that came.

The next second, weaving in and out of the bursting wind, the furious thunderbolt came attacking one after another, rushing to Houri’s direction.

Houri relied on the capture of the thunderbolt’s dead line, and finally managed to distinguish the trajectory of the incoming thunderbolt, and leaped back and forth like a spider, dodging a thunderbolt’s direct attack.

Unfortunately, even if Houri relied on death perception mystic eyes to capture the dead line, barely distinguish the trajectory of the thunderbolt attack, still can not dodge all the electric shock.

Faced with electric shock that he can’t really dodge, Houri tried his best, hand swinging the Moonblade to an extreme speed, cut to the thunderbolt.

In the case of being pushed, Houri’s body technique not only became more and more proficient but also began to bring a touch of Nanaya assassination arts of Flash Sheath method. Between his swings, the speed is directly accelerated to the limit, in order to exceed the conventional trajectory, cut into the incoming electric shock.

Bam Bam Bam–!

At once, Houri cut off every electric shock’s dead line, leading to the end, and exploded like a piece of blooming fireworks, making the air was full of electric arcs.

In the end, Houri finally managed to dodge all the thunderbolt attacks, avoiding the attack of the burst wind.

But then, at the center of the burst of wind and thunderbolt, a huge black shadow suddenly stormed out.

Houri only felt a blur before his eyes, the black Vajra Fallen species appeared in front of him and raised a black claw high at him.


The black claw swung down heavily with an incomparably strong electric shock, shattering the ground once again.

This time, although Houri avoided the claws, he can not avoid the impact of the explosion, directly swept in, flying backward like a broken kite and smashed into the ground.

With a bang, Houri landed on his back and rolled out like a gourd.

The impact caused a blow that sent pain throughout Houri’s body, and he couldn’t help but squeeze a muffled hum out of his throat.


At this time, Heavenly Father was like chasing for victory, as intended to put Houri to death, once again leap high, fiercely lunged down in the direction of Houri rolling out on the ground.

This followed up attack was absolutely fatal.

“Fuck!” Houri can’t help but secretly curse, ignoring the severe pain from his whole body, reached out his hand and grabbed into the ground.

Fingernails penetrated deep into the earth and rocks, and under the intense friction, soon became skinned and oozed blood.

But in this way, at the last moment, Houri managed to stop his body, suddenly flip his body and flipped to the side.

The huge black shadow arrived almost at the same time and slammed its claws into the ground.


At once, the ground was easily shaken, cracking a trail of traces.

That claw, if it really fell on Houri’s body, even if Houri’s VIT had nearly 20 points, it would definitely be crushed into piece at once.

Understanding this, Houri’s eyes with a fierce color, jumped and rolled up, and actually rushed into Heavenly Father’s direction.

The ice blue mystic eyes turned to the dark Aragami so that a dead line reflected in Houri’s vision.

The line that represents the core, the deepest of the many dead lines, is above Heavenly Father’s head.

With the flexibility that Heavenly Father had just shown, if Houri had leaped at its head, it would have been dodged or even counterattacked before it could attack.

“In that case, I’ll first cripple the claws that you like to swing around!”

Houri, with a dash, rushed to Heavenly Father’s claw that had just landed on the ground and slashed down the Moonblade in his hand against the thick claw.

However, Heavenly Father was not the slightest bit panicked, and the corners of its mouth were slightly lifted once again on its face, which was filled with a sense of evil.


Just when Houri was about to cut Heavenly Father’s front paw, such a sound came out from Heavenly Father’s back.

Under such a voice, the skin on Heavenly Father’s back was abruptly pierced by a pair of sharp objects.

It was a pair of black wings that were made up of blades.

The black wings just poked out of Heavenly Father’s body and bloomed on its back, and then one of the wings suddenly flashed through, cutting through the air like a cold blade light and slicing down.

That speed is actually faster than any attack that Heavenly Father has shown so far.

Even if Houri adds points in an extreme way, plus the increase of skills and equipment, but he still can not be faster than that blow.

As a result, the deadly strike came down hard.


Dark red blood burst out, like an explosion of water, splashed up in midair.

Houri’s abdomen was cut open in a huge gash, his body flying out like a ball, sliding out directly on the ground for a distance before finally coming to a halt.


Lying on the ground, Houri couldn’t help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

As for his body, it was already completely stained red with blood, miserable to the extreme.

Covering his abdomen, Houri felt the blood that was flowing all over his body and gritted his teeth hard.

“I’ve already dodged at the last moment, but I couldn’t even dodge it completely?”

The speed of that blow was beyond Houri’s imagination.

So even though Houri reacted in time, he was still hit.

If Houri hadn’t dodged at the last minute, he would have been splintered in two, right?

“Is this the difference between levels?”

Houri could only covered his abdomen, raised his head and looked ahead.

There, Heavenly Father stretched a pair of blade-like wings, looking at Houri lying in a pool of blood, the corners of its mouth widened again.

That look was like laughing at the poor loser.

Then, Heavenly Father slowly walked in Houri’s direction.

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