Illimitable Until Death v2c127

Seeing Heavenly Father slowly walking towards his direction, even Houri who put life and death at risk couldn’t help but feel a little angry.

With the amazing speed and excessive dexterity that Heavenly Father just showed, this Aragami can definitely kill Houri in an instant, there is no need to walk slowly like this now.

So, Heavenly Father just wanted to enjoy its opponent’s despair and fear before he died, to make a full tease.

Understanding this, Houri clutched his flesh-opened abdomen, struggled to get up from the ground, and looked at Heavenly Father with an unprecedented coldness in his ice-blue mystic eyes.

“Even if I were to be killed by a lowly Ogretail, I would never want to die in your hands, you bastard.”

Hearing this, Heavenly Father’s feet froze while being stared at again by the pair of ice-cold mystic eyes, followed by a low growl sound like anger.

Obviously, Heavenly Father was angered instead when Houri did not show the imaginary despair and fear.

With the air-shaking growl sound, Heavenly Father limbs tightened, stepped on the ground, like a stray arrow, pounced on Houri.

Seeing this, Houri tightly gripped the Moonblade in his hand, ready to fight to the death.

But at that moment, a chaotic sound of gunfire suddenly rang out.

Bang Bang–!

Along with the sound of gunfire, a rain of bullets broke through the air and enveloped Heavenly Father’s direction.

Heavenly Father’s body suddenly stalled heavily, and without hesitation, jumped and abandoned its attack on Houri, and dodged to the other side.

Bam Bam Bam–!

A round of bullets with incredible impact landed on the spot where Heavenly Father had just stood a second before, causing the ground to be blown out with a bullet hole and dust flying.

Seeing this scene, Houri couldn’t help but be stunned, then like remembered something, looked in the direction of the barrage came.

There, Alisa was covered in dust, set up a gun-type God Arc, the corners of her mouth hanging a trace of blood, breathing raggedly.


The next moment, Alisa was shouting, the trigger of the submachine gun in her hand was pulled down again, spewing out a lot of fire, shooting in the direction of Heavenly Father.

Heavenly Father slightly squinting its eyes, its body once again rose up, like a civet cat, dodging back and forth, dodging the incoming rain of bullets, and also rushed to Alisa with great speed, black claws raised high.


The heavy claws ferociously landed on the ground in an instant, the furious thunderbolt storm out again and the explosion attack the surrounding, set off a terrible impact.

Alisa, who was already seriously injured, did not even have time to dodge, her whole person was blown away by the explosive wind, like Houri, turned into a rolling gourd, rolling all the way out.

When it came to a halt, Alisa could not move anymore.

Sound, in this ruined space, completely disappeared.

Lying on the ground, Alisa looked at the black sky with distracted eyes, trying to get up, but unable to do so.

The pain could no longer be felt.

Her body seemed to be getting cold.

It was only at this moment that Alisa realized how weak she was.


Not right.

Instead of saying that she was too weak, it was Heavenly Father who was too strong.

Alisa, after all, underestimated Heavenly Father’s power.

With Alisa’s current strength, it’s impossible for her to defeat even an ordinary Vajra.

Heavenly Father, on the other hand, is capable of killing three Vajra with ease, without giving the opponent the slightest bit of resistance.

So, the difference is too great.

“Daddy… Mommy…”

Alisa murmured without realizing it.

“I’m sorry…”

Sorry for not being able to help you get revenge.

In the midst of Alisa’s murmur, the black shadow full of the cold aura also entered its vision.

Heavenly Father Dyaus came in front of Alisa and looked down at the shoujo lying in front of it with a sarcastic smile reappearing on its dark face filled with a sense of evil.

The next second, Heavenly Father slowly opened its mouth, fiercely bite down in the direction of Alisa.

Death, only one step away from Alisa.

But, Alisa was not destined to die yet.


A cold blade light flashed across the space, slashing at Heavenly Father’s face.

“Growl!” Heavenly Father low growl, stopped moving and jumped back out.

Until then, Alisa only found.

A familiar back, unknowingly appeared in front of her, with the back to herself, covered with dark red blood.

“Ha… Ha…”

Some weak gasps came out of Houri’s mouth.

One of Houri’s hands covered the bleeding abdomen, while the other clutching a short dagger, death perception mystic eyes straight to the opposite Heavenly Father. Even though he was in a miserable state, his eyes and expression are still eerily calm.

After being stopped again and again, Heavenly Father couldn’t help but let out a furious howl.

However, under that terrible howl, Houri’s figure did not waver, and his back was upright.

Looking at Houri’s upright back, Alisa’s distracted eyes finally had a hint of emotion in them.

In such a situation, Alisa just did her best and said this with great difficulty.

“Run away…”


Run away.

It’s impossible to defeat it.

Even if it’s you.

It’s enough for me to die.

I no longer want to let others die in front of me because of my weakness.

So, run away.

This is only the end of the challenge to the invincible enemy of the overconfidence shoujo called Alisa, and it has nothing to do with you.

Run away…

Run away…

Even if you are the only one, at least, you have to live…

“Don’t you hate me so much?” Alisa’s voice took on a hint of pleading.

“Then hurry up and give up on me, a hopeless person, and run away alone!”

These words rang out clearly and unmistakably over the ruins.

However, what was exchanged was a calm and unusual sentence.

“I am not going to escape alone.”

Saying this, Houri turned his head, looked in the direction of Alisa, for the first time in front of Alisa showed a somewhat tender expression, said.

“Besides, I never once said that I hate you.”

After he spoke, Houri withdrew his gaze, and under Alisa’s stunned expression, walked step by step in the direction of Heavenly Father.

The corner of Houri’s mouth lifted as he watched the furious low growl of Heavenly Father.

“Don’t you just love killing?”

“In that case, let’s put on the first and last act of the show.”

“The good show is called the fight to the death.”

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