Illimitable Until Death v2c128

At this moment, the entire atmosphere of the ruins changed abruptly.

Houri no longer pays attention to the abdominal injuries, as if not injured at all, slowly walked in the direction of Heavenly Father, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes flashing.

Perhaps it is felt Houri gives a completely different atmosphere from the previous, Heavenly Father’s body suddenly tightened, eyes flashing uncertainty of emotions.

In such a situation, Houri actually closed his eyes.

In this instant, Houri immersed his consciousness into the depths of his soul.

There, there was a mysterious secret rune.

It was surrounded by a circle formed by mysterious runes, and only the sharp corners poked out of it, a hexagram of a secret rune.

That is Houri’s biggest and last trump card.

Now is the best time to use it.


Houri immersed his consciousness in the mysterious pattern.


On the back of Houri’s hand, a pure white tattoo that was identical to the mysterious tattoo deep in Houri’s soul shone with an intense light, illuminating the entire ruins.

The light is not blinding but has an indescribable depth and purity.

Within that light, Houri’s whole body began to burn.



It was as if a pure white flame was burning on Houri’s body, and Houri’s whole body was surrounded by white phosphorescence.


Under the burning white phosphorescence, Houri couldn’t help but scream.


The burning white phosphorescent light suddenly shook Houri’s body, shattering the surrounding atmosphere and causing a strong wind to expand around Houri.

“Wha…?!” Alisa couldn’t help but be shocked, then she saw the incoming wind and raised her hand to block her body.

“–?!” Heavenly Father also opened its eyes wide and looked at Houri, who was burning with white phosphorescence and instinctively let out a wail.

And Houri, only felt a powerful force bursting out in the depths of his soul, making every cell of his body express joy.

This is the power of Stigma.

Stigma (Lv.1)
-Active skills.
-STR increased by 100%.
-VIT increased by 100%.
-AGI increased by 100%.
-Gains a significant increase in power.
-Burdens the user depending on the time of use and skill level.
-Skill level can be increased.

The first active skill obtained in MainGod space is now finally shining in Houri’s hands.

Feeling the powerful force flowing through his body, Houri lifted his eyes and gazed at Heavenly Father.


A creepy sense of crisis emerged frantically in Heavenly Father’s heart, causing Heavenly Father’s evil face to change dramatically.

Without any hesitation, Heavenly Father jumped, instantly retreated.

In this instant, Houri, whose body was burning with white phosphorescence, moved.

Like a meteor, Houri’s body completely transformed into a white shadow of light, flashing through space with a sharp sound of air splitting, swept in the direction of Heavenly Father.

Almost in the blink of an eye, Houri appeared in front of Heavenly Father’s, death perception mystic eyes stared closely at Heavenly Father’s face, Moonblade in his hand turned into a sprinting blade light, suddenly slashed.


In a slight tearing sound, Heavenly Father’s cheek cut a slit, oozing a little blood.

If Heavenly Father hadn’t retreated just now, the slit would not have been on its cheek, but on its neck.

Understanding this and feeling the wetness from its cheek, Heavenly Father became furious.


With a furious growl, Heavenly Father’s whole body burst into an amazing electric light.

Biri Biri–!

The furious lightning instantly turned into a thunderbolt, rising from Heavenly Father’s body and sweeping out in the surroundings.

In such a situation, Houri’s body once again turned into a gorgeous meteor, dodging left and right, allowing a thunderbolt to fall into the empty space and explode the earth.

With the power of Stigma, Houri’s bleeding wounds were not only stopped but his strength and speed were transformed.

At least, in terms of speed, Houri has already surpassed Heavenly Father.

So this time, it wasn’t that hard for him to dodge. Almost like a shooting star, Houri dodged several thunderbolts.

However, Houri was not satisfied with this.

“If I’m just faster than that guy, then it would be hard to kill it.”

After all, Heavenly Father’s power is not only in its attributes but also in that powerful ability to control electricity.

Houri not only needs to be faster than Heavenly Father but also needs to be faster than the thunderbolt controlled by Heavenly Father.

At least, faster than Heavenly Father’s ability to release the thunderbolt to attack.

“Can I do that?”

Theoretically, he can’t.

Now that Stigma, the trump card, had been used, Houri didn’t have any other means.

“But, I have to do it.”

Otherwise, it would be impossible to kill the evil Aragami in front of him.

“I have to be faster.”

Houri’s body kept dodging the incoming lightning strikes.

“It has to be faster.”

The body technique is like a shadow, while avoiding the incoming lightning strikes, Houri is also like a fierce beast, constantly advancing.

“I know the method.”

At this time, in Houri’s mind is the image of Tohno Shiki.

That figure, weaving back and forth in the narrow alley, was weird and graceful.

Recalling that strange and extraordinary figure, Houri’s body technique suddenly changed.

The step on the ground is of different force.

The twisting of the body was effortless.

The swiftness of the wind becomes as unpredictable as a breeze.

Only to obliterate the things in front of him.

–Nanaya assassination arts.

In the end, the word ‘kill’ is inseparable.

The purpose is to kill the object.

And in this regard, Houri is confident that he is no weaker than anyone else.

“This is the essence of the real Nanaya assassination arts.”

The system prompt rang out in Houri’s mind.

“No. 11273 enter the state of comprehension, comprehend the skill Flash Step on your own.”

Flash Step (Lv.1)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, increase movement speed by 50%.
-When using skill moves, jump ability increased by 50%.
-When using skill moves, accelerate speed to the limit in any state.
-When using skill moves, ignore all inertia in any state.
-Skill level can be increased.

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