Illimitable Until Death v2c129

In the MainGod space training ground, Houri has been refining his skills using Tohno Shiki as his model.

As a model, Tohno Shiki is undoubtedly qualified.

After all, Tohno Shiki’s Nanaya assassination arts were only the basics, and even without the teachings, Houri’s inexplicable self-taught talent for killing techniques still allowed him to glimpse onto the Nanaya assassination arts in just ten days.

In such a situation, Houri came to this world, he continues to refine his skills in the battle with Aragami.

Sooner or later, Houri would have acquired the foundation of Nanaya assassination arts and put himself on the same level as Tohno Shiki.

However, at this moment, with the support of the power of Stigma, Houri was forced by the battle of life and death to realize the Flash Step technique of the Nanaya assassination arts through his own sense of death.


In the clear stepping sound, Houri’s feet landed heavily on the ground, and his body was like a phantom, disappeared in a way that was beyond the norm.

Bam Bam Bam–!

Thunderbolt attacked one after another, but they were all dodged by Houri and landed on the ground, bombarding the ground and raising a lot of sand.

Houri thus with amazing speed and body technique, like an elusive spirit beast, dodging the incoming thunderbolt left and right, and steadfastly advancing in the direction of Heavenly Father.

Three seconds later, Houri finally flashed in front of Heavenly Father’s body, Moonblade in his hand once again turned into a cold blade light, cut to Heavenly Father’s front.

“Growl!” Heavenly Father let out a low growl at once, its limbs moved, its huge body leaped back nimbly, and dodged the deadly blow that came from the oncoming cut.

Seeing this, Houri then understood.

“Just comprehending Flash Step is still not enough.”

Flash Step represents the ‘foot’ in the Nanaya assassination arts.

The way of walking out of common sense, the extreme speed beyond humans, and the strange step like a spider are all the skills of the ‘feet’ part.

However, Nanaya assassination arts is not just a technique for evasive movement.

The ultimate assassination arts, which can only be exercised beyond the limits of human beings, like Houri’s previous realization, were developed to kill people after all.

Of course, the attack is the most important part of Nanaya assassination arts.

Even the Flash Step technique has some attacking moves in it.

Houri has only learned the Flash Step technique but has not yet learned the many wonderful and subtle moves in the Nanaya assassination arts.

Even Tohno Shiki doesn’t know those yet.

Therefore, Houri also has no way to understand it.

However, without learning the beautiful moves, Houri had to at least understand the attack techniques of Nanaya assassination arts.

“Not only I must move fast, but I must also attack fast.”

Houri’s footstep changed and his body shot up to Heavenly Father’s face, Moonblade waved in his hand.

Swish Swish–!

At once, a blade light constantly appears in the space, continuously slashing Heavenly Father’s direction.

Heavenly Father let out another low growl, once again showed a nimble movement that was completely inconsistent with its huge size, its body did not stop jumping, constantly avoiding Houri’s strike.

But not long after, Heavenly Father was surprised to find that it was more and more difficult to dodge.

As for Houri, there was only one thought left in his mind.




“My attack can be faster!”

With this conviction, Houri’s slashes became faster and faster, and even the trajectory became more and more bizarre and difficult to catch.

Houri only concentrated on recalling Tohno Shiki’s movements and constantly adjusting his attacks.

The trajectory.

The force.

The direction.

The intention.

By incorporating all of these into his attack, Houri’s figure gradually merged with Tohno Shiki’s.

In the next second…

“No. 11273 enter the state of realization and realize the Flash Sheath skill on your own.”

Flash Sheath (Lv.1)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, attack speed increased by 50%.
-When using skill moves, increase body arm strength by 50%.
-When using skill moves, ignore the opponent’s defense to a certain extent.
-When using skill moves, produces a certain degree of defense-breaking effect.
-Skill level can be increased.

When this system prompt rang in Houri’s mind, Houri’s figure was completely reunited with Tohno Shiki’s figure in his memory.

At this moment, Houri and Tohno Shiki were on the same starting line, having learned the basic self-defense techniques of Nanaya assassination arts.

Now, there was only one thing Houri needed to do.

–Swing his blade.


With the sound of a sword chirping, Houri’s strike speed increased dramatically, like a flash of the aurora, slashing Heavenly Father’s head.

The Moonblade in Houri’s hand suddenly blossomed into a moonlight-like glow, turning the sharp dagger into a heavy phantom, one overlapping the other.

Category: Weapons
Level: Tier 5
Effect: Attack speed is increased by 20%, and the attack comes with a heavy shadow that somewhat dulls the subject’s reaction.

At the critical moment, Moonblade’s heavy shadow effect was finally activated.

A slash that was fast to the extreme.

Mirage-like blade shadow.

What is the final result of these two aspects combined?

The answer is revealed in the next second.


Heavenly Father only felt that its vision was completely filled with that heavy knife shadow and couldn’t see anything at all, and its body directly stagnated.

And in this instant, the aurora-like blade slashed violently, slicing through Heavenly Father’s face.


In the crisp tearing flesh sound, a bearded mandible, mixed with rich blood, flew directly into mid-air, crossing a perfect parabola and falling to the ground.

Looking at this scene, far away, Alisa opened her eyes wide.

As for Heavenly Father, half of that evil face directly chopped away, completely disappeared.


An amazing growl sound full of pain resounded from Heavenly Father’s mangled mouth and went straight up to the clouds.


At that very moment, Heavenly Father’s whole body burst into red lightning, like a nuclear bomb that exploded, blowing away everything in the surrounding.

Including the ground.

Including Houri.

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