Illimitable Until Death v2c130

Bam Bam Bam–!

The dark red lightning was centered on the black Vajra and exploded, shattering the ground and steaming the atmosphere with a bursting sound, causing the ground beneath Heavenly Father’s feet to collapse and explode into countless rubble.

Under that terrible power, Houri only had time to dodge, avoiding the red lightning burst, and then swallowed by the burst of wind.

Seeing this scene with her own eyes, Alisa’s breathing stopped abruptly and she was shocked.

“It-it actually still has such power?”

The red thunderbolt.

This kind of power is simply unheard of.

Apparently, that was the power that Heavenly Father had been hiding all along.

Even Alisa, the one who had her parents killed, didn’t know that Heavenly Father was hiding such a power.

If it wasn’t for Houri pushing Heavenly Father to the brink of extinction and making Heavenly Father explode into its true power, with insufficient information, even if Alisa had the ability to defeat Heavenly Father in the future, would have been caught off guard by this power at the last moment, and even defeated directly, right?

Under such circumstances, it is surprising that Houri was able to dodge the red thunderbolt’s attack at the moment of Heavenly Father’s outburst.

However, Alisa did not know that Houri had already prepared for it.

Heavenly Father hides this kind of power, Houri familiar with the original work naturally can not know.

But even so, under the full power of Heavenly Father, Houri was still caught in the process.

Therefore, the violent red thunderbolt, Houri’s figure shot out backward, hit the ground hard, and skidded a distance on the ground, before with a flip, jumped up, and kneeling down on one knee.


Heavenly Father, who was bathed in the red thunderbolt, was in a frenzy, roaring and looking at Houri with terrible killing intent in its eyes.

That is the most enraging thing for a hunter who often takes pleasure in hunting others?

Without a doubt, it is the counterattack of the prey.

What’s more, before that, Heavenly Father didn’t take Houri into account at all, just felt a little bit of fear for the pair of eyes that seemed to bring death, but didn’t think this human had the means to hurt itself.

Unfortunately, the truth is ferociously hit Heavenly Father’s face.

So, Heavenly Father was inevitably angry.

In response, Houri just half-kneeling on the ground, ice blue mystic eyes again turned to Heavenly Father’s body, the expression is terribly calm.

Immediately, Houri said with a low voice.

“Next time, I will definitely be able to kill you.”

Heavenly Father’s roar came to a screeching halt.

The red thunderbolt that was rioting all over its body also stopped abruptly.

Feeling the pain from its face, Heavenly Father looked at Houri, who was kneeling on one knee in front, and its eyes were filled with uncertainty.

At this point in time, no need to specifically explain all know, Heavenly Father definitely has very high intelligence.

Otherwise, this variant Vajra will not show so many humane aspects.

And it is because of such high intelligence, Heavenly Father knows, this man in front of the words in the end how much truth.

The other party is clearly not the so-called God Arc user, but can rely on a dagger to hurt itself is enough to prove this point.

Therefore, Heavenly Father does not doubt.

The next time, its own end will definitely not be better if it let the other party hit it.

The anger in its heart was pushing Heavenly Father’s predatory instinct as an Aragami, making Heavenly Father really want to rush out.

But the reason in its heart was also pushing Heavenly Father’s mind as a highly intelligent life form, so Heavenly Father did not dare to do anything rashly.

Then, Heavenly Father recalled the terrifying speed and attack that the other party had just shown, the Heavenly Father in its heart could not help but tilt toward the direction of reason.

Faced with that kind of speed and attack, Heavenly Father simply did not dare to take the risk.

No, rather it didn’t want to take the risk.


At that moment, Heavenly Father sent out a howl full of resentment, no longer attack, with a turn, jump in the direction of the abandoned mansion in front.

The huge black shadow with a cold aura immediately leaped up high, crossed the mid-air, and in a flash it disappeared on the other side of the mansion.

Finally, Heavenly Father chose to retreat.

This Tier 4 Vajra variant was forced to retreat by an opponent who was a full level weaker than itself.

Silence returned to the ruins.

All that remains is a broken and tattered piece of open space, as well as the blood and flesh spilled all over the ground, telling others what kind of massacre has been experienced here.

Seeing Heavenly Father being forced to retreat, Alisa was stunned there and did not react for a long time.

It was only half an hour later that Alisa finally reacted and looked in Houri’s direction.

There, Houri still maintains the posture of one knee, dagger clenched in his hand, but the white phosphorescence in his body dimmed little by little until it disappears completely.

However, Houri still did not have a single movement.

Seeing this, Alisa hesitated for a while, then gritted her teeth, braced her body, moved her steps with some difficulty, and walked slowly in the direction of Houri.

After a while, Alisa came to Houri’s back.

Looking at Houri’s motionless while on one knee, Alisa opened her mouth, but was a bit indecisive, not knowing what to say.

As a result, Alisa could only say this. “Are you all right?”

Alisa’s inquiry did not receive any response.

This made Alisa even more hesitant.

Was he angry with her?

This is not without reason.

After all, if Alisa had not rushed out without thinking, the two could have avoided Heavenly Father and would not have had to fight to this point.

In addition, Houri’s previous unrelenting commitment, even if Alisa is cold, can not be cold.

At that moment, Alisa could only reach out her hand and touch Houri’s shoulder.

With this action, Houri’s body slowly fell down to the side.


Alisa was startled.

It was only at this time that Alisa realized.

Houri had fallen unconscious.

Now, Alisa no longer cared so much, hurriedly crouching down, put a hand on Houri’s chest.

The rhythmic heartbeat was immediately transmitted to Alisa’s touch.

Alisa then secretly relaxed a breath.

After taking a look at the ruins that had become miserable around her, and then at the helicopter that had fallen on top of a pile of rubble in the corner of the ruins, Alisa pondered and made a decision.

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