Illimitable Until Death v2c131

The silence in the ruined and tattered ruins of the clearing has continued.

It was not until a short time later that a dark shadow gradually appeared around, slowly approaching this way.

Ogretail’s small Aragami gradually came from around and entered the clearing.



In a faint howl, the Ogretail Aragami began to look around, looking for prey.

In such a situation, it did not take long for the Ogretail to see a pile of flesh in the clearing.

It was the body of three Vajra that was crushed by Heavenly Father Dyaus.

Moreover, even Heavenly Father’s cut-down mandible was lying in a pool of blood, emitting a cold aura.

Seeing this scene, the Aragami of the Ogretail could not help but let out a joyful cry.

For these small Aragamis living in the lowest level, the flesh and blood of large Aragami is definitely a great tonic.

Not to mention, there is also the mandible of Heavenly Father Dyaus.

Compared to the Vajra, the flesh of the Fallen species, which has mutated to a higher level and has more power, is even more valuable.

So, several Ogretail immediately pounced on them and began to gnaw on the corpses of their far more advanced counterparts.

In the ruins, the sound of beasts devouring prey gradually reverberated.

Several Ogretail did not notice that in the corner of the ruins, there is a figure.

Looking at the Ogretail attracted by Vajra’s body, Alisa breathed a sigh of relief and could not help but look to her side.

There, Houri, who had fallen into a coma, was being held by Alisa, with a face filled with pain and keep on sweating.

Even the unsympathetic Alisa knew that Houri was in a very bad condition.

The injury is not as serious as expected, except for the abdominal wounds, the rest are only minor injuries.

And the abdominal wound, the blood has been stopped, as a rule, there should be no serious injury.

However, Houri is not only in a coma, but also seems to be in a lot of pain.


Saying this, Alisa could not help but recall what had just happened and glanced at the back of one of Houri’s hands.

On it, a faint mysterious tattoo was branded there, and it was hard to notice without looking closely.

It was that mysterious tattoo that was just blossoming with a bright light.

And when the light was blossoming, Houri’s strength was suddenly soaring, which eventually led Heavenly Father Dyaus to be forced to retreat.

Now that she thinks about it, this is all so strange.

So, the culprit of this bizarre situation, could it be this tattoo?

Have to say, Alisa was not stupid and guessed it right away.

The effect of Stigma is extremely powerful, but the side effects are also not small.

This side effect is reflected in the burden it places on the user.

Moreover, because Stigma is a power deeply embedded in the soul, this burden is also directed at the soul, not at Houri’s body.

Therefore, Houri is not only in a deep coma but also suffering from a nightmare.

Alisa was not aware of this.

However, Alisa could see how bad Houri’s condition was.

It was impossible for Houri to wake up without some time.

During this time, Alisa not only needs to protect the injured Houri but also needs to find a way to take care of Houri and wait for him to wake up.

To be honest, if Alisa had to take care of a person, it would have been impossible before.

But right now, Alisa could not give up on Houri.

Because, at that time, Houri said this.

“I won’t run away alone.”

Recalling Houri’s gentle expression at that time, Alisa looked at Houri steadily, as if she was talking to herself, and whispered said.

“I won’t run away alone either.”

After saying that, Alisa took Houri and walked in the direction of an abandoned mansion.



More and more Aragami began to gather in the open space of the ruins, making the howl more and more lively.

The Aragami were all attracted by Vajra’s flesh and blood, and gathered in the open space of the ruins, gnawing on Vajra’s corpse.

Next to it, on the top floor of an abandoned mansion, Alisa saw the scene through the window and couldn’t help but feel a little relieved.

“If the target is only Vajra’s body, then the helicopter should not be a problem for now.”

The helicopter that Houri and Alisa were looking for was their hope of returning to the Russian branch.

Everything is lost if Aragami gobbled it up.

“Hopefully, those Vajra bodies will last a little longer and not disappear so quickly.”

After all, Aragami is only an aggregation of pure Oracle cells, which are formed because of the existence of the core.

As long as the Aragami core is not taken out, then even if the body is torn apart, it will recover after some time.

And if the Aragami core is taken out, the Aragami body will become pure Oracle cell again, evaporating in the air until it is attracted by another core again, regrouping to become a new Aragami.

So theoretically, Aragami will never be wiped out.

As long as the Oracle cell still exists, the Aragami will never stop.

For now, the cores of the Vajra that were crushed by Heavenly Father Dyaus have not been preyed upon and continue to exist.

“I hope there are no Aragami that like to prey on helicopters.”

Murmuring this, Alisa turned her head and looked inside the house.

Houri was lying on an old bed, gasping for breath, sweat dripping from his face.

Looking at Houri’s painful appearance, Alisa was silent for a long time and then went forward, took out a handkerchief and a military water bottle from her body, wet the handkerchief and began to help Houri wipe his sweat.

However, Houri’s breathing had not calmed down, making his lips look a little dry.

Seeing this, Alisa gave Houri water, but couldn’t get it in.

At that moment, Alisa struggled a bit and finally gave up with a sigh, poured the water from the canteen into her mouth, and helped Houri up.


The dark red lips were pressed against Houri’s mouth, blocking Houri’s disordered breath.

Alisa immediately let out the water from her mouth.


With a swallowing sound, Houri finally drank the water.

Alisa couldn’t help but be happy, and then fed the water from mouth to mouth in such a way.

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