Illimitable Until Death v2c132

While Alisa was taking good care of Houri, Houri, who was in a deep coma, entered a very wonderful state.

To be more precise, it should be said to have entered a very wonderful place.

“The sea?”

At this moment, Houri was standing on an endless sea.

However, this sea is different from the sea that he knows.

In terms of color, the sea is a refreshing azure, but the sea here is extremely deep and dark.

That’s right.

This is a black sea.

Houri looks around while standing on top of this black sea, but can not see any waves, only like a mirror to make people surprised calm.

In such a situation, Houri could not help but raise his pace and slowly walk forward.


With the fall of Houri’s footsteps, the surface of the sea finally produced a slight ripple, with Houri as the center, into a circle of ripple, expanding out in all directions.

Then, under the ripple, the calm mirror-like sea surface suddenly emerged a scene.

Seeing this scene, Houri could not help but be surprised.

Because what Houri saw was the sight of a man lying in a coffin.

It was a kind-faced old man.



This old man is Houri’s grandfather.

Seeing this scene, Houri instantly understood.

“This is the first time I saw the ‘Death’ scene.”

It was because of that experience that Houri first perceived the difference between himself and others.
With that in mind, Houri took another step.


Once again, a ripple rose upon the sea with Houri’s footsteps as the center.

The ripple expanded and swallowed up the scene reflected on the sea, but revealed a different scene.

It was the sight of a man lying in a pool of blood.

Houri also remembers this scene.

It was the scene of a fall that Houri inadvertently witnessed when he was a child.

“This is the second time I’ve seen the ‘Death’ scene.”

Understanding this, Houri seemed to know what would happen next.

So, Houri continued to move his pace, at an extremely slow pace, step by step.

In such a situation, ripples continue to appear on the sea surface, so that the scene floating on the surface of the sea changed one after another.

These scenes, although each different, but all have a common denominator.

That is the moment when things die.

There is death because of the end of life and death.

There is death caused by an accident.

There is death caused by intentional injury.

There is death due to a sudden and persistent illness.

Under Houri’s pace, a scene of death emerged one after another on the surface of the sea, showing in front of Houri.

Not only the death of people but also the death of animals.

There are cats to prey on dead rats.

There are dead pets run over by vehicles.

There are pests killed by poisons.

There are dogs that are killed by human beings.

There are even cockroaches killed by slippers, centipedes used as medicine, and livestock slaughtered for meat, etc. All kinds of deaths have occurred.

Finally, even flowers and trees withered or felled scenes are shown, almost can be said to be all-encompassing.

Therefore, this moment, the moment of the end of all kinds of things in the most visual way, presented to Houri’s eyes.

Houri had only one thought about this.

“Is there only ‘Death’ here?”

At least, at this moment, Houri was surrounded by all kinds of ‘Death’.

Moreover, all these ‘Deaths’ are things that have occurred in Houri’s life.

So, Houri’s pace moves to the end, the sea is no longer a variety of ordinary death, but the death that does not happen in the world.

For example, the scene where the undead monster with a glowing heart slaughters human beings.

Another example is the scene where the mysterious creature bearing the name of God and the God-eating warrior face off.

Even the scene where Houri fights these monsters to death is presented.

These are the ‘Deaths’ that are closely related to Houri.

Then, after these ‘Death ‘ is shown, the rest of the various ‘Death ‘ also began to appear on the surface of the sea.

Although there is no sound, the scene of the most intuitive death scenes of despair, fear, mourning and grief, without the slightest omission.

“Ordinary people, if they stay here for a little while, then they will immediately go crazy, right?”

However, Houri was facing such a scene calmly, without the slightest fluctuation in his heart.

However, Houri finally understood three things.

“This is the depth of my soul.”

So, after Houri immersed his consciousness inside his own soul and used Stigma which was deeply in his soul, Houri was pulled here.

The scene on the surface of the sea is the end of what Houri’s soul has seen so far.

That is – ‘Death’.

This is the first thing that Houri understood.

As for the second thing, that is, Houri finally knows why he is indifferent to death.

“Because I have long been numb.”

No matter what kind of things, once one has seen too much, then one will be numb.

Such is Houri’s condition.

Only, Houri is not numb to death because he has seen too many deaths, but he is numb to death because he has recorded too many deaths in his soul.

Even though he doesn’t know for what reason, Houri’s soul has recorded the death of everything he has seen so far.

Even if the other person did not die in front of Houri, the death of the other person was automatically engraved into Houri’s soul the moment Houri saw them.

That’s why Houri is numb and indifferent to death.

“That’s why I can use death perception mystic eyes without issue.”

This is the third thing Houri understands.

The human brain cannot understand the concept of death.

So even if one has death perception mystic eyes, once one uses them, it will put a serious burden on one brain and eventually lead to brain death.

But Houri has no such side effects.

Because Houri’s soul recorded too much death.

So, for Houri, understanding death is as natural as a human being needing to eat, and there is no burden.

Houri should have thought of this long ago.

“Since Stigma has chosen me, it is only natural that there is something unusual about my soul.”

With such a dawning realization, Houri’s form began to gradually sink into the sea and disappeared.

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