Illimitable Until Death v2c133

In the dimly lit room, there was no sound, only the slight sound of breathing kept rising and falling, hovering in the air.

On the bed, Houri’s face, which had been lying down, had regained its calmness, and his breathing was also steady, not as bad as before.

In such a situation, Houri’s eyelids suddenly trembled and slowly opened.


As soon as he woke up, Houri felt as if his whole body had gone into a state of weakness, extremely weak.

No, it was not physical weakness, but a weakness of the soul.

This kind of weakness made Houri feel that even his head had become muddled, and his body could not be energized.

Then, Houri was attacked by an indescribable feeling of exhaustion, which made Houri really want to close his eyes and simply fall asleep.

“Is this the side effect of using Stigma?”

Houri couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

If it is a physical burden, then there are ways to solve it.

For example, the VIT attribute can be increased.

This attribute is related to the body’s ability to withstand, and if it is improved, the body’s ability to resist blows, resist abnormal conditions and even the body’s ability to recover can be improved, and the overall ability to withstand anything can be improved.

So, after Houri used Stigma and doubled all the attributes except INT, the wound on Houri’s abdomen stopped bleeding.

If the burden caused by Stigma is related to the body, then Houri can gradually extend the use of Stigma by increasing the VIT, and eventually become completely immune to the side effects.

Unfortunately, Stigma is a power that is deeply embedded in the soul, and the burden it causes is all directed at the soul, not at the body.

“In this way, even the difficulty of recovering with tools will increase by more than one level.”

There are many amazing tools in the MainGod space, and there is no lack of recovery types.

However, soul-related tools can be called the rarest of all, and it’s hard to say if they can recover Houri’s condition.

“As far as this tricky side effect is concerned, it is worthy of the powerful effect of this skill.”

At least, as an ace, Stigma is enough to turn the tide in critical moments.

For example, in the previous battle against Heavenly Father Dyaus, without Stigma, even if Houri had finally comprehended Flash Sheath and Flash Step, he would never have been able to hurt it, right?

“After all, I am too weak.”

If he was strong enough, he wouldn’t have been pushed to this point.

In any case, Houri had only experienced one Transcript world and just a MainGod envoy who entered the second Transcript world.

In the MainGod space, Houri’s existence is undoubtedly at the bottom of the hierarchy.

“Fortunately, although this battle was disastrous, it was equally rewarding.”

Although he did not kill Heavenly Father Dyaus, Houri was able to learn Flash Sheath and Flash Step, and successfully get the art of Nanaya assassination, the pinnacle of assassination techniques.

Today, Houri is no longer inferior to Tohno Shiki in terms of skill.

And with his comprehension of Flash Sheath and Flash Step, Houri knows where to go from here.

“Find a way to learn all those wonderful moves in Nanaya assassination arts and master the technique completely.”

After all, the current Houri has only gotten started in the Nanaya assassination arts and has the foundation.

Only when Houri has learned the many wonderful moves in Nanaya assassination arts, then Houri’s fighting style will be completely formed.

The full version of Nanaya assassination arts with one hit kill death perception mystic eyes, then it is clear how scary it would be.

Tohno Shiki has only mastered the basic self-defense techniques and has killed an unknown number of powerful enemies with death perception mystic eyes, including some inhuman existences and even terrifying existences. If Tohno Shiki mastered Nanaya assassination arts completely, it will be terrifying.

And Houri, if he can completely master Nanaya assassination arts, then he’s definitely going to be stronger than Tohno Shiki.

After all, Houri is MainGod envoy, in addition to techniques, can also improve his own attributes, but also can wear excellent equipment, and can upgrade his skills.

Flash Sheath and Flash Step, these two skills are currently only level Lv.1.

When the level goes up later, then Houri’s Nanaya assassination arts will only become more and more terrifying, there is no way it got weaker.

“It seems that after returning to MainGod space, I will have to stay in the training ground again.”

With that in mind, Houri noticed that he was not the only one here.

“Hu… Hu…”

At the side of Houri’s bed, Alisa was lying on her back, breathing steadily and falling into a deep sleep.

In Alisa’s hand, there was a handkerchief that was already wet.

The smell of sweat coming from the handkerchief told Houri that the handkerchief was wet not with water, but with sweat.

And whose sweat it was, it goes without saying.

“After I passed out, was this girl the one who took care of me?”

Houri was really surprised.

Alisa can actually take care of people?

That’s a miracle.


Maybe because she sensed that Houri was thinking about something very rude, Alisa let out a whisper and gradually opened her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, Alisa saw Houri sitting up and looking at herself with a faint smile on his face.

At that moment, Alisa trembled, stood up and called out in surprise.

“You… you’re awake?”

Looking at Alisa’s surprised and happy appearance, Houri was surprised by Alisa’s reaction while saying back. “I just woke up.”

“Really?” Alisa said, but then she didn’t know what to say and fell silent.

For a moment, an unnatural atmosphere spread between Houri and Alisa.

Houri couldn’t help but scratch his cheek as if to break the silence, and asked. “How long have I been unconscious?”

“It must have been a day,” Alisa whispered. “I brought you here yesterday.”

In other words, Alisa had been taking care of Houri for a whole day.

This unsympathetic shoujo, finally has some cuteness?

With that in mind, Houri asked again. “What about Heavenly Father?”

“… It ran away.” Alisa’s tone was a bit complicated, and her eyes changed as she looked at Houri, asking. “Were you unconscious before Heavenly Father escaped?”

Otherwise, Houri should have been able to see Heavenly Father escaping.

Could it be that Houri’s last declaration was just a bluff?

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