Illimitable Until Death v2c135

Night came quietly.

Surrounded by a building of abandoned mansion to the ruins of the open space, darkness engulfed the land, but it’s can cover the piece of blood so that the dark red color is so dazzling and disturbing.

At this time, Vajra’s body has been gnawed away.

However, the Aragami group gathered here is not completely disappeared, there are still a number of Ogretail left in the same place, constantly wandering.

And, in addition to the Ogretail, there is a two-meter-tall figure standing in front of the pile of rubble where the helicopter fell.

The figure had a human body, but with a pair of mechanical wings, looks like the legendary wingman, with arms clasped, like a guard standing there.

In the corner of the ruins, next to an abandoned mansion, Houri and Alisa were hiding in the shadows, looking at the winged man standing in front of the pile of ruins and glancing at each other.

Then, Houri with a lower tone asked Alisa a question.

“That’s Chiyou, right?”


A very famous medium-sized Aragami.

Because of its notoriously high defensive power, it was named after the leader of the Jiuli tribe in Chinese mythology, who was said to have a bronze head and an iron forehead and was invulnerable to swords and spears.

It is said that Chiyou is one of the most difficult Aragami in the category of medium-sized Aragami.

Not only does it have a steel-like defense, but also a pair of wings can make a hand-like movement to attack.

Moreover, this Aragami can also gather heat and release some kind of flame ability.

Therefore, under the large Aragami, Chiyou is known as one of the most difficult Aragami, which had defeated many God Eater.

“The area around here should not be Chiyou’s habitat, should also be manipulated by Aphrodite’s hormones, and attracted here by Vajra’s corpse Aragami .” Alisa nodded, with the same lower voice, said. “However, with only one, I should be able to deal with it.”

“Unfortunately, there is not only one Chiyou here, there are also many Ogretail.” Houri will cast his eyes to the ruins of the open space, eyes slightly narrowed, said. “So, you take care of the Ogretail and I’ll take care of the Chiyou.”

“Are you sure?” Alisa couldn’t help but said. “You’re still not fully recovered, right?”

“No, there is nothing wrong with my body, and my abdominal wound is no longer a problem, I was only unconscious because I used too much power, it has nothing to do with my body,” Houri said. “Now, although there is still a feeling of drowsiness from time to time, there is almost no longer any big problem, it will not affect the battle.”

“But…” Alisa didn’t seem to be convinced.

Looking at Alisa like this, Houri couldn’t help but rub his nose and had a little amusement in his heart.

Since waking up and really starting to make friends with Alisa, this shoujo who had always faced herself with a high and cold posture finally started to reveal her true side, and invariably became a lot closer to Houri.

Otherwise, the previous Alisa would never have been able to do something like this blatant worry.

Therefore, Houri slowed down his tone and said to Alisa. “Don’t worry, for me, Chiyou is the easier type to deal with, its famous defense power is almost the same as nothing to me, I can kill it with one slash, so it’s perfect for me to deal with it.”

Hearing this, Alisa thought of the words that Houri had said.

“There is nothing that I cannot kill, even Aragami.”

This statement has been corroborated quite a few times before.

Therefore, Alisa had no reason to doubt.

At that moment, Alisa hesitated for a moment and then spoke out helplessly. “Then be careful.”

Houri nodded, turned his eyes, and looked back at the ruins in front of him.

“Then, let’s begin.”

Houri and Alisa both suddenly moved, out of the shadows and rushed out.

The moment they moved, all the Aragami in the ruins reacted, one after another raised their heads and let out a growling sound.

But in this instance, a black shadow seems to blend into the darkness like a bat, swept in with extreme speed.


In the faint sound of air splitting, Houri’s figure completely disappeared.

He and Alisa clearly rushed out at the same time, but the moment Alisa took a step, Houri’s figure had already disappeared.

This is not only because Houri’s speed is far superior to Alisa’s, but also because of Houri’s comprehension of the Flash Step skill.

As a result, just after moving, Houri’s speed instantly accelerated to the limit, as if a spider flying out of its nest, during the flash, body technique like a shadow, bypassing an Ogretail, directly towards Chiyou that was standing in front of the ruins.


Only then did Chiyou let out an incoherent bass voice, suddenly turned around, a mechanical wing rolled up, actually clenched into the shape of a fist, and swung heavily in Houri’s direction.


The heavy blow caused the strong wind to be scraped to the sides and a whistling sound was heard.

But for Houri now, such a straightforward attack was too monotonous.
In the next instant, Houri’s body suddenly stalled as if it had ignored inertia as if it had been there from the beginning, and came to a halt.

A blow as heavy as a hammer fell at once.


In the muffled hit sound, the ground trembled slightly, cracking gravel and dust.

A strong wind of impact shook up around Chiyou’s wings that landed heavily on the ground, whipping up gravel.

However, the blow landed on the ground not far in front of Houri, missing Houri at all.

If Houri hadn’t stopped suddenly, he would have rushed there in the next second and received Chiyou’s blow.

Unfortunately, with the realization of Flash Step, Houri completely ignored the inertia and easily neutralized Chiyou’s blow.

Accelerating from a stationary state to the limit.

From a state of extreme speed, it stops strangely.

The extraordinary and unexpected nature of Nanaya assassination arts is flawlessly displayed.

So, what’s next for Chiyou?

Quite simply.

A blow from a satsujinki, who once again accelerated from a stationary state to the limit.


With the sound of a sword chirping, a flashing strike was released from the hand of Houri, who suddenly sprang in front of Chiyou.

The bright blade light flashed through space and entered Chiyou’s body without it reacting at all.

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