Illimitable Until Death v2c136


With the blood bursting out, the dagger like a crescent moon cut through the dead line of Aragami named Chiyou.

And that dead line was the most important dead line of Aragami’s entire body.


A crisp sound came out of Chiyou’s body.

That was the sound of Aragami’s core breaking.

Even a creature made of pure cellular aggregation could not avoid being forced to the end at this moment when the dead line was broken.

Therefore, Houri killed the Aragami core.

The Aragami named Chiyou was completely frozen in place and could not move anymore.

Houri appeared behind Chiyou like a ghost and slowly landed on the ground.

At this moment, time stood still.

The Ogretail growl sound stopped.

Alisa, who had just rushed out from the corner, was also frozen in place.

The whole process, not even three seconds had passed.

In just three seconds, Houri used the Flash Step technique of Nanaya assassination arts, and at the moment when Alisa was just about to attack, he not only bypassed an Ogretail and arrived in front of Chiyou, but also completed an instant kill.

It was so amazing.

As a result, this period of stillness lasted for an unknown period of time.

Only after a long time did Chiyou’s corpse, which was frozen in place, slowly fall down and let time start beating again with a bang sound.

Only then did Houri slowly put away the Moonblade and looked at Alisa, who was completely frozen in place, and said with a smile. “Stop dawdling and get rid of this group of Aragami.”

Alisa now reacted.

Bang Bang–!

In the next second, the sound of gunshots rang out over the ruins, causing the wails of the Aragami to start ringing out, spreading unceasingly.

Have to say, the difference between Aragami and Aragami is really big.

Regardless of Fallen species and Deusphage species, the gap between small species, medium species and large species is quite enough.

For large species, like Vajra, Houri previously didn’t think he can injury it and it wasn’t something he can deal with. But now, he can confidently deal with one, it’s a bit of a problem if it is more than one.

For medium-sized species, even before comprehending Flash Sheath and Flash Step, Houri can suppress it and takes some time to kill it, and now more than ever has the ability to kill it instantly.

For the small species, he can basically kill it however he wants. Even Alisa, a novice God Eater has a way to solve 10 or 20 Ogretail, proving that the power of this category of Aragami is not very powerful.

At least, in Houri’s opinion, the small Aragami is at best a little more powerful than Kabane. Perhaps weaker than the Wazatori species in Kabane.

The real scary thing about Aragami is that there is no way to kill them except for God Arc, just like Kabane won’t die if they don’t get pierced through the heart.

In other words, as long as this aspect of the problem is solved, they are easy opponents.

This shows the difference between small, medium and large species.

So, it didn’t take long for Alisa to solve a group of Ogretail.

As for Houri, after finishing Chiyou, he went to the helicopter, took the touch screen panel Amemiya Rindo gave him, pulled out a wire and connected it to the helicopter’s cockpit.

Immediately, the touch panel began to automatically pop up a program, so that the helicopter’s cockpit began to flash signal light.

“How was it?” Alisa came into the helicopter and asked Houri, somewhat nervously. “Can this helicopter be used?”

“It’s still being tested,” Houri said, looking at the touch screen panel with the auto-jump program. “Fortunately, the first unit gave us this thing, otherwise, even if the helicopter is in front of us, there is nothing we can do.”

After all, Houri is not some military geek, flying a helicopter is not something he would ever be related to.

Although Alisa has a military rank, she is technically a soldier, but as a God Eater, Alisa is naturally trained in combat, so driving is not a problem, but flying a helicopter is impossible.

Luckily, Amemiya Rindo had anticipated this and gave Houri the touch screen panel.

Even if human beings in this era are not living very well, technology cannot be more backward than before.

Of course, the ultimate goal of technological progress is to achieve the convenience of human beings.

So, even if it can’t manually operate, it can still be operated with AI.

In this way, Houri only needs to connect the instrument to the helicopter’s console, and then leave everything else to the instrument.

Time passed little by little in such a situation.

After an unknown period of time, a green window peeked out from the touch screen panel in Houri’s hand.

Seeing this scene, Houri and Alisa were both stunned and then delighted.

“The test is complete, there is some wear and tear, but it is not faulty and is fully operational.” Houri read the information on the pop-up window, then looked at Alisa, and smiled. “Our luck has finally changed.”

Hearing this, Alisa also could not help but smile slightly, and then asked. “So, are we going back to the Russian branch now?”

“I think so.” Houri turned his head and looked out of the helicopter and said. “Although I want to finish with Heavenly Father again, I am still too weak now. Even if I can kill it, I will definitely have to pay a small price, so I’ll let it slide this time.”

“But I will return this debt sooner or later.” Houri turned his gaze to Alisa and asked softly. “What about you? Is it okay to just leave?”

Alisa lowered her head, and there was a slight struggle in her eyes.

After a long time, Alisa raised her head again, a strong will emerged in her azure eyes and then said.

“I also need time to make myself stronger, and when I am really strong, then I’ll let Heavenly Father return all the things it owes me.”

“Is that so?” Houri closed his eyes, but the corners of his mouth slowly lifted up.

Seeing that Alisa was able to admit her abilities so openly and didn’t look like she was losing her temper at the mention of Heavenly Father, Houri knew that Alisa must have opened her eyes to a lot of things.

“Then, we’re ready to go.” Houri tapped the screen of the touchscreen panel.

“Shift the driving to automatic mode, and set the destination for the Russian branch.”

In the next second, the helicopter that had fallen on the pile of rubble began to slowly start up, spinning its propellers and flying off into the sky.

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