Illimitable Until Death v2c137


Unknowingly, the pitch black, which has been showing a depressed state for the last few days, finally began to thunder and lightning, letting the dazzling lightning flash up and illuminate the whole sky from time to time.

Not far from the dark clouds below, a military helicopter turning propellers, with a not slow speed, flew over the place, and steadfastly headed in a direction.

In the helicopter, Alisa looked at the lightning and thunder in the sky and couldn’t help but asked with some concern. “Is it really okay to fly in this kind of weather?”

“Who knows?” Houri, who had been looking at the touch screen panel in his hands, replied in a careless tone. “I don’t think we’re so unlucky as to get hit by a thunderbolt at this time of year, are we?”

“It’s not surprising that something like that happened.” Alisa’s tone was still a little unsettled as she spoke to Houri. “Aren’t you worried at all?” “

“Of course I’m worried. If anything else happens, we won’t be able to go back to the Russian branch this time.” Houri said this, but still with a careless look said. “It’s just that even worrying is useless, I don’t want to stop again because of this kind of thing.”

Alisa opened her mouth, seems to want to say something else, but look at Houri that does not take her words to heart and with a leisurely look, her heart can not help but be somewhat angry.

This guy, is he really not afraid of death?

Not knowing that she had inadvertently guessed Houri’s nature, Alisa could only look out at the thunder in the sky again and secretly pray that no more accidents would occur.

But at this time, Houri suddenly said.

“Alisa, look down.”

Hearing this, Alisa was slightly stunned, subconsciously looked to the ground in the direction Houri pointed.

The next second, Alisa’s expression froze.




The extremely mixed and noisy howl began to linger, followed by lightning and thunder, echoing in the air.

In the distant earth, a dense and completely uncountable army of Aragami spread out there, like ants out of the nest, simultaneously marching in one direction.

There were small Aragami like Ogretail, medium Aragami like Kongou and Chiyou, and even large Aragami like Vajra.

Aragami of all kinds were swarming in one direction, forming a terrifying army, like a migrating herd, causing dust to fly under their feet.

That scene was simply spectacular.

“This…” Alisa couldn’t help but be a little shocked.

Although she had already known that this time the collective attack of Aragami was extraordinary, the number alone was extremely alarming, even the large Aragami was said to be in the thousands, extremely terrifying, but before, Alisa simply could not understand the extent of that so-called terrifying.

After all, Alisa was still a novice who could not even assess the strength of her opponent, and always thought that after she became a God Eater she would be able to crush the Aragami and avenge her parents, so how could she know how terrible her enemy really was?

Now, Alisa already knows that with her current strength, she can at most deal with medium-sized Aragami, but definitely not with large Aragami.

In such a situation, there are thousands of large Aragami and countless other kinds of Aragami in the endless Aragami army below.

Alisa finally realized how terrifying such an army really was.

It is not difficult to say that, with the terrifying army below, it is not difficult to level a Russian branch.

At least, no matter who saw this scene in front of them, they would think so.

Including Houri.

“If such an army is combined with a Deusphage species Aragami unless the Fenrir branches around the world and even the Fenrir headquarters are mobilized to fight collectively, there is absolutely no way for a single branch to resist, right?”

Houri looked down at the dense Aragami army and laughed coldly.

“In the face of such an enemy, the Russian branch did not hesitate to screw over the rescue of the Far East branch, and for this reason also cost important plans and the lives of many soldiers and God Eater, I hope that the so-called secret is worth it.”

Alisa was speechless.

As a member of the Russian branch of God Eater, Alisa really did not know what to say.

If it was before, then with Alisa’s personality, it would not matter to her at all what the higher-ups thought.

But now, Alisa is having doubts.

“What are the people above hiding?”

This is something that many people want to know.

But this matter, at present, is not yet the time to reveal.

However, there is one thing that is certain.

That is, this secret is definitely not simple.

Thinking of this, Alisa’s eyes began to flash with thoughtful emotions and a hint of hesitation emerged.

At that moment, Houri said again.

“We’re here.”

These words awakened Alisa, who was deep in thought.

Then, Alisa saw it.

In front of the dense Aragami army, a familiar base surrounded by defensive walls finally appeared.

But instead of joy, Alisa was shocked.

“Has the Aragami already attacked this close?”

At this rate, Aragami would soon be in full force before the Russian branch’s defensive wall.

“What about the battle?” Alisa’s tone took on a hint of uncertainty.

“Why is there not even a single unit in sight now, when a battle plan was already drawn up?”

Could it be that all the people sent out by the Russian branch had been wiped out?

While Alisa was thinking this, Houri was also muttering to himself.

“Looks like we don’t have much time left,” Houri said. “We need to get into Fenrir as soon as possible before Aragami attacks the Russian branch.”

With that, Houri tapped on the touch screen panel in his hand.

Immediately, the speed of the helicopter increased dramatically, and it flew towards the Russian branch at the fastest speed.

Neither Houri nor Alisa noticed.

At the end of the Aragami army, which was spread over almost the entire land, a huge figure slowly appeared, also walking in the direction of the Russian branch.

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