Illimitable Until Death v2c138

After an unknown period of time, the helicopter finally arrived at the defensive wall of the Russian branch.

Just as Houri was about to descend, Alisa actually said. “Drive straight in, don’t stop.”

“No.” Houri was slightly stunned, and then shook his head and said. “If I drive straight in like this, I’ll definitely be detected, and then, if I want to infiltrate again, I’ll have to beat the whole Russian branch first.”

If it was a soldier, then with Houri’s current ability, it would only be a matter of time before he could defeat them all.
But in the Russian branch, there is still a lot of God Eater.

Houri does not think he has the means to deal with so many God Eaters.

So this time, the return has to be carried out in an infiltrative way.

This is more convenient for Houri to move.

Alisa is naturally aware of this.

But Alisa said so anyway.

“Since we were able to find the helicopter by confirming its radio wave signal, it is possible that the Russian branch has also found the radio wave signal of this helicopter, even if you stop now, it will still arouse the suspicion of the Russian branch.”

Houri also knew about this matter.

However, it is better to arouse suspicion than to face the Russian branch’s army, right?

While Houri was thinking about this, Alisa glanced at Houri, and after hesitating for a while, seemed to have finally made up her mind.

“You can drive straight in.” Alisa looked at Houri steadily and said. “When the time comes, I will take charge of the appearance, you just hide.”

“What?” Houri was a little surprised.

“If it’s me, then it’s okay to go in directly, right?” Alisa looked at Houri’s surprised look and said with a little smile. “After all, I am a member of the Russian branch, so I have a legitimate reason to enter the base.”

In other words, Alisa was ready to cover Houri.

“You want to help me?” Houri asked, looking at Alisa. “Why? As a member of the Russian branch, you have no reason to help me, right?”

“But, as I said before, depending on what you do, I will choose whether to be your enemy or not.” Alisa met Houri’s gaze and said without a trace of fear or timidity. “And now, I think what you’re about to do might be able to save the Russian branch, so I want to help you.”

The reason for Aphrodite to lead Aragami’s army to come in a big way was in the Russian branch.

In order to hide this secret, the upper echelon of the Russian branch did so many dirty things behind the scenes that Alisa had to wonder whether the Russian branch had a way to get through this difficult time, or whether it simply had another plan.

If the upper echelons of the Russian branch had no intention of protecting the people in the base, and for their own purposes, thus leading to this serious situation, then Alisa could not sit back and watch.

“The reason why I became God Eater, is because once I was too weak to save anything.” Alisa’s expression was a bit gloomy, but she did not avoid Houri’s gaze and said.

“So, this time, I want to rely on my own strength to save everyone.”

When the words fell, the room suddenly went silent.

Houri looked straight at Alisa’s face and finally sighed out as if he had given up on something.

Seeing this, Alisa knew Houri’s decision.

Then, the helicopter flew directly into the Russian branch and swept in the direction of the main area.

In front of one of the parking pads of the main facility, the helicopter slowly descended from the sky with a strong wind and landed on the designated spot.

At the same time, a group of soldiers with machine guns came quickly to the helicopter.


With the opening of the cabin, Alisa came out of the helicopter.

When they saw Alisa, the captain breathed a sigh of relief, and then his face tightened up.

“Alisa Ilynichna Omela.” The captain said to Alisa with an extremely serious expression. “Why have you not come back until now?”

Hearing this, Alisa’s face did not carry any expression, as when she first met Houri, she looked at the captain with an indifferent attitude.

Alisa then said.

“Do the people above already know I’m back?”

“Yes.” The captain nodded, his expression still serious, and said. “The lieutenant is very angry about the fact that you disobeyed orders, Alisa Ilynichna Omela, I hope you are prepared to be punished.”

“The guys that were on the mission with me will put the blame on me anyway, right?” Alisa didn’t even look at the captain and whispered. “I will explain to the lieutenant myself later.”

After saying that, Alisa stopped paying attention to the groups of soldiers and walked in the direction of the main facility.

Seeing this, the captain was also helpless, and could only watch Alisa leave.


In front of the main facility, Alisa’s cold, unfeeling face disintegrated at once, and she gently breathed out a sigh of relief and looked around.

Almost at the same time, a figure appeared from the shadows and smiled at Alisa.

“As expected of a new type of Russian branch, even if you violate the order, you can still use that kind of attitude. If it were someone else, they would have been directly escorted away by the army?”

Alisa could not help but be startled, and then realized that the person who comes out of the shadow was Houri, she relaxed and asked. “Are you going to investigate now?”

“That’s right.” Houri nodded and said. “Do you have any good ideas?”

“I’ve heard that there is a room in the main facility that is dedicated to the terminal that manages all the intelligence and information within the Russian branch,” Alisa said immediately. “If you go there, you might be able to find the secret you’ve been trying to investigate.”

“Okay.” Houri pondered for a moment, and then made a decision.

“Let’s go there.”

“This is it.”

Alisa took Houri, came to an automatic door and said to Houri. “Although I haven’t been here before, I have permission to enter because of the new type of permission.”

Saying this, Alisa took out an ID card and swiped it in the notch in front of the door.

The next moment, the automatic door opened, revealing a room full of technology in front of Houri’s face.

Looking at the only large terminal in the room, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly.

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