Illimitable Until Death v2c141

Here is a dimly lit room.

The room is very vast, but there is not much light, only a precision instrument in action, so that the room has more or less some light source, and can hardly see the way.

And in such a dim room, there is a culture tank filled with liquid.

These culture tanks are all in action, the liquid inside was boiling.

However, these culture tanks have a test tube connected to the deepest part of the room, eventually leading to a huge culture tank connected to the ceiling and the floor, so that the liquid inside is gradually changing color.

Such a scene, more or less creepy.

Until a certain moment, the door of the dimly lit room moved abruptly.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

With a strike-like sound, the door suddenly burst out a white line, cut into countless pieces by a sharp weapon.


The next moment, the door suddenly exploded, drawing in the light from outside the door and illuminating the entire room.

Beep– Beep– Beep– Beep–!

In the room, the red alarm light began to work and rang, so that the whole room had red light flashing uncontrollably.

Immediately, a figure is from the door slowly walked in, came to this room, saw the situation here.

The visitor is naturally Houri.

Into this dim room, Houri looked around the culture tank filled with boiling liquid, could not help but murmur.

“It’s like an underground research institute.”

In fact, this is indeed an underground research institute.

At least, the research here is not visible, and there are indeed people in charge of it.

Houri just walked into the institute, passed the culture tanks, and went to the deepest part of the room.


Just then, a loud sound came from behind Houri.

It was a sound coming from the direction of the door.

Only, the door that was destroyed by Houri suddenly dropped another door and closed the room again.

Houri’s footsteps are paused slightly, and then it back to normal, calmly continue to walk forward, deep into the room.

Only when he came to the huge culture tank, Houri stopped in his tracks.

Then, Houri was staring at the culture tank that changed its color, completely speechless.

“So that’s it…” Houri clicked his tongue as if all his doubts had been cleared up.

“Is that why Aphrodite is so determined to attack the Russian branch?”

Inside the huge culture tank, there was a pair of arms.

A pair of white, smooth, like a woman’s jade hand as soft and tender arms.

Looking at this pair of arms, Houri recalled the characteristics of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite, also known as Venus, the Greek goddess statue, is the famous broken-armed beauty.

The Deusphage species Aragami, which bears this name, also has no arms.

Houri always thought that the Aphrodite had no arms from the beginning.

However, Houri was wrong.

Not only is Houri wrong, but everyone in the world who knows about the existence of Aphrodite is wrong.

“Aphrodite doesn’t have an arm at all, its arm is right here.”

That’s why, in order to retrieve its arm, the Aphrodite has gone out of its way to attack in a big way.

“I should have thought of that.”

One must know, Aphrodite’s ability is to release strange hormones that attract Aragami and manipulate them.

On the day Houri was framed, the modified Aragami mines in his possession were infused with some kind of hormone that could attract Aragami.

That hormone, where it came from, was clear as day.

“This pair of arms is the culprit of everything.”

Houri’s statement was immediately met with a voice of dissent.

“How can you say that? It is innocent?”

Such a voice appeared in the room extremely unexpected, clearly into the ears of Houri.

However, Houri is not even a little surprised, just looking at the huge culture tank, and spoke out indifferently.

“Since you’re already here, don’t hide anymore.”

Once his words fell, the voice echoed like a faint smile.

“I’m not hiding, you also said, I’m here from the beginning.”

With these words, a man in military uniform gradually came out of the shadows next to the huge culture tank and came to the front of the culture tank, facing Houri.

The person who came was none other than the lieutenant.

“I thought it was the first unit that had infiltrated, but I didn’t expect it to be you, this insolent soldier.” The lieutenant sneered and said. “You have a good life, you survived, I think Alisa Ilynichna Omela saved you, right?”

“You can think so if you want,” Houri replied to the lieutenant’s question with a tone of indifference, and then also asked with a faint smile. “Should I call you the lieutenant? Or should I call you Rollingleth-san?”

Hearing this, the lieutenant named Rollingleth smiled carelessly.

“It seems that at the terminal, you already know a lot of information, so call me whatever you like.”

Saying this, Rollingleth spread his hands to Houri, as if he was showing off something, and asked this.

“How’s that? Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Rollingleth was referring to the arms that were immersed in the culture tank.

“It’s been 10 years, but it’s remained the same as it is now. I’ve tried my best to take care of it, but it doesn’t seem to need much work.”

Rollingleth’s tone is full of pride.

“Those who know of its existence like to call it by the code name ‘Alpha’, but I prefer to call it by another name, Eros.”

“It’s obviously a part of Aphrodite’s body, but it’s given another name, and it’s the name of Eros, the son of Aphrodite.” Houri pursed his lips and said. “Don’t you think that’s superfluous?”

“Superfluous?” Rollingleth burst out laughing.

However, in Rollingleth’s eyes, there was no hint of laughter, there was only endless anger.

That look is like a fanatic who has been spoiled of his faith.

“You don’t understand anything at all.”

With such a statement, Rollingleth’s hand was gripping a gun and pointed in Houri’s direction.

The atmosphere became tense all of a sudden.

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