Illimitable Until Death v2c142

Looking at Rollingleth with a gun, aiming at himself, with a smile on his face, but with anger in his eyes, Houri narrowed his eyes slightly.

As if turning a blind eye to Rollingleth’s threat, Houri not only did not restrain his tone but also sarcastically said. “As expected of an expert who used to be attached to a research team, even with a military rank, he is still essentially a scientist, his own research results can’t stand to be talked about so much by others, no wonder you can’t resist getting rid of us all in order to keep the secret.”

“That’s why I said, you don’t know anything.” Rollingleth sneered. “Long after it was separated from the Aphrodite, Eros ceased to be part of the Aphrodite and existed separately, the proof being that even without the core, it still existed and did not disintegrate into Oracle cell and evaporate.”

It is no secret that in the absence of a core, the Oracle cells made up of Aragami will evaporate after a period of time.

Although the rate of dissipation varies depending on the individual, it can be considered an individual that still exists after a full 10 years.

“Only, this individual has no consciousness, no thought, at best a semi-living organism.” Houri looked directly at Rollingleth and said. “But that’s a good thing for you, isn’t it?”

By now, Houri had figured out what Rollingleth’s research on Eros was all about.

Because of the hormones.

“Since it was once part of Aphrodite, it’s only natural that the ‘alpha’ would be able to emit the same hormones that attract Aragami and manipulate them, the same hormones that were injected into the Aragami mine you used to trap me.”

However, Eros is only a pair of severed arms, it has no consciousness and cannot think, so it cannot emit hormones on its own, and it cannot manipulate Aragami purposefully.

“That’s why you started your research after you got the ‘alpha’, looking for ways to use the ‘alpha’ to control the ‘alpha’ to manipulate Aragami autonomously and thus achieve your own goals.”

The Eros Project report mentions this sentence.

“In order to make ‘alpha’ a complete means for humans to conquer Aragami, the Russian branch set up a research team, headed by Rollingleth Ainz Dolos, to carry out research, debugging and control of ‘alpha’.”

This statement then already tells others what kind of role the so-called ‘alpha’ actually has.

If Rollingleth really succeeded in researching the method of controlling ‘α’, then, with the ability of ‘α’ and Aphrodite, humans could achieve the purpose of conquering Aragami.

“Therefore, the ultimate goal of the Eros project is to return humans to supremacy over all things and restore the peace of the past, not to completely solve the threat of Aragami.”

If Aragami, which led to the collapse of half of human civilization, had become human’s pet, wouldn’t that have confirmed the phrase ‘above all things’?

“I must say, you scientists are really crazy, you can think of anything.” Houri glanced at Rollingleth and lost his smile. “However, I can kind of understand why you would take so much risk to get rid of us.”

The failed mission to plant mines?

The failed mission to defeat Aphrodite?

The failed mission that led to the complete invasion of the Russian branch by Aragami’s army and the destruction of the Russian branch?

Rollingleth simply does not worry about these.

Because, as long as the ‘alpha’ can be used freely, then the Russian branch will be able to control the Aragami army in turn, and this time the threat will be silently dismantled.

Because of this, Rollingleth did not worry about the Aragami threat at all and instead targeted Houri’s group at every turn.

For Rollingleth, Aragami was not the threat, but the so-called support from the Far East branch was the threat.

For this reason, Rollingleth did not hesitate to sacrifice combat missions, removing the threat of the Far East branch when the Aragami army was attacking. They didn’t even send out a God Eater and let the Aragami attack.

“It’s just that even if you can manipulate Aragami’s army through ‘alpha’, can you use it to manipulate Aphrodite?” Houri said without mercy. “As a part of the former Aphrodite and an Aragami with the same ability, that pair of broken arms can’t control the Aphrodite at all, right?”

Not to mention Aphrodite, is the same as the Aphrodite Deusphage species of Aragami, Eros probably can’t be controlled.

Otherwise, Aphrodite would not be one of the most fearsome Aragami on earth, but the most fearsome Aragami on earth.

“There is no way for a son to manipulate his mother.” Houri shrugged, looked at Rollingleth’s gaze became intriguing, said. “So it’s a pipe dream to try to manipulate Aragami to bring humans back to the top of the food chain on Earth.”

As long as the Deusphage species of Aragami still exist, the crisis of humans is not lifted.

After all, if all the Deusphage species Aragami started to wreak havoc, humans would be destroyed ten times with these Aragamis alone.

Since Eros has no way to manipulate Deusphage species Aragami, ultimately, this plan is just unrealistic.

This is what Houri is trying to say.

However, Rollingleth once again laughed.

This time, Rollingleth’s laugh is not from anger, there is only contempt and sneer.

“You’re a soldier, don’t you know that if you want to end a war, only one side wins?”

Rollingleth’s expression became a little darker and said with a smile. “Indeed, perhaps with Eros’s ability, we cannot control the Aragami of Deusphage species, but as long as we can control an endless number of Aragami, we can use the Aragami as an army to defeat those Deusphage species, and I believe that in front of a continuous flow of Aragami army, even iDeusphage species of Aragami can be destroyed.”

“So, you are planning to manipulate the Aragami army outside and use them to deal with the Aphrodite?” Houri as a matter of course said. “But the Aphrodite also has the same ability, with only that pair of broken arms, you think you can successfully wrest control from that Deusphage species Aragami?”

“That’s something I need to consider, not you.” The smile on Rollingleth’s face disappeared.

“All you have to do is die here.”

With that, Rollingleth pulled the trigger.

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