Illimitable Until Death v2c143


The loud gunshots echoed throughout the dimly lit institute, causing muzzle fire to illuminate the darkness, dazzling and blinding like fireworks.

The bullet that broke the sound barrier cut through space and shot straight ahead.

But before that, Houri had already disappeared in the same place.


The bullets that shot out landed on the ground, rubbing against the metal floor and causing a spark.

“Wha…?!” Rollingleth exclaimed.

At the same time, a figure swept through the dark space and appeared in front of Rollingleth without him even noticing.

“You know what? You’ve made the biggest mistake of all.”

With such a voice, the crescent moon-like dagger suddenly flashed, crossed Rollingleth’s hand.


With the crisp tearing sound of flesh being cut open by a sharp instrument, Rollingleth’s gun-wielding hand appeared in blood, starting from the wrist, and was cut off.


The bloody palm of hand kept its grip on the gun and fell to the ground.


Rollingleth clutched his broken wrist and let out a scream.

But when just issue a scream, a foot kicked out heavily and landed on Rollingleth’s chest.


With a muffled hit sound, Rollingleth was kicked and fiercely crashed into the huge culture tank, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

“You…” Rollingleth raised his head with difficulty and looked ahead with fearful eyes.

Houri pursed his lips, slowly walked under Rollingleth’s fearful gaze.

“You always thought I was just an ordinary soldier, so you didn’t put me in your sights at all.”

Houri carried the dagger that was dripping with blood, like a satsujinki that had committed a murder, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted up.

“It’s just a pity that this kind of thinking of yours is what led you to this present end.”

If the invasion to this place is Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya or Soma and other God Eater with strong combat power, then Rollingleth certainly will not think that just holding a gun can deal with the other party, and may not even appear, and directly lay a trap, so that the intruder to their own destruction.

Rollingleth has always been meticulous thinking and unscrupulous, he is definitely able to do such things.

However, Rollingleth misjudged Houri’s ability.

“I’m not God Eater, but I’m not a trivial soldier in your eyes. At least, it’s easier than you think to take care of a research expert who was just a handful two years ago.”

Houri came to Rollingleth’s front, looking at him from a high position, with an indifferent voice.

“So, take your regrets and go to hell.”

Saying this, Houri lifted the sharp dagger in his hand and pointed the tip at Rollingleth.

“Wa-wait!” Rollingleth shouted. “You can’t kill me, no one but me knows how to control Eros, if you kill me, the Russian branch will be trampled to the ground by Aragami!”

In a life-and-death situation, Rollingleth took the whole Russian branch as a hostage.

“It’s not just the Russian branch, the way to control Eros is even more important to human’s future fate, if you kill me, then humans will never be free from the threat of Aragami!” Rollingleth yelled. “You have to think carefully not to become a sinner of all humans!”

“Sinner?” Houri paused in his hand and sneered. “Do you really think I’m going to think that your research on Eros is for the sake of all humanity?”

Under Houri’s sarcastic eyes, Rollingleth felt that his heart was being read, and he was panicking.

But Rollingleth kept his mouth shut. “Is it wrong for me to study Eros in order to conquer Aragami and free human beings from the threat of Aragami?”

“That’s true,” Houri said lightly. “But if you really want to do it for the sake of all human beings, why don’t you give Eros to Fenrir’s headquarters and leave it in the Russian branch for secret research? If you had gathered all the experts of Fenrir, it wouldn’t have taken you 10 years to find out how to control Eros, would it?”

“This…” Rollingleth suddenly panicked.

Looking at Rollingleth like this, the sarcasm in Houri’s eyes became stronger and stronger.

“From the time you went out of your way to trap us in order to conceal the existence of Eros, you have already revealed your purpose.”

“Let me tell you that you are researching Eros, not for the sake of the whole human, but for your own sake.”

“If you can secretly research the means to control Eros, and then use it to manipulate the Aragami all over the world, then, with this power that is enough to threaten the whole human, you can logically obtain many things that others can only dream of.”

“Power, wealth, women, as long as you can become the master of human life and death of existence, then these things, you can get at any time.”

“Therefore, from the moment you got Eros, you have already developed greed, and in order to achieve your own purpose, you tried to become an expert in the study of Eros, and smoothly grasp the key that allows you to get glory and wealth in your hands.”

“I am afraid that in order to conceal the existence of Eros from the headquarters and conduct secret research, you also incited the branch manager of the Russian branch to understand what mastering Eros really represents so that the branch manager became greedy with you and became complicit with you.”

“It is because of this that you need to eradicate those of us who are trying to get close to the threat of Eros, otherwise, once exposed, Eros will be expropriated by the headquarters, and there will be no more things for you, and your big dreams will be completely in vain.”

“Am I right?”

Along with Houri’s words, Rollingleth’s heart trembled again and again, and finally, even his face became ugly.

Obviously, Houri was right on all counts.

“Well? Nothing more to say?” Houri laughed out loud. “You know what? I hate hypocrites like you!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a cold blade light shot up and slashed across Rollingleth’s neck.


In the splitting sound, blood spilled to the earth.

Rollingleth opened his eyes wide and looked at Houri with a face of disbelief, then his pupils were lax and he slowly fell down.

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