Illimitable Until Death v2c144

The pool of blood expanded beneath Rollingleth, who was gradually turning into a cold corpse, slowly staining the ground.

Looking at Rollingleth who die with eyes wide open, the indifference on Houri’s face began to disappear, turning to calm.

No matter how annoying Rollingleth was in life, once he died, there was no reason to gain Houri’s attention anymore.

For Houri, the being in front of him was no longer Rollingleth, but simply a corpse.

“You owe me a debt, and I’m paying you back.”

The feud that Rollingleth had set up was completely over here.

“Only, this is just as big a problem.”

Saying this, Houri raised his head and looked at the white broken arm that was soaked in the liquid.

Rollingleth was right about one thing.

That is, once Houri killed the only person who could control Eros, the Aragami army outside the Russian branch would really have no chance of collapsing.

Next, the Russian branch will have an unprecedented disaster.

This catastrophe is even greater than the Russian branch’s crusade against Aphrodite ten years ago, which inadvertently obtained Aphrodite’s arm, the code-named ‘Alpha’ Eros, and thus caused a great sacrifice.

Fortunately, now is not without a chance of redemption.

As long as Eros was taken out of the Russian branch, then Aphrodite would surely shift its target and pursue the direction of its own broken arm.

“Since Aphrodite knows that Eros is in the Russian branch, it proves that it can sense the presence of its own broken arm.”

After all, Eros, more than Aphrodite, possesses a hormone that can attract Aragami, and as the actual holder of this hormone, it is not surprising that Aphrodite can follow the scent or sense of its own hormone to find it.

“I’m afraid that the reason why it never landed in Russia in the previous ten years and attacked directly was simply that the distance was too far and the pair of arms were able to release too few hormones?”

But after a decade, Aphrodite finally found its broken arm.

What does that prove?

That Eros was able to release more hormones.

“In order to control a large number of Aragami, Rollingleth must have found a way to increase the number of hormones released in Eros’ body, making Eros release an unprecedented amount of hormones, which caused Aphrodite to finally detect the presence of Eros and start landing in Russia to attack the Russian branch.”

This is also the reason why Rollingleth is confident to fight for the control of Aragami with a pair of broken arms and Aphrodite itself.

As long as the amount of hormones is increased, the control will definitely end up on the side that releases more hormones.

“Now that the method of controlling Eros has been completely sunk, all we can do is to move the bomb to another place.”

With this in mind, Houri went in the direction of the white arm that was immersed in the liquid.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.


The white arm immersed in the liquid trembled, causing bubbles to emerge from the pores of the arm, making a strange watery sound.

Houri’s footsteps stopped beneath him, and a pair of eyes slowly stared ahead.


The white arm immersed in the liquid tremble once again.

Gulu Gulu Gulu…

Not long after, the pair of arms is like a convulsion and wriggling, so that a large number of bubbles began to rise in the culture tank.

Watching this scene with his own eyes, Houri’s heart flashed with a hint of foreboding.

The next moment, Houri’s hunch was fulfilled.


With the sound of an explosion, the dim room, one of the many small culture tanks connected to the huge culture tank suddenly burst open, so that the liquid inside like water blooms.

However, the blooming liquid did not spill to the ground, but suddenly stalled in mid-air, and then gathered together, actually formed a beast-like silhouette, and gradually solidified.

The next moment, a small Ogretail Aragami appeared there, landed on the location of the exploded culture tank, raised a pair of eyes full of hostility, and gazed in the direction of Houri.

“What?” Houri couldn’t help but be shocked.

It was only then that Houri finally understood.

Those culture tanks were not filled with some medicine, but with Oracle cells.

Bang Bang Bang–!

The explosions rang out, causing each culture tank to explode one after another, bringing out Aragami.

Among them, there were small Aragami like Ogretail, medium Aragami like Kongou, and even a large Aragami like Vajra.

The many Aragami took shape at this moment, like beasts breaking free from their cages and roaring to the sky.


The loud growl sound turned into a sound wave and shook the whole research room.

Looking at the Aragami, Houri could not help but speak out.


How did the Oracle cells in the culture tanks turn into Aragami?

It’s true that Aragami is an aggregation of Oracle cells, but the Oracle cells that were put into the research were subjected to some kind of debugging, so they shouldn’t have gathered to become Aragami.

“Don’t tell me…”

Houri suddenly turned his head and looked at the broken arm in the huge culture tank behind him.

Gulu Gulu Gulu–!

The white severed arm has been twitching and writhing, filling the culture tank with bubbles, causing the liquid inside the culture tank to boil and heat up like lava.

That abnormal movement is definitely the culprit of the transformation of the Oracle cell in the Institute into Aragami.

“How could this happen?”

Houri did not know that, in order to achieve his goal, Rollingleth spent a whole decade, not only to increase the release of hormones of Eros to the maximum but also developed a chip that can connect to Eros, through Eros to absorb hormones, manipulated Aragami to transmit action instructions.

It was with this chip that Rollingleth was able to use Eros to manipulate the Aragami army.

That chip was implanted in Rollingleth’s head.

Now, Houri killed Rollingleth, causing the chip to send Eros’ action instructions to be completely misplaced.

In other words, Eros went berserk.

As a result, under the misdirected instructions, Eros caused the surrounding Oracle cells to transform directly into Aragami and sent Aragami into a rampage as well.


In the next instant, the rioting Aragami shattered the floor and charged at Houri.

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