Illimitable Until Death v2c147

Bang Bang—!

The cluttered and uncontrollable sound of gunfire resounded unceasingly over the corridor, making the fires as the bullets erupted keep appearing in an unusually dazzling manner.

“Fire! Fire! Fire!”

Under the command of a more or less hysterical captain, the soldiers who were arranged in a welcoming formation all frantically pulled the triggers of the machine guns in their hands, making the bullets turn into an impermeable curtain of bullets that filled the entire corridor with almost no gaps.

Want to advance from such a rain of bullets, is almost impossible without a tank.

Unfortunately, in the face of such a dense rain of bullets, Aragami howled, it can not charge forward for a while, but it also did not suffer any damage.

The bullets could not stop the Aragami.

Although the bullets fired by the soldiers were made up of the Bias factor to deal with the Aragami, the Bias factor was only an object that the Aragami did not want to prey on, not a weapon that could kill the Aragami.

Therefore, the soldiers of the Russian branch could only block Aragami’s footsteps, but could not kill the Aragami.

If this situation continues, when the soldiers run out of ammunition, it will be the end of them.

Because they knew this clearly, each soldier’s expression was with a hint of madness and anxiety.

Especially the captain who led the team was full of cold sweat and kept shouting.

“Why hasn’t God Eater been sent over yet?!”

In fact, this statement was more or less incorrect.

In fact, there was a God Eater who was fighting with the group of Aragami.


The crimson sword-type God Arc ferociously cut off the head of an Ogretail Aragami, causing the blood, which was an even darker red than the color of the God Arc itself, to spill onto the ground.

Alisa was holding her God Arc, looking at the Aragami that were surrounding her, more or less gasping for breath, and her azure eyes were filled with anxiety.

“Why? Why is there an Aragami in the branch?”

In order to cover Houri, Alisa stayed behind and confronted a group of soldiers who were alerted to the situation.

Alisa didn’t want to hurt the Russian branch and wanted to stall for time so that Houri could complete his mission, so she just kept on confronting the soldiers and didn’t take any other action.

However, it was clear that the soldiers were not going to let Alisa stall for time, and when they saw that Alisa had no intention of giving an explanation or surrendering, they simply raised their guns.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Alisa was an extremely valuable new type in the Russian branch, the two sides would have gone to war.

But at this time, along with a growling sound, a group of Aragami suddenly rushed out.

So, things turned out to be the way they are now.

No one knows why a group of Aragami suddenly appeared in the main facility of the Russian branch.

However, there is no doubt that these Aragami are now threatening the safety of the entire Russian branch.

In response, all Alisa could do was to fight.

As for the question, Alisa didn’t get a full answer, but she guessed it.

“Could it be that these Aragami are related to lieutenant Rollingleth?”

Alisa’s face was clouded with uncertainty.

And at this time, something even worse happened.


At the edge of the Russian branch, the armored wall defending Aragami’s approach suddenly exploded violently in one corner, sending up a thick cloud of fire and smoke.

Alisa’s heart tightened, suddenly turned her head and looked at the source of the sound, followed by a dramatic change of face.




In the horrible growl sound that resounded over the entire Russian branch, behind the armored wall, amidst the dense fire and smoke, a large number of Aragami, like ants from an ant nest, rushed into the Russian branch as if they were galloping beasts.

Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang–!

The next second, around the Russian branch, one corner of the armored wall exploded one after another, letting a group of Aragami swarming into the Russian branch.

The distance between the main facility in the center of the Russian branch and the outermost armored wall was unusually long.

However, Alisa could see the swarm of ants coming in through one of the exploded gaps in the armor wall on all sides, gradually approaching the residential area.

That scene, in the eyes of anyone who knew, was an absolute living hell.

At the same time, unprecedented alarms began to sound throughout the Russian branch.

“The first defensive wall has been breached! The first defense wall has been breached!”

“Second defense wall has been breached! The second defense wall has been breached!”

“Third, fourth, and fifth defensive walls have been breached! Has been breached!”

“Crisis alert is Tier 1! The crisis alert is at the highest level! God Arc users of all units, attack as soon as possible! Attack as soon as possible!”

Listening to the ear-splitting alarm, and looking at the massive influx of Aragami troops into the Russian branch in the distance, not only Alisa but also the soldiers stopped firing and stayed frozen in place, unable to react anymore.

At this moment, everyone understood one thing.

The unprecedented Aragami army had broken through the walls of the Russian branch and entered the Russian branch.

The Russian branch, called Fenrir, was about to fall.

“Is this a nightmare?”

These words came out from the mouth of a soldier.

However, it spoke the voice in their heart.

Even Alisa clutched the God Arc in her hand and felt a pang of despair.

In such a situation, Alisa did not find.

At the end of the corridor, a silent figure swept in.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

With the sound of a crisp, sharp cut, a large amount of blood splattered, Aragami’s howl also stopped.

Alisa now reacted, withdrew her gaze and looked around again.

In Alisa’s eyes, the Aragami that were wreaking havoc a second ago had fallen to the ground.

The person standing at the center of the Aragami’s corpses was carrying a dagger as bright as the moonlight and appeared on the scene without a sound.

Who else could it be but Houri?

Alisa was surprised and delighted to see Houri appear.

However, Houri did not greet Alisa, but turned his head and looked into the distance through the reinforced glass that served as a wall, and said with a low voice.

“It’s coming?”

In the corner of that tall armored wall, a huge figure slowly appeared.

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