Illimitable Until Death v2c148

“It’s coming?”

When Houri’s words echoed in the corridor and reached Alisa’s ears, an extremely heavy pressure suddenly filled every corner of the Russian branch.

At this moment, the Russian branch, which was in complete chaos, whether it was God Eater who was fighting against Aragami or soldiers, researchers or even senior officials, all stiffened their necks and slowly looked in one direction.

There, behind the tall armored wall of the Russian branch, a huge figure slowly appeared.

The whole body showed a clean white color.

The upper body was a beautiful shoujo, and the lower body was a blooming lotus.

It has no arms.

It has very pretty features.

A strip of the green vine in its lotus-like lower body extended out, fluttering up and down as if a strip of tentacles.

Looking at the huge figure that combines beauty and weirdness slowly appeared and entered their field of vision, in this one moment, the heartbeat of all the people in the Russian branch stopped and their breathing was also abruptly stagnant.

An overwhelming sense of presence emerged from the other party’s body as if it had turned into a substantial pressure, enveloping the entire Russian branch, causing the Aragami that rushed into the Russian branch to stop moving, as if offering submission, lowered their head.


The sound of a shoujo crying turned into a wave of sound, shaking the air like an invisible shockwave, scraping through every building in the Russian branch.

The mere sound of the cry was like a violent wind and wave.

That is one of the most terrifying Aragami on the planet, ranked in the category of Deusphage species.


With a horrifying cry, a tentacle-like vine was raised high around Aphrodite’s body.


With a muffled explosion, the huge vine fell from the sky and landed heavily on the incredibly strong defensive wall, shattering the defensive wall in front of Aphrodite directly.

The gravel rubble in the sky was mixed with the blast of wind, like a sandstorm, instantly flooded the surrounding area.

Aphrodite invaded the Russian branch with ease, moving slowly while sending the vines into the surroundings like a violent wind storm.

Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang–!

With a deafening roar, buildings were smashed and instantly reduced to rubble and ruins by a thick vine wherever Aphrodite passed.

With the advance of that violent incarnation, the Aragami that poured into the Russian branch also followed, rushing in all directions.

“Ah… Ah…”

In the corridor, all the soldiers were trembling, and some of them couldn’t even hold the machine guns in their hands, making them fall to the ground one after another with a crisp sound.

The emotion of despair turned into the thickest fear, filling the heart of every person.

Even Alisa’s face also became pale, her body shaking.

In the Russian branch, at this moment, everyone’s performance should be the same.

“Tsk!” Houri clicked his tongue, pressed the ear communicator, said a little eagerly. “Hibari, is it still not ready?”

Hibari’s voice immediately rang out from the communicator.

“Not even close!” Hibari seemed to know that something bad was happening at the moment, and her voice was equally anxious, she said back. “The activation of the ejection device requires Rollingleth captain’s fingerprint authentication and also a password, which I am now deciphering!”

“Anyway, the dead captain’s body is on your side, the fingerprints can be easily obtained, you focus on cracking the code!” Houri stared closely at the slowly approaching Aphrodite, and his voice seemed gruff as he said. If we don’t hurry up, things will get messy!”

“Understood!” Hibari replied, while seemingly doing her best to crack the code.

But after a while, Hibari made a surprised sound.

“Thi-this is…”

When he heard Hibari’s surprised voice, Houri asked. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“No! It’s nothing bad!” Hibari said with surprise. “The radar here has just confirmed all the God Eater’s bracelet signals in the Russian branch, and right now, there is a group of signals coming in extremely fast that are specific to our God Eater in the Far East branch!”

“Our Far East branch?” Houri was immediately stunned.

At this time, Alisa seemed to find something, pointing in a direction, with a surprise said. “Look over there!”

Houri immediately looked in the direction Alisa was pointing.

The next second, Houri finally saw it.

Behind the Aphrodite, which was ravaging the buildings around the Russian branch, a helicopter came flying in at high speed.

The door to the helicopter’s cabin was opened.

Inside the cabin, three figures stepped out and followed the helicopter to the sky above the Aphrodite.

Because of the distance, Houri could only barely see the outline of the three figures.

But Houri already knew who those three people were.

Next to him, Alisa muttered the identity of the visitors.

“Fenrir Far East Branch First Aragami Crusade Force…”

It was Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma.

Immediately, the three God Eaters of the First Unit of the Fenrir Far East Branch leaped down from the helicopter.


While shouting, Amemiya Rindo and Soma raised their sword-shaped God Arcs high in the air and charged at Aphrodite below.

Tachibana Sakuya also set up her gun-type God Arc and began to shoot.

At this moment, the system prompt also sounded from Houri’s mind.

“No. 11273 triggered A Rank Side Mission: Defeat Deusphage species.”
“Mission content: Join forces with God Eater of the Far East and Russian branches to defeat Aphrodite.”
“Mission reward: 10 free APs.”

Houri’s heart shook, followed by a strong burning sensation.


With a shattering sound, Houri crashed through the glass and jumped out.

“Wai…?!” Alisa had only just reacted when Houri’s figure disappeared into the street below.

Seeing this, Alisa’s eyes couldn’t stop changing, and finally, looking at the Aphrodite that was rampaging madly, a determined look appeared in her eyes and she jumped as well.

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