Illimitable Until Death v2c149


With an ear-piercing cry, Aphrodite’s vines frantically flung, like an extremely thick whip, pumped in all directions.


The building struck by the heavy whip seemed like a balloon that had been squeezed and suddenly exploded.


The thick vine also landed heavily on the ground and burst the ground directly, instantly creating a pothole like a meteorite pit.
Under such a terrible attack, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma jumped incessantly, avoiding the attack of a huge vine, as in a huge meat grinder shuttle, extremely dangerous.

“It’s still as scary as last time!”

“It’s so annoying!”

Amemiya Rindo and Soma jumped while clutching the God Arc in their hands, and at a certain moment, they dashed forward in a tacit agreement, charging in the direction of Aphrodite.

Seeing this, Aphrodite raised a vine high and threw it down heavily at Amemiya Rindo and Soma, who was rushing forward.


The heavy vine made the atmosphere around it completely disturbed, turning into a turbulent flow, like a whirlwind.

The way it looked, once being hit with it, not to mention a person, even a tank would be smashed into pieces in a flash.

However, in the face of this terrible blow, Amemiya Rindo and Soma seemed to see nothing but just keep on charging forward.

Behind them, Tachibana Sakuya had already raised the sniper rifle in her hand and aimed it at Aphrodite’s head.


With the loud sound of the gunshot, a bullet, like a cannonball, cut through the air and shot at Aphrodite’s face.

In response, Aphrodite just raised another vine and blocked in front of itself.

In the next moment, the bullet that came through the air landed on the vine.

However, the bullet that landed on the vine did not explode, but instead, it was like a flash bullet that suddenly exploded into a blinding light.


All of a sudden, Aphrodite’s vision was occupied by a blinding white light that made it close its eyes, and the vine that was wreaking havoc was reflexively stalled.

Including the vine that was drawn towards Amemiya Rindo and Soma.

“Yes!” Amemiya Rindo said loudly. “Now is the time! Soma!”

“No need for you to say that!” Soma stared dead in the direction of Aphrodite, and the next thing one knew, the jagged sword in his hand was raised high above his head and pulled behind his back.

In the next second, a sudden vision appeared.


In the next second, there was a sudden vision, a purple light gathered on the ferocious blade of Soma’s God Arc with a humming sound of air.

In the first unit of the Far East branch, if Amemiya Rindo, the captain is the strongest, then Soma is the second best after Amemiya Rindo.

Soma is only 17 years old and became a God Eater five years ago.

That is to say, at the age of twelve, Soma had already become a God Eater.

Since then, Soma has been fighting against Aragami on the front line and has been far more successful in the crusade than anyone else of his age, making him a standout among his peers.

In terms of fighting ability alone, Soma has even been above the other troop leaders of the Far East branch, if not for his reticence, difficult to teach others, and even several times violated military orders, acting alone, Soma would have become the captain of other troops.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a veritable genius.

In addition, Soma also has great skills.

Because the compatibility rate with God Arc is so high that Soma can activate his God Arc and unleash a very powerful attack by way of power storage.

At this moment, Soma is using this stunt.

“The last revenge, I’m giving it back all at once!”

At the end of his sentence, Soma suddenly swung down the God Arc in his hand.

The stream of light gathered on Soma God Arc blade instantly turned into a purple torrent, as if the shock wave visible to the naked eye was concentrated in one direction and released, cutting through the ground, steaming through the atmosphere, like a thick wave, suddenly blasted in the direction of Aphrodite.


With the sound of an explosion as if a missile had hit, the purple torrent fell ferociously on Aphrodite’s body and exploded, raising a strong fire and strong wind, as if a bomb had exploded on Aphrodite’s body and shook.


Aphrodite let out a painful cry at once.

At this moment, Amemiya Rindo also rushed to Aphrodite’s front and raised the God Arc in his hand.

Although he did not have the same skill as Soma, Amemiya Rindo’s God Arc itself was extraordinary. Under his control, the blade was activated like a chainsaw, emitting an ear-piercing sound, and the serrated blade began to turn.

“Taste this!”

With that, Amemiya Rindo swung the chainsaw-like God Arc at the Aphrodite in front of him.


The tearing sound of flesh resounded.

Dark red blood splattered.

Amemiya Rindo’s strike cut a ferocious gash in the lower half of Aphrodite’s lotus directly.

The ferocious wound, like a faucet that was opened, spurted blood wildly.

Aphrodite that with a little pain growl sound abruptly stopped.

In its place is a pair of beautiful eyes, the berserk emotions began to emerge.

Amemiya Rindo laughed in the face of the hostility-filled eyes of the fierce beast.

Then, Amemiya Rindo was saying this as a matter of course.

“Don’t be angry, some people here have not yet arrived, you will die if you don’t pay attention.”

With these words, Aphrodite’s beautiful eyes opened slightly and suddenly turned her head to look above her.

There, a figure descended from the sky.

The ice blue mystic eyes appeared.

Moonlight-like dagger lights up.

Houri looked down at the Aphrodite, who had turned her head to look at himself, and his death perception mystic eyes shone with an icy glow.


The bright blade light suddenly burst into bloom.

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