Illimitable Until Death v2c150

In fact, the damage that the first units did to Aphrodite was not even on Aphrodite’s radar.

Tachibana Sakuya’s shot was just a flash bullet for cover.

Soma’s attack, although very powerful, against the large Aragami is estimated to need only one hit, but for Aphrodite is only a little pain, not penetrate the skin of Aphrodite.

Amemiya Rindo’s attack was effective, but the wound seemed exaggerated, in fact, with the huge size of Aphrodite, the damage of not even two meters is almost equivalent to the extent of a human’s finger being cut.

Therefore, Aphrodite did not care about the attacks of Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma.

But in this moment, Aphrodite’s instincts were desperately crying out in grief.

The blade light that fell from the sky was not terrifying in itself, but Aphrodite’s instincts told it that if it was hit, it would not end up well, even if it did not die on the spot.


At that moment, Aphrodite let out the most an ear-piercing scream so far, almost without thinking, directly abandoned the attention of Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma, and focused all the spirit on Houri’s body.


In the next moment, the thick vine rose up, with a wind-like whistling sound, fiercely pumped upwards in the direction of Houri.

The force was even more fierce than the previous attack, using the full force of Aphrodite.

In such a situation, the vine has not yet drawn to Houri’s front, the strong wind it has raised has blown to Houri’s body so that Houri’s body from the sky paused slightly, suddenly slowed down.

Then, the vine with a terrifying power to Houri’s body, to meet Houri a second before the speedy swing out of the blade light.

Looking at the incoming vine, Houri knew that his killing strike would not be able to land on Aphrodite’s body.

So, Houri turned his ice blue mystic eyes to the vine that came at great speed, and in a flash, he saw a cracked dead line on it.

Then, the dagger in his hand, without losing momentum, suddenly slashed.


The dagger, which was extremely small compared to the vine, easily penetrated the inside of the vine, pierced the skin on it, and cut through it at an amazing speed along a crack-like line that only Houri could see, cutting the thick vine in half.


Aphrodite let out an angry cry, and all the vines on its body flung up, like fierce wind and rain, shooting upwards, enveloping Houri’s entire field of vision.

Each of those vines had power no less than the previous strike.

Even if Houri’s VIT has reached 18 points, he may not die from being hit but he would still be dying.

In addition, Aphrodite’s vines, which numbered in the hundreds, all rioted at this moment, enveloping Houri. It may be the end of him if he did not manage to dodge all the attacks.

However, Houri is also falling from the sky, there is no place to borrow, there is no way to dodge.

This is almost like a dead end.

If it was Houri before the battle with Heavenly Father, the only thing he could do at this time was to wait for his death.

But the current Houri is no longer the same as before.

At the same time as the vines came like a storm, Houri suddenly turned his body and moved halfway out of his position.


A vine came like a fierce whip and landed on the position where Houri was a second before, as if it smashed on the air, provoking a terrifying sonic boom.

Taking advantage of this moment, Houri moved.

With a pa sound, Houri’s entire body landed on the surface of the vine, as if a spider, limbs tightened and leaped out.

The vines keep coming one after another, but Houri, who was transformed into a spider, dodged them with extraordinary speed and unexpected body technique, landing in the empty space.

Houri is just like a spider sprinting on the wall, leaping on the surface of the vine that attacked him with great speed, and swept down at an astonishing speed, finally arriving in front of Aphrodite.

The ice blue mystic eyes once again fell on Aphrodite’s beautiful girl-like face.

To be more precise, it should be said that it landed on Aphrodite’s forehead.

Houri, who caught Aphrodite’s fatal dead line with death perception mystic eyes, knew.

There, the core of the Aphrodite lies.


Houri raised the dagger in his hand, like a flash, and fiercely stabbed Aphrodite in the forehead.

But at this very moment, Amemiya Rindo’s voice came into Houri’s ears.

“Watch out!”

Hearing Amemiya Rindo’s voice, Houri a pair of ice-blue eyes widened and solidified, without the slightest hesitation, directly stopped his attack and dodged to the side.


At the moment when Houri dodged away, a light shot through Houri’s original position, piercing through Houri’s residual shadow.

Seeing this scene, Houri’s face changed slightly.

Although only a moment, but Houri still smoothly captured the body of the light.

It was a stream of water that shot past at an extremely frightening speed.

Only now he saw the corners of Aphrodite’s mouth slightly raised, lips slightly open, is actually from the mouth spurted out a small stream of water.

Although those streams of water are small, each one is beyond the speed of a bullet, its power is definitely enough to pierce Houri’s body, and even pierce a meter thick steel wall.

Faced with such an attack, Houri could only try his best to dodge, relying on the vines around him that had not yet been retrieved by Aphrodite, and dodging the water streams in a weird way.

Bang Bang–!

At this point, submachine gunfire rang out, causing a barrage of bullets to suddenly come in and land on Aphrodite’s face.

Bang Bang Bang–!

A round of bullets exploded one after another, leaving Aphrodite’s face as struck by a firework, which suddenly opened up sideways.

Houri was stunned, and then only saw.

On the ground in the distance, Alisa racked the submachine gun in her hands, constantly shooting at Aphrodite.

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