Illimitable Until Death v2c151

Bang Bang Bang–!

The incoming bullets kept exploding in Aphrodite’s face, causing the impact and fire to gradually fill the side of Aphrodite’s face, getting thicker and thicker.

Alisa’s cover fire, so that Aphrodite angry screams, but also let Houri finally get rid of the threat of speedy shooting water, taking advantage of this time, with a jumped, from mid-air fall, finally landed on the ground.

Just right next to Alisa.

“Are you okay?” Alisa asked Houri without looking back while shooting.

“Yeah, not dead yet.” Houri smile bitterly and asked back. “What are you doing here?”

“I come to help you,” Alisa said without hesitation. “You can’t handle Aphrodite alone, can you?”

“I don’t deny it,” Houri said. “But even with you, I don’t think that’s enough to take on Aphrodite.”

Houri’s words had just fallen, a somewhat frivolous voice came.

“Well, what about us?”

Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma leaped from different directions and landed around Houri and Alisa.

Lifting the huge God Arc in his hand and carrying it on his shoulder, Amemiya Rindo lit a cigarette and smiled at Houri as he smoked it. “With the three of us, is that enough?”

Hearing this, Houri raised his eyes and swept his gaze from Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma, then to Alisa, and finally, landing on Amemiya Rindo’s body, he also smiled.

“The three elites of the First Unit of the Far East Branch, plus the new type of the Russian Branch, I will be condemned by God if I say that it is not enough.”

“It’s an honor to be in your eyes.” Amemiya Rindo smiled, and then looked in Alisa’s direction and said. “I’m looking forward to your performance, too.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Alisa replied indifferently with her usual cool demeanor. “The old type should do the job of the old type.”

The seemingly uncaring statement made both Amemiya Rindo and Tachibana Sakuya smile bitterly and made Soma close his eyes, seemingly too lazy to say anything.

Looking at the God Eater around him, Houri also had a bitter smile on his face, but it made his blood boiling.

Amemiya Rindo.

Tachibana Sakuya.



These four people, in the original work one year later, are all members of the protagonist team.

Now, a year before the plot has begun, the four met because of Houri’s and became Houri’s partners.

Although the opponent is known as one of the most terrifying Aragami existence on Earth, its power is also likely to be more powerful than Heavenly Father Dyaus, but Houri was not alone.

With Amemiya Rindo, who can defeat the Deusphage species alone a year later, Soma, who is an absolute powerhouse in God Eater, Tachibana Sakuya, who is first-rate support, and Alisa, who is a newcomer but a rare new type, to gather all these powers, enough for Houri to use to challenge Aphrodite.

So, with Houri as the center, the five raised their heads simultaneously and looked ahead.


Aphrodite seems to be completely in a state of rage, its mouth vibrates with a cry that stings the people eardrums, while shaking the air, while constantly flinging the vines, so that the sense of oppression filled the whole scene.

Houri, Alisa, Amemiya Rindo, Soma and Tachibana Sakuya, against the roaring waves of sound, stared intently at Aphrodite’s body.

Immediately, Amemiya Rindo said.

“How do you plan to fight?”

The words, although not directed at anyone, Houri knew that Amemiya Rindo was asking him.

Therefore, Houri just looked at Aphrodite, who was in a state of rage and said this in a concise manner.

“Cover me, just let me hit it in the forehead, and we will win.”

Houri although not injected with much confidence in his sentence, but also let everyone heard the extreme calm contained in it.

And it was this calm that told the rest of the people.

Houri, there is absolutely no lie.


Amemiya Rindo took a deep puff of his cigarette, followed by throwing it down, stamping it out, and his eyes became sharp.


With Amemiya Rindo’s words, the five people moved at the same time.

Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma suddenly charged out in a neat stepping sound.

Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya, on the other hand, did the opposite. While Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma were charging out, they stomped on the ground and retreated instead of advancing, pulling back a distance.


Aphrodite immediately shouted out.

Immediately after, the vines hovering in its surrounding openly burst up, like a huge spear from the sky, like a pouring rain curtain, shot to the rushing Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma.

In this instant, it was not Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma who reacted to the incoming vines, but Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya who retreated to the rearguard position.

The two beautiful shoujo simultaneously set up their God Arc, aimed at the vines falling from the sky above, and pulled the trigger.


Tachibana Sakuya’s sniper rifle spat out a powerful bullet, hitting a vine with extreme precision and exploding it on the surface of the vine.

Bang Bang–!

Aria’s submachine gun roared, letting the bullets keep firing out, each one less powerful than Tachibana Sakuya’s sniper rifle, but winning by sheer numbers, one after another, also exploding on the vine.

Under such circumstances, the vines hit by Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya were all bounced off the ground under the powerful fire, and even though they still fell, their positions have greatly deviated.

Bang Bang Bang —!

At once, the vines fell to the ground one after another, as if a piece of the meteorite had struck straight, stirring up the wind, raising the sand and dust, sending rubble and debris flying, leaving a pothole.

And none of those attacks hit Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma, leaving three people’s speed unabated, sprinting at breakneck speed.

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