Illimitable Until Death v2c153


Just as Houri’s dagger was about to land on top of Aphrodite’s forehead, cutting through the deadly dead line, an odd voice suddenly came from Aphrodite’s body.

Under this odd sound, Houri saw clearly.

Aphrodite’s forehead, a crack steeply appeared and slowly expanding.

In that gradually expanding crack, there is as if the fangs of a beast.

It was actually a mouth.


Seeing this scene clearly, Houri’s eyes changed dramatically.

The mouth that appeared on Aphrodite’s forehead was also with a sneering arc and gradually opened in the direction of Houri.

See here, Houri then completely understands.

Understand what kind of result is coming to him.


With a sound like air being pierced, a high-pressure stream of water shot out from the mouth that appeared on Aphrodite’s forehead.

At this time, Houri is less than a meter from the position of the mouth.

This level of distance, in the Aphrodite that fast to the extreme high-pressure water shooting, simply not even be called a moment of time, will be directly turned into zero.

Houri is also suspended in mid-air and is in the process of launching an attack.

In such a situation, Houri could not even react in the slightest.

Therefore, Houri can only open wide his pair of ice blue mystic eyes, watching the high-pressure water jet shot and landed on his body.

That location, just Houri’s heart.

Even the steel wall can penetrate the high-pressure water, falling on the human body, anyone knows what would be the consequences.

Even if Houri’s VIT reached 18 points, this blow will penetrate his skin very simply, shave his flesh and blood, and finally shatter his heart, so that Houri ushered in death.

So, Houri understands.

His second death was finally upon him.

There was no dread.

There was no fear.

The only thought that echoed deep inside Houri’s mind was one.

“You come with me!”

Fierce light flashed in the ice-blue mystic eyes, let Houri’s hand movement speed instead of reducing, the Moonblade completely become a light, flashing towards the mouth in Aphrodite’s forehead.

On one side is a sharp dagger.

On one side is a high-pressure water stream.

Although the form of attack is different, both sides are equally deadly.

Only, under that deadly attack, Houri and Aphrodite’s performance is completely different.

Houri’s eyes were only cold to chilling calm.

Aphrodite, on the other hand, screamed in anger when she realized that she would also die.

As a result, the first attack that arrived was a high-pressure water bullet.


Like a bullet hitting a human body, the high-pressure water stream landed heavily on Houri’s heart, causing a muffled sound.

However, just when the high-pressure water was about to break through Houri’s skin and flesh and penetrate Houri’s heart, a miracle happened.


Houri’s whole body trembled abruptly, and a sudden burst of ice blue mist erupted.


It wasn’t fog.

It was cold air.

Ice blue cold air just suddenly burst up from Houri’s body, enveloping the space around Houri.

In such a situation, two phenomena occurred.

One is that the air is slowly frozen, floating out of a grain of ice crystals.

One is that the high-pressure water falling on Houri’s body suddenly stalled, enveloped with the ice blue cold air, gradually frozen into ice.

The high-pressure water flows frozen into ice was suddenly aggravated by the mass and directly stop the shooting trend with the outbreak of cold air. It fragmented little by little, turning into crushed ice beads, fell to the bottom.

The sudden change caused a shocked look to flash in Houri’s eyes, and then he reacted.

“My equipment!”



It was the effect of one of Houri’s equipment that caused this scene to happen.

Femble Shirt
Category: Tops
Level: Tier 5
Effect: When attacked, there is a chance that a cold attack will occur, resulting in a freezing effect.

In the nick of time, as if Lady Luck was on Houri’s side, the effect of Femble Shirt was triggered.

Aphrodite’s attack is dismantled by the equipment that is capable of producing a freezing effect by exploding a cold gas attack so that Houri can escape from death.

On the other hand, Aphrodite is not as lucky as Houri who also has a hidden trump card.

So, in the face of Houri’s deadly strike, it was Aphrodite’s turn to not even have the slightest chance to react.


With a splitting sound, the sharp dagger ferociously pierced the mouth that appeared on Aphrodite’s forehead, causing blood to explode from it.

The flash-like blow easily pierced through Aphrodite’s forehead, following the crack-like dead line, cutting through it and slicing the mouth that appeared on the other side’s forehead in half.

And in the mouth that was cut in half, the core belonging to the Aphrodite appeared there.

On it, the light that was like a bright gemstone was directly dimmed and completely lost its light.


The sound of cracking suddenly sounded.

Aphrodite’s core began to crack, allowing a crack to spread at a speed visible to the naked eye, and covered the entire core in the blink of an eye.


With the sound of glass breaking, the next instant, the jewel-like core suddenly exploded into pieces.


An unprecedented ear-splitting scream rang out from Aphrodite’s mouth.

Aphrodite gave out a mournful cry as if a girl was crying in grief, it keeps screaming, its beautiful face was covered with a painful look, its huge body is also completely out of control, crazy wriggling around.

Whirr Whirr–!

In Aphrodite’s body surrounding, the thick vine waved up furiously, so that the whistling strong wind constantly shaking.

Bam Bam Bam–!

The things that were hit by the vine, whether it was buildings, rocks or the ground, all simply shattered and collapsed.

Even the Aragami, who was closer, were hit by the vines, and their flesh was split open.

Aphrodite’s surroundings were instantly razed to the ground.

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