Illimitable Until Death v2c154


“Rindo! Soma!”

In the distance, Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya watched Aphrodite, who was in a frenzy, flinging the thick vine with face in pain, and gradually flattening the surrounding area, and promptly let out a cry of surprise.

Because of the distance, Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya were not affected by Aphrodite’s rampage.

However, Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma, who were the vanguard, disappeared and were swallowed up by the terrible impact of Aphrodite’s rampage and the sandstorm formed by the dust.


Looking at this scene, Alisa immediately wanted to rush.

“Wait!” Tachibana Sakuya grabbed Alisa’s hand and said in a hurry. “No, it’s too dangerous!”

“But…” Alisa immediately tried to retort.

But the look in Tachibana Sakuya’s eyes was resolute.

“I know you’re worried about Houri-kun, and I’m worried about Rindo and Soma, too, but in this situation, even if we go there, it won’t help.” Tachibana Sakuya looked closely at Alisa and said. “Believe them, they are not the kind of people who will die at this level.”

Hearing this, Alisa’s expression began to change, then bit her lip and reluctantly set up her submachine gun and fired in the direction of Aphrodite.

However, under Aphrodite’s rampage, the vines waved wildly and surrounded Aphrodite completely, even Alisa’s shots were swept away by the vines and could not reach Aphrodite at all.

In such a situation, Aphrodite kept screaming in pain.

Blood flowed from its eyes.

Its forehead was even more skinned and split open.

Its whole face was red with blood, and Aphrodite’s screams were so miserable that Alisa’s heart trembled.

If one doesn’t look at the terrible destruction that Aphrodite’s rampage brought to the surrounding area, Aphrodite’s painful appearance will definitely make people feel compassionate, right?

Only, in the face of the destruction brought by Aphrodite, no one can generate compassion.


At a certain moment, with a thunderbolt-like roar, the ground that was being ravaged by Aphrodite finally couldn’t bear the excessive burden and suddenly collapsed.

Aphrodite thus followed the collapsed ground and fell into the abyss, buried by countless gravel rubble.

Even so, a thick vine still poked out from the countless gravel rubble, as if a huge plant growing out of the ground had suddenly come to life, still fluttering back and forth, causing the air to be completely stirred up.

The dense sand and dust grew bigger and bigger, gradually swallowing the vine in the middle of the rampage, making it impossible for Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya to see the situation inside.


“Rindo… Soma…”

Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya both looked at the scene with worried faces.

However, it didn’t take long for the two to see it.

In the dense sandstorm, several figures swept in, and in a flash, they broke through the sandstorm’s envelope and broke out of it.

Looking at those figures, Alisa and Tachibana Sakuya are simultaneously surprised.


“Rindo! Soma!”

It was Houri, Amemiya Rindo and Soma.

Only, Houri was being carried by Amemiya Rindo, breathing heavily, and his eyes were full of fatigue.

“Houri-san.” Alisa’s face turned from pleasant surprise to surprise and she asked. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Houri could not hide the exhaustion in his eyes, just shook his head, his expression was more or less pale.

At the moment when Aphrodite fell into a frenzy, Houri was forced to use Stigma.

Yesterday, Houri had fallen into a deep coma due to the use of Stigma, and the weakness in his soul had not yet fully recovered.

In this condition, if he used Stigma, the burden would be even greater than before.

If Houri used Stigma in normal times, Houri’s soul would fall into a state of fatigue within one minute, weakness within three minutes, and coma once it exceeded three minutes.

If he uses Stigma when his soul has not fully recovered from the burden, the burden will be much higher.

After all, Stigma is to transform the power of the soul into a substantial effect, allowing the user’s power to increase dramatically.

If he has just used it, and his soul is weak, and Stigma draws power from it, it will be an even more terrible burden.

This is the reason why Houri did not use Stigma when dealing with Aphrodite.

Otherwise, in the final moment, Houri would not have traded lives with Aphrodite.

Of course, Houri did not expect that Aphrodite’s core was hidden with a mouth, which caused a threat.

By the time it happened, it was already too late for Houri to use Stigma.

Fortunately, under the patronage of Lady Luck, Houri still managed to get through it.

It was only when he noticed that the dying Aphrodite was on a rampage before Houri decided to use Stigma to make an emergency escape.

However, after using it for a short while, Houri became dizzy due to the excessive burden on his soul, and his whole body was in severe pain, nearly collapsing on the spot.

Luckily, Amemiya Rindo and Soma arrived at Houri’s side and brought him out.

Feeling the weakness and lacking strength from the depths of his soul, Houri forcibly expelled the fatigue and drowsiness from his mind, raised his head and looked ahead.

There, the Aphrodite rampage seemed to have finally stopped, allowing the sandstorm to gradually die down and slowly dissipate.


Houri, Alisa, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma straightened their gaze ahead.

When the sand and dust completely dissipated, all that was left in the group’s eyes was a ruin filled with rubble and debris.

Thick vines hanging helplessly on top of the rubble told everyone present that Aphrodite was indeed buried there.

Looking at this scene, Alisa spoke out with some hesitation.

“Did-did we win?”

Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma did not say anything but turned their attention to Houri.

In the face of everyone’s gaze, Houri couldn’t help but laugh and was about to say something when Amemiya Rindo suddenly smiled bitterly.

“Uh-oh, Aphrodite is not the only one we have trouble with.”

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