Illimitable Until Death v2c155

Just after Amemiya Rindo spoke, black shadows began to appear around.


With a little low growl, many Aragami started to appear from the surroundings and slowly walked towards Houri’s group, surrounding them.


In addition to Amemiya Rindo, who had already noticed the situation, Alisa, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma all looked solidified and instinctively set up their weapons.

Houri, who came down from Amemiya Rindo’s body, was clutching Moonblade, but involuntarily half-kneeling on the ground.

The feeling of powerlessness from the depths of his soul, Houri’s body also seems to be carrying an invisible burden, simply can not make the effort.

Fatigue and drowsiness kept attacking Houri’s mind, making Houri’s vision blurred.

“Cih…” Houri ferociously bit the tip of his tongue, expelling the fatigue and drowsiness that attacked his mind, while his eyes looked around.

The Aragami that surrounded him from all sides were not the small Aragami like the most common Ogretail, but all large Aragami.

Moreover, all of them were Vajra.



The sound of a low growl came out from the mouth of many Vajra.

The Vajra, numbering at least a hundred, approached Houri’s group with a low growl sound and an ominous aura in their eyes.

“So many Vajra…”


“What should we do?”


Alisa, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma subtly surrounded Houri, who was on one knee, and their eyes were fixed on the Vajra around them as if they were ready to protect Houri while fighting a large number of Aragami around them.

Noticing this, Houri’s heart was more or less helpless.

“That’s one of the reasons why I don’t use Stigma.”

After all, apart from Aphrodite, there are many other Aragami that have invaded the Russian branch, almost too many to count.

In the battle with Aphrodite, these Aragamis can not intervene at all.

However, once Aphrodite is resolved, facing these Aragami becomes a matter of course.

If they are exhausted in the battle with Aphrodite, they will definitely end up dying on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, Houri used Stigma to save his life from Aphrodite’s rampage but was unable to fight the rest of the Aragami.

Houri’s eyes flickered as he watched the Vajra approaching.

At that moment, the communicator in Houri’s ear finally rang.

“Ejection device cracked! Start activation!”

It was Hibari’s voice.

Hearing this voice, Houri’s spirit was lifted and he turned his head in a hurry to look in the direction of the main facility.

Even from Houri’s direction, it was still clear that the ceiling at the top of the main facility, which was located in the center of the Russian branch, had suddenly started to move.

The scene was like a space rocket preparing to launch, and a device carrying a huge culture tank slowly rose from the main facility.

Immediately, Hibari’s voice rang out again from the communicator in Houri’s ear.

“Countdown to ejection!”

“Countdown to 5 seconds!”







With the fall of Hibari’s voice, the top of the main facility, carrying a huge culture tank under the device suddenly spurted out a large amount of fire, like a rocket, shot up into the sky, and shot into the sky with a long tail of light.

“What’s that?”

Alisa, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma naturally discovered this scene, and all four of them looked at the huge culture tank that shot into the sky, and all of them were surprised.

In such a situation, the huge culture tank with a long tail of light, like a meteor, shot into the distance and gradually disappeared.

In this instant, those Vajra simultaneously surrounding Houri’s group stopped, and the fierce light in their eyes was gradually replaced by dullness.

Immediately after, each Vajra turned to a direction and began to move their steps, going ahead.

That direction, naturally, is the direction of the huge culture tank left.

Now that Aphrodite had died and the hormones that manipulated the Aragami had disappeared, the hormones released by Eros soaking in the huge culture tank became the bait to attract the Aragami, causing the Aragami to simultaneously go after the direction Eros had left.

So, at this moment, Houri clearly saw.

Not only the surrounding area but also the entire Russian branch, the Aragami were leaving one after another, chasing after Eros.

Even when they passed by Houri’s group, they didn’t even look at Houri’s group and slowly left.

“The device has been fired, now, all the Aragami in the Russian branch are rushing in the direction of Eros’ ejection, and it is expected that in half an hour, all the Aragami will be out of the Russian branch.”

Hibari’s relieved voice came over the communicator, and then, with a happy laugh, said.

“The battle is over, Houri-san. Thank you for your hard work.”

It must be said that Hibari does have a talent as a communicator.

At least, at this moment, listening to Hibari’s pleasant voice, Houri’s inner string that had been tense gradually began to relax, and a smile slowly emerged on his face.

Looking at Houri’s appearance, Alisa, Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma looked at each other.

Then, Amemiya Rindo dropped the God Arc in his hand, took a cigarette out of the cigarette case in his pocket and lit it.

“Although I don’t know what happened…” Amemiya Rindo took a deep puff of his cigarette, looked at the large Aragami army that was gradually leaving the Russian branch, and asked without looking back in the direction of his side. However, we should be able to understand that the incident has come to an end, right?”

Hearing this, Houri could not help but smile and said. “If nothing more happens.”

“Is that so?” Amemiya Rindo also smiled, turned his head to Tachibana Sakuya and Soma, and said. “Well, good work, everyone.”

Seeing that Amemiya Rindo accepted this matter very simply, not to mention Tachibana Sakuya, even Soma frowned, a little helpless.

Only Alisa, half squatting beside Houri, leaning on Houri, said softly. “Tough work for you, Houri-san.”

Looking at Alisa’s more or less soft expression and eyes, Houri’s mouth was slightly lifted.

The rain unknowingly stopped.

The sky finally began to clear, allowing Houri to see the first ray of sunshine after coming to this world.

The sunlight was extremely dazzling.

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