Illimitable Until Death v2c156

By the time all the Aragami had left the Russian branch, it was already half an hour after Hibari’s expected time.
All that was left was the ruined Russian branch.

This time, the Russian branch suffered a lot of damage.

Other than that, about half of the territory alone was destroyed by Aragami, leaving only the main area and its surroundings.

The casualties were even worse.

Because of Rollingleth’s plan, the Russian branch’s top brass did not seem to take the Aragami attack into consideration, which resulted in a large number of casualties due to the lack of adequate equipment in each region.

The general public did not suffer many casualties.

After all, even for the sake of appearances, the Russian branch had to arrange for the people to take refuge during the day when the Aragami army was near the city.

Therefore, the casualties were not high, but the top brass of the Russian branch, who had taken the attack lightly, paid the price.

As a result, even God Eater’s troops, who arrived later, were killed and wounded, leaving the Russian branch completely battered and bruised.

According to Amemiya Rindo, this will be considered the responsibility of the Russian branch’s branch manager, and Fenrir headquarters will remove him from his post and send him back for sentencing.

To that, Houri just says he deserves it.

The Russian branch’s branch manager is half responsible for the current situation.

Whoever let this guy go along with Rollingleth and hide the secret of Eros, eventually led the Russian branch to such a critical situation.

Now that Rollingleth has been killed by Houri, the branch manager will naturally take full responsibility.

After that, Fenrir will appoint a new branch manager to start the rebuilding of the Russian branch.

Of course, that no longer has much to do with Houri.

After an hour or so of rest, Houri’s fatigue and weakness had finally subsided.

Although he had not recovered enough to fight, at least he had recovered enough to walk.

After recovering to this extent, Houri found Amemiya Rindo on the outer defensive wall of the ruined Russian branch.

With his back to the sunlight in the sky, Amemiya Rindo smoked a cigarette and looked out at the ruined Russian branch, seemingly sensing someone approaching behind him, and said in a low voice.

“This is quite a disaster.”

Hearing this, Houri came to Amemiya Rindo’s side and also looked at the ruins, but his expression was calm.

“You should be glad that at least the common folk were not killed or injured in this disaster.” Houri indifferently said. “Otherwise, it would be a real disaster to die somehow because of the ambition of the higher up with ulterior motives.”

“Well, you are also right.” Amemiya Rindo said while smoking as if talking to himself. “After all, there are only a few of us left to support our Far East branch.”

“It’s good to have someone,” Houri said this and tossed the touch screen panel in his hand to Amemiya Rindo.
“I believe that the investigation task entrusted to you by the Far East branch will be completed with this.”

Listening to Houri’s speech, Amemiya Rindo took the touch screen panel but did not confirm it, directly patted Houri’s shoulder and said. “Thank you for your hard work.”

“I’m not doing it for you either.” Houri laughed. “So, my job is done, right?”

“Of course.” Amemiya Rindo shrugged and said. “But there’s still a lot of work to be done, and I’d be happy if you’d continue to help.”

“Unfortunately, I am also very busy.” Houri smiled lightly and said without much care. “Next, I shouldn’t continue to move with you guys, so you just work on your own.”

With these words, Amemiya Rindo fell into silence.

After a light puff of smoke, Amemiya Rindo still looked at the ruins in the distance, until after a long time, he asked this question.

“Who the hell are you?”

This question made the atmosphere around them become a bit heavy.

However, Houri didn’t feel strange, but rather relaxed after Amemiya Rindo asked this question.

Because, of course, Amemiya Rindo should have such a question.

MainGod space had assigned Houri the status of an ordinary soldier in the Far East branch.

But all along the way, Houri did not behave like an ordinary soldier at all.

Clearly not God Eater, but has a physical ability comparable to God Eater.

Clearly no God Arc, but can kill Aragami.

In addition, even Aphrodite died under Houri’s blow, all his performances, are telling others, Houri simply can not be an ordinary soldier.

Even if this identity was arranged by MainGod space, if Amemiya Rindo went back to the Far East branch, he would have been able to find Houri’s personal file, which would not have any problems, but nothing is absolute.

When Houri’s performance does not match his identity, he will still be suspected.

What’s more, others might even think that Houri has always been undercover in the Far East branch, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Things like identity can also be forged.

Then, if Amemiya Rindo doesn’t have such a question, it is a strange thing.

Now, when Amemiya Rindo asked in person, that was normal, and Houri naturally didn’t need to be surprised.
However, Houri also did not explain the reason to Amemiya Rindo.

Matters related to the MainGod space cannot be disclosed to the Main character, otherwise the reward will be deducted depending on the severity.

Therefore, Houri just said.

“I am just a passerby. I may have an impact in this world, but I’m passing by.”

After that, Houri turned around and walked in the other direction.

Amemiya Rindo then turned around and looked at Houri’s distant back, but resigned.

“It’s so mysterious from beginning to end.”

Under Amemiya Rindo’s gaze, Houri left his vision.

Immediately, the system prompt sounded.

“Complete A Rank Side Mission and get 10,000 CP.”
“Complete A Rank Side Mission and get 10 free APs.”
“No. 11273 completes all Main Missions. You can choose to return to the MainGod space at any time, or you can choose to stay in the Transcript world.”
“If you choose to return, task evaluation will be conducted to receive rewards.”
“If you choose to stay, you can stay in Transcript world for three more days.”

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