Illimitable Until Death v2c157

Hearing the system prompt from the depths of his mind, Houri couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s finally done.”

This time, compared with the last Transcript world, the level of danger is almost incomparable.

Although the difficulty of the mission is Tier 5, there are strong and weak in Tier 5. Not to mention that the level of force in this world is also higher than the last world does not know how much.

At least, in the last world, even Fused colony is only the existence of Tier 5, and there is no Tier 4 existence.

But in this world, there’s a lot of Tier 4 existence, which even brought Houri life and death crisis.

Now, Houri finally completed the three Main Mission and can choose to return.

Feeling a little bit of his own physical condition, Houri instantly had a decision.

“This time, I’d better return directly.”

MainGod space provides the lingering time, in fact, is giving MainGod envoy a chance to get additional rewards.

Like the last world and this world, both Main Mission has extra rewards.

As long as the mission is completed in excess, then one will be able to get this reward.

MainGod space provides the time to stay, is to give MainGod envoy a chance to get more rewards.

Therefore, in most cases, MainGod envoy will choose to stay and continue to get more rewards when they are able to do so.

Houri also chose to stay in the last world to earn more rewards and also to settle some things.

If possible, Houri would like to stay and continue to improve the rewards.

But unfortunately, this time it is not possible.

“My soul is really overdrawn and not in a state to be able to continue fighting.”

So this time, Houri wanted to directly choose to return, rather than staying to continue earning rewards.

Even though it was a bit of a pity, but in a situation where there was no way to continue fighting, it was the only option.

So, Houri immediately wanted to choose to return.

Just as Houri was about to choose to return to MainGod space, a voice called out to him.

“So this is where you are?”

Along with such a voice, a shoujo slowly approached from the other side and came to Houri’s front.

Houri was slightly stunned, raised his head, and looked, and then saw a very beautiful scene.


A little noisy wind suddenly blowing over, so that the shoujo silver-white hair flutter with the wind, looking unusually graceful.

With a slightly elegant air, the shoujo just stood against the wind, pressing one hand against the side of her hair and looking towards Houri.

The sunlight spilled from the sky, hitting the shoujo’s body, making the shoujo’s shadow elongated.

In this situation, the shoujo’s azure eyes were like jewels, shining like a gem.

The scene was pretty as a painting.

The one who comes is none other than Alisa.

Looking at the shoujo, who was more or less ill-fated with himself, Houri cant help smiled bitterly and asked. “What are you doing here?”

The shoujo did not answer, just standing against the wind, her eyes straight to Houri, with some dream-like expression, said this sentence.

“I want to say thank you.”

“Thank you?” Houri blinked his eyes, a little unsure.

Is she was referring to the time with Heavenly Father Dyaus?

It’s true that Houri saved Alisa when Heavenly Father was about to kill her after Alisa lost control and rushed out in a frenzy, which Alisa should be grateful for.

But later, when Houri fell into a coma because of the use of Stigma, Alisa also did her best to take care of Houri, which should be considered a return of this kindness.

Not to mention, without the battle with Heavenly Father Dyaus, Houri would not have been able to comprehend the Nanaya assassination arts so quickly.

So, as a result, Houri benefits the most, and Alisa is just the victim.

In this way, Houri had no reason to accept Alisa’s gratitude.

So Houri said. “In the battlefield, we are also considered to support each other to come all the way, the other side will die without the other, so you do not need to thank me.”

Hearing this, Alisa shook her head and said. “You taught me how to face up to my weaknesses and made me realize what I am capable of, which is more important than anything else. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be immersed in the halo of being a new type of God Arc user, thinking that I am the best one.”

Saying this, Alisa looked directly at Houri and said word by word. “Thanks to you, I finally know that I still have a lot of shortcomings, in order to defeat Heavenly Father Dyaus, I still need to become more powerful.”

Saying so, Alisa turned around and looked at the Russian branch which was reduced to a piece of rubble, an extremely strong will emerged in her eyes and said with a whisper.

“Become more… more powerful…”

It seems that this statement is no longer addressed to Houri, but to an unseen presence.

To whom?

To the parents who have passed away?

To Heavenly Father Dyaus?

Or to herself?

Or, perhaps, all of them?

Houri does not know.

All Houri knows is that Alisa seems to have changed.

From Alisa’s words, Houri heard a resilience and openness that was not there before, instead of just pride and coldness.

Of course, that might be because of the way she was facing Houri, but at least Alisa was planning to change.

For the better.

Houri, of course, would not throw cold water on this.

With that in mind, Houri said this.

“The Russian branch has just suffered a big change, the next period should be very difficult, as a new type of God Arc user, you should encounter a lot of trials and tribulations next.” Houri looked at Alisa and said to her. “Are you mentally prepared for all this?”

“Of course,” Alisa answered without hesitation, turned around again, facing Houri, and said. “Rather, this is more to my liking.”

When she said this, Alisa’s delicate face carried a seriousness that could not be refuted.

Houri also smiled unconsciously as he looked into those azure eyes that carried a strong will.

At that moment, Houri said.

“I look forward to seeing how strong you will be, Alisa.”

Hearing these words, Alisa finally smiled.

That smile was extremely beautiful.

Immediately, Alisa said to Houri. “Next time we meet, I will definitely become even stronger than now.”

Alisa held out a hand to Houri.

Seeing this, Houri smiled faintly and also extended his hand.

Under the sunset, the hands of a man and a woman were clasped together, so that their shadows were connected to each other and no longer separated.

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