Illimitable Until Death v2c158

When Houri opened his eyes again, he was greeted by the mansion and lawn of his personal space.


The next moment, a dazzling light blossomed on Houri’s body.

That was a chance for the MainGod envoy to heal themselves when they returned to MainGod space.

Under the light, Houri felt that the fatigue and weakness in his soul were disappearing, which made him a bit surprised.

“So, the return healing provided by MainGod space can also heal the soul?”

Under Houri’s surprise, the system’s clear evaluation also began.

“No. 11273 return to MainGod space, conducting the clear evaluation.”
“Transcript world: God Eater.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Number of participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 3.”
“Mission 1: Participate in the Aragami campaign initiated by the Fenrir Far East branch. Extra rewards will be based on the number of killed Aragami during the operation.”
“Mission completed, additional kills are completed, the number of kills is large, the reward is greatly increased.”
“Mission 2: Obtain Aragami cores. Extra rewards will be based on the number of acquisitions.”
“Mission completed, an additional acquisition completed, the number of acquisition is a small amount, the reward is increased slightly.”
“Mission 3: Earn 5000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the number of CP.”
“Mission completed, 10,000 CP gained, medium amount of extra gain, medium increase in reward.”
“Clear evaluation: A Rank.”
“The remaining factors affecting clear evaluation were detected and the evaluation is upgraded.”
“Influencing Factor One: Completed A Rank Side Mission [Investigate Russian branch]. Evaluation increased significantly to A+ Rank.”
“Influencing Factor Two: Complete A Rank Side Mission [Crusade against Deusphage species]. Evaluation increased significantly to S- Rank.”
“Influencing Factor Three: Complete A Rank Hidden Mission [Defeat Heavenly Father Dyaus]. Evaluation increased significantly S Rank.”
“Final Clear evaluation: S Rank.”
“Reward: 20,000 CP, 20 free AP.”

“S Rank?”

Houri was quite satisfied with this rating.

After all, this time, Houri did not choose to stay for three days. Otherwise, Houri could have fought in Transcript world for three more days to get more extra rewards.

To get an S Rank rating without staying for three days was already a very good thing.

“Moreover, I didn’t expect that there was a Hidden Mission completed.”

Houri clicked on the mission record.

“No. 11273 completed A Rank Hidden Mission: Defeat Heavenly Father Dyaus.”
“Mission content: Win an encounter with Heavenly Father Dyaus.”
“Mission Reward: Commentary Stone ×5.”

Looking at this record, Houri’s brow raised and in his hand, five crystals like gems appeared on it.

Commentary Stone: Special item. Used when returning to MainGod space and performing the clear evaluation. Can make an additional evaluation boost, the magnitude of the boost is random, for any Transcript world. Worth 10,000 CP.

“Tools that improve clear evaluation?”

This time, Houri was more or less surprised.

“Good stuff.”

Although the rate of improvement is random, anything that can improve the clear evaluation are all good stuff.

Just think, other people fought for a Side Mission to improve the evaluation, but you only need to use such a stone to get the same effect, how many people would be angry?

Not to mention, there are 5 Commentary Stone. He uses it to get an S Rank rating, as long as his performance in the Transcript world was not bad.

And the increase in the evaluation means that the reward is increased.

For every MainGod envoy, this is a rare but unattainable thing.

Houri was extremely satisfied and put the Commentary Stone into the Black Ring.

This time in Transcript world, Houri was once again full of harvest.

Got 30,000 CP.

Got 30 Free AP.

Plus 5 Commentary Stones, what else than full of harvest?

Of course, compared to the first Transcript world, this time the CP is 20,000 points less, Houri got less from this point of view.

However, the first Transcript world is because there is a newbie kill reward, Houri can earn so much CP this time with no newbie reward, it’s already very good to be able to get 30,000 CP.

The main thing is that CP can be earned slowly, the 30 free AP is really precious.

With these 30 free APs, Houri’s strength can definitely get a significant boost again.

MainGod envoy in the Transcript world to break into life and death, is not to improve their strength?

With this purpose, Houri is truly loaded.

After all, Tier 5 MainGod envoy’s attribute limit is just 100 points, Houri with just one Transcript world to reach nearly a third, what not be satisfied?

“Not to mention, in addition to these rewards, I also got another gain.”

Saying this, Houri clicked on his skill interface.

Flash Sheath (Lv.1)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, attack speed increased by 50%.
-When using skill moves, increase body arm strength by 50%.
-When using skill moves, ignore the opponent’s defense to a certain extent.
-When using skill moves, produces a certain degree of defense-breaking effect.
-Skill level can be increased.

Flash Step (Lv.1)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, increase movement speed by 50%.
-When using skill moves, jump ability increased by 50%.
-When using skill moves, accelerate speed to the limit in any state.
-When using skill moves, ignore all inertia in any state.
-Skill level can be increased.

That’s right.

This time in Transcript world, Houri’s biggest gain was not the reward, but the two skills he learned on his own.

These are two skills that have unlimited potential.

As long as Houri upgraded the Nanaya assassination arts skills up. He will be able to get the effect of these two skills when he uses Nanaya assassination arts moves.

In addition, these two skills are upgradeable skills, so when Houri reaches Tier 4, he can use the 5 SPs he got from the last Transcript world to upgrade them, making the skills much more effective.

“Only, I’ve only learned the basics of Nanaya assassination arts.”

So, it’s clear what Houri needs to do next.

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