Illimitable Until Death v2c159

“You have selected a Tier 5 training ground, use it?”


“Tier 5 training ground, the cost of renting one day is 500 CP, the cost of renting three days is 1000 CP, the cost of renting ten days is 2000 CP, please choose the rental plan.”

“Lease for ten days.”

“The lease is successful, consuming 2000 CP. You have obtained the right to use this training ground for the next ten days.”

With this system prompt, the door in front of Houri turned from gray to red and opened quietly.

Here is naturally the training ground in the MainGod space training area.

It was not the first time that Houri used this place, he completed the payment easily, walked into the training ground, and began to set up his opponent.

Not long after, the entire training ground shifted abruptly from a bright enclosed space to a dimly lit alley.

Houri raised his head and looked ahead.

There, wearing a student uniform, holding a small knife in his hand, and wearing a pair of glasses on his face, the young man was there as he had been from the beginning, meeting Houri’s eyes.

Who else could it be but Tohno Shiki?

After one Transcript world, Houri came to the training ground again, and the opponent Houri chose to fight was the same boy who was similar to himself in many ways.

“So, what’s going to happen this time?”

Houri’s mouth was tinged with a smile, but his eyes were transformed into ice blue mystic eyes.

Compared to Houri’s control, Tohno Shiki took off his glasses, and then the pair of ice-blue eyes were exposed to the air.

The Moonblade falls into Houri’s hands and is held tightly in his palms.

The sharp knife also flows with a slight colds light, making Tohno Shiki’s whole body release a murderous aura.

In the dark alley, the atmosphere of terror permeated, so that a crow seemed to be alarmed and quickly flew away.

The battlefield simulated by the training ground is so real.

The next moment, the two sides facing each other moved at the same time.

When he first faced Tohno Shiki, Houri was insta-killed.

With identical physical conditions such as attributes, it was only natural that Houri, who was an amateur in terms of fighting techniques, would be insta-killed.

But this time, the battle was not destined to be the same.


With a crisp sound, Houri and Tohno Shiki simultaneously hit the ground with a heavy thud, and their forms suddenly disappeared.


With the sound of steel colliding with steel, in the center of the dark alley, Houri and Tohno Shiki’s figures appeared at the same time, their weapons ferociously clashed with each other, causing a strong spark.

Immediately afterward, Houri and Tohno Shiki disappeared once again.


With a whistling wind, Tohno Shiki’s body was like a shadow, like a spider, with its limbs clinging to the wall of the alley, and during a few leaps, it swept past like a shadow.

Pa– Pa– Pa–!

Houri also with a strong and powerful pace, as if flying, step by step on the walls of the alley, as if there is no weight, back and forth between the two sides of the wall.

The two owners of death perception mystic eyes, who have also mastered the foundation of Nanaya assassination arts, are like ghostly phantoms, flickering through the walls and floors of the entire alley, flickering like an afterimage.

At the same time, crescent moon-like dagger and sharp knife also cut through space, relentlessly cut into each other.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

With a clear clash sound, in the dim alley, the two flickering figures between the walls intersecting without stop, so that the knife and dagger frequently collide with each other, stirring up a burst of sparks.

The extremely narrow alley seems to be unable to cause any obstruction to the two people who are fighting, but rather seems to provide the best place for the two people to fight, making the battle more and more intense.

Nanaya assassination arts.

For this extreme assassination art, which uses the surrounding space and environment to perform extraordinary steps, the environment does not bother the user, but rather allows the owner of this art to bring out more fearsome fighting power.

Even if Houri and Tohno Shiki had only mastered the basics, they would still be able to perform such a fearsome body technique as the current one, which shows the fearsomeness of Nanaya assassination arts.

It was as expected.

After comprehending Flash Sheath and Flash Step, Houri was truly on the same level as Tohno Shiki.

Now, in the training ground setting, Houri and Tohno Shiki have the same physical condition and have the same death perception mystic eyes, plus they even have the same technique, so it is impossible to tell the winner so easily.

However, such a stalemate can not be maintained for long.

The object simulated by the training ground is after all only an illusion, not the real person.

Even if they use the same techniques as the real person, they cannot be the same as the real person.

For example, the person simulated by the training ground only knows how to use the set ability to fight, but does not know how to think at all.

Since this is the case, it is easy to capture the loophole.

Because of this, even before he learned the Nanaya assassination arts, Houri was able to kill Tohno Shiki by accidentally seeing through his body technique.

Now, Houri has acquired the basics of Nanaya assassination arts and is on the same level as Tohno Shiki.

With his knowledge of Nanaya assassination arts, Houri was able to anticipate Tohno Shiki’s next move.

“Right here!”

“This is it!”

With a quick dash, Houri, like a bat, suddenly swept into the air above the alley and landed on a corner of the wall.
Almost at the same time, Tohno Shiki’s figure also flashed out and appeared in front of Houri.

At this time, the dagger in Houri’s hand had already turned into the moonlight, like a white bent moon, fiercely slashed towards Tohno Shiki’s direction.


The tearing sound of flesh rang out.

The crescent moon-like dagger slashed directly through Tohno Shiki’s neck, causing Tohno Shiki’s neck to spurt out a large amount of blood, and his body froze, falling towards the ground.

That was the end of the battle.


The surrounding images suddenly flickered, making the dark alley disappear and return to the enclosed space it was at the beginning.

Houri, as if he had never moved, stood in the middle, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes gushing with uplifting emotion.

“Finally won.”

This time, Houri no longer won by a fluke but defeated Tohno Shiki completely in a head-to-head battle.

In other words, for Houri, Tohno Shiki would no longer be a challenge.

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