Illimitable Until Death v2c160


Houri exhaled lightly, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes faded away, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.

Have to say, this feeling of being able to clearly experience your own progress is really very pleasant.

“Now, the only difference between Tohno Shiki and me is the nature of our mystic eyes.”

In the training ground, Houri and Tohno Shiki are physically identical, so let’s ignore that aspect.

In terms of combat techniques, there is no longer a difference between the two.

The only difference between Houri and Tohno Shiki is the nature of their mystic eyes.

“My mystic eyes are closer to Ryougi Shiki’s mystic eyes, which are traditional death perception mystic eyes.”

In other words, as long as one can see the dead line, then one can kill anything.

“Tohno Shiki’s mystic eyes are specialized in the human aspect and are very different from my mystic eyes.”

In this case, Tohno Shiki can see the point of death, and by piercing the point of death, he is able to kill the existence of the thing itself.

However, Tohno Shiki somewhat had a hard time when dealing with non-living things.

For example, Houri in ‘Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress’ has killed a virus, Tohno Shiki can’t do this.

For example, Houri had killed thunderbolt in ‘God Eater’, Tohno Shiki also can’t do this.

Even in steel and minerals and other dead things, it takes a lot of energy for Tohno Shiki to see the dead line and dead point.

As a result, Tohno Shiki’s head will be overloaded and will be brain dead if he uses it too much.

From this point of view, Houri, who is able to use mystic eyes comfortably, is more versatile, although he cannot see the dead point.

“Then, the next person I should learn from is no longer Tohno Shiki, but Ryougi Shiki.”

After all, Houri is the closest to Ryougi Shiki in terms of the nature of mystic eyes.

So, in the future, Houri will still simulate Ryougi Shiki and learn how to use the mystic eyes.

As for the combat technique, Houri will have another object to learn.

With this in mind, Houri reopened the training ground’s settings screen and began setting up his opponent.

“The physical condition is still perfect, what I need to learn is just the technique.”

With such conditions as a premise, Houri quickly simulated his opponent.


Just the moment Houri finished setting up, the entire training ground once again turned into a blurred image, allowing the dimly lit alley to reappear.

Rightfully so, at the end of the alley, there was still an opponent.

Dressed in a standard student uniform.

Holding a sharp knife in his hand.

His age was similar to Houri.

The person who appeared in front of Houri had the same look as Tohno Shiki.

However, on closer inspection, unlike Tohno Shiki, the boy in front of him was not wearing glasses and his expression was not as harmless as Tohno Shiki’s. Instead, he wore a fearless and untamed smile, like a delinquent who advocates violence.

But in such a young man with a fearless untamed smile, his body is a sense of oppression that makes people can not breathe.

That is a murderous aura.

As if crawling out of the dead, covered with blood, the rich murderous aura, from the body of the boy can not stop fluctuating.

Houri with a low voice said as he looked at the young man who was transmitting breathtaking murderous aura all over his body.

“Nanaya Shiki…”

As mentioned earlier, Tohno Shiki’s real name is Nanaya Shiki, the orphan of the Nanaya clan.

However, Tohno Shiki is not Nanaya Shiki.

Why so?

Because after the extinction of the Nanaya clan, Tohno Shiki was adopted and raised as an ordinary human being, and the name Nanaya was abandoned long ago.

It was during this process that Tohno Shiki encountered a dying experience, thus giving himself the mystic eyes of death perception.

This is the origin of Tohno Shiki.

And Nanaya Shiki is Tohno Shiki’s nightmare, representing the horror of the Nanaya clan, in a sense, is another possibility of Tohno Shiki.

This possibility is what Tohno Shiki would have become if his clan had not been exterminated when he’s still a child and continued to live in the Nanaya clan.

So, what is the difference between a Nanaya Shiki that grew up in a Nanaya clan without his clan being exterminated and a Tohno Shiki?

There are three differences.

One: Nanaya Shiki will not have death perception mystic eyes.

Because Nanaya, who did not grow up as Tohno, naturally have no experience of dying and thus have death perception mystic eyes.

Two: Nanaya Shiki will become a satsujinki.

Nanaya clan originally existed as a clan of assassins for the Demon hunter, and Nanaya Shiki, who grew up in this clan, will also become a demon that exists to kill people, and will not have the heart of Tohno Shiki who grew up in normal life.

Three: Nanaya Shiki has the complete Nanaya assassination arts.

In the event that Nanaya is not extinguished, Nanaya Shiki will continue to hone his skills and eventually have not only basic self-defense but a complete version of Nanaya assassination arts that is extremely sophisticated.

And that is exactly what Houri wanted.

Houri naturally could not be satisfied with just the basic Nanaya assassination arts.

The assassination arts that exercise the human body to the extreme, if Houri can learn the whole, and then with the death perception mystic eyes, that is truly terrifying.

After all, Houri’s soul has recorded countless deaths. Nanaya assassination arts is undoubtedly the most suitable technique for him.

And, because of this, Houri was able to rely on this talent to understand the Nanaya assassination arts through training ground battles.

Any other fighting technique would be a bit of a fantasy to learn through sparring.

Therefore, Houri must firmly grasp his own advantages.

“You are the next person I will learn from.”

Maybe it was Houri’s illusion.

After he just spoke, Nanaya Shiki’s face that fearless untamed smile seems to have slightly changed the flavor.

It became like a sneer to a corpse that was about to lie on the ground.

At this instant, the murderous aura surrounding Nanaya Shiki was detonated at once.


Houri’s face changed abruptly, and without hesitation, he dodged and retreated in a flash.

In that very instant, Nanaya Shiki’s figure disappeared.


With the faint sound of air splitting, Nanaya Shiki completely transformed into a ghostly shadow, stepping at a wonderful pace, as if becoming two people, with several maneuvers, followed with a streak of shadows, stormed to Houri’s front.

“Flash Step Six Rabbits…”

With these words, Nanaya Shiki spun around and kicked towards Houri.

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