Illimitable Until Death v2c161


This is the sound of strong wind whistling.

Right in front of Houri, the satsujinki named Nanaya Shiki, like performing a stunt spun around and unleashed a powerful upward kick that looked like a meteor in Houri’s direction.

The kick was so fast that it was impossible to defend.

In such a situation, Houri’s retreating body was firmly caught and couldn’t dodge it.


A heavy muffled hit sound rang out.

Houri was directly hit by that swift wind-like kick, like a soccer ball being kicked away, rubbing the air and flying backward.

Feeling the sharp pain in the front of his body, Houri’s head went blank for a moment.

This momentary blankness caused Houri’s vision to blur for a second.

When Houri’s vision was restored and his head was rebooted, the scene that appeared in front of him was one that made his pupils suddenly shrunk.

Nanaya Shiki, who had made a powerful attack a second before, appeared in front of Houri with a smile on his face as if he had done nothing at all.

That smile was extremely pleasant.


Houri’s heart shook like crazy, without thinking, he raised his hand dagger and blocked in front of his body.

However, this defensive stance was meaningless.

“Flash Sheath Eight Spot Piercer…”

The gale shower-like high number strike was liberated by Nanaya Shiki’s hand.

Swish Swish–!

With the extremely fast sound of breaking wind, the knife in Nanaya Shiki’s hand suddenly turned into a blade light, strike that coming from all directions and shrouded into Houri’s direction.

At this moment, Houri’s vision was completely occupied by the storm-like onslaught of blade light.

Each of the blade lights easily pierced through the air.

Each of the blade lights carried a murderous aura that made it impossible to breathe.

Such a furious strike was waved from the hands of Nanaya Shiki, engulfing Houri’s entire body.

Puchi Puchi Puchi–!

As if thrown into a meat grinder, Houri’s whole body was sliced by the blade light, his skin was easily cut open, bringing up a patch of blood.

In this one moment, how many strikes did Houri actually endure?

Houri does not know.

Houri only knows, his whole body has become broken flesh that it was horrible to look at.

Intense pain came to Houri’s mind.

At this moment, Houri’s thought was only one.

“So strong…”

This is Nanaya Shiki.

This is the satsujinki who has inherited the full version of Nanaya assassination arts.

Under the subtle assassination techniques, Houri could not even resist and was directly drowned in a sea of blood.

This is the point where Tohno Shiki is definitely inferior to Nanaya Shiki.

In terms of mastering the Nanaya assassination arts, Tohno Shiki, who had only learned the basics, could never beat Nanaya Shiki, who had learned the full version of the Nanaya assassination arts.

“If I use death perception mystic eyes…”

If he used death perception mystic eyes, then Houri would be able to see through Nanaya Shiki’s strike, just like he did against Amatori Biba and Konochi Kurusu, with his capture of the dead line.

However, Houri could not do so.

Because catching only the dead line is not enough.

Houri does not fight Nanaya Shiki to win, but to acquire the fighting skills of Nanaya assassination arts.

Therefore, Houri could not just see the dead line, but had to see Nanaya Shiki’s strike trajectory with his own eyes.

“Let’s fight!”

At that moment, Houri gritted his teeth, carried Moonblade, protected his head and chest, and withstood Nanaya Shiki’s extremely fast high stage strike while keeping his eyes wide open, staring at the blade light in an attempt to see through its trajectory.

You know, Houri is still taking Nanaya Shiki’s kick, is in a flying backward state.

In this state, Nanaya Shiki keeps clinging to him without letting go, swept in, tightly nailed in front of Houri’s body, with a sadistic smile, and constantly waved high-speed strike.

Puchi Puchi Puchi Puchi–!

The sound of flesh being torn apart sounded constantly.

Houri’s entire body skin was dissected with ferocious wounds, which caused blood to splash uncontrollably and stained the ground of the alley.

It was a scene bathed in a sea of blood.

But Houri could only choose to bear it, a pair of eyes only to stare at that strike.

Finally, Nanaya Shiki’s strike stopped.


Houri’s eyes flashed with a brilliant light, Moonblade in his hand suddenly lashed out, like a flash, slashing towards Nanaya Shiki’s direction.

But just as Houri’s Moonblade was about to hit Nanaya Shiki, Nanaya Shiki suddenly disappeared.

No, not disappeared, but flashed underneath Houri’s body.

“Flash Step Single Deer…”

Keeping a low hovering position, Nanaya Shiki’s body bizarrely dashes forward and suddenly delivers a front kick to Houri’s lower body.


With the muffled hit sound, Houri was directly swept away by Nanaya Shiki’s kick, and his body completely lost balance and fell to the ground.

Houri, who was suspended in mid-air and fell to the ground, saw it clearly.

In front of him, Nanaya Shiki was crouching down like a fierce beast and raised the knife in his hand.

“Flash Sheath Nanaya…”

The next second, along with an extremely fast strike, a cold blade light passed through space, like an aurora, and swept towards Houri’s neck.


The blade penetrated the fragile skin and sliced through the flesh.

Houri’s neck was directly cut off, just like Tohno Shiki, who was killed by him before and fell to the ground with a large amount of blood spurting from his neck.

The surrounding images blurred once again, allowing the sealed space to return.

Houri rigidly standing in the center of the training ground, with his face is covered with cold sweat.

Not just his face, but Houri’s entire body was covered in a cold sweat.

That was only natural.

Although it was only a simulated battle, Houri just had his whole body split open, even his neck was cut, and the pain still lingers in his memory, so how can he not sweat?

The pain was still fresh in his mind.

“If the first time I fought Tohno Shiki, I was insta-killed, then the first time I fought Nanaya Shiki, I was abused to death?”

At least, without the use of death perception mystic eyes, Houri was crushed from start to finish and was completely abused.

“However, it doesn’t make sense otherwise.”

The more miserable it is, the more it proves how terrible the Nanaya assassination arts that Houri wants to learn are, isn’t it?

So, Houri couldn’t wait to be as miserable as possible.


Without any hesitation, Houri clicked on the training interface again.

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