Illimitable Until Death v2c162

Returning to MainGod space again, Houri no longer needs to go around like he did the first time to get familiar with every area of MainGod space.

Now, for MainGod space, Houri already has a certain degree of familiarity.

So, this time, instead of wandering around, Houri went straight into the training ground, constantly simulating a fight with Nanaya Shiki in an attempt to master the true essence of Nanaya assassination arts.

After all, Houri doesn’t have that much time on his hands.

Every MainGod envoy has only ten days of rest time after returning to MainGod space.

After 10 days, to remain in MainGod space, the CP of the MainGod envoy will be deducted according to the time they stay.

1000 CP will be deducted for staying one day.

Such spending may not be a big deal for a high-level MainGod envoy, but for a Tier 5 MainGod envoy like Houri, it can be quite painful, if not devastating.

Even for someone like Houri, who has only gone through two Transcript worlds, both of which yielded tens of thousands of CP, the absolute top end of the Tier 5 MainGod envoy, he doesn’t want to waste his CP like that.

Therefore, after ten days, Houri plans to start the next Transcript world trip without wasting any CP.

So, where does Houri spend his time?

In order to learn the Nanaya assassination arts as much as possible, Houri naturally had to bore himself to death, not wasting a single moment of time.

With this in mind, Houri also spent the CP he earned wisely, exchanging it for some items that would help him in his training.

The redeemed items are listed below.

Sobriety Potion: Eliminate fatigue and eliminate sleep. Effective within 24 hours. Worth 1000 CP.

With this potion, Houri can train day and night without wasting time resting and sleeping, using his limited time to the limit.

Therefore, Houri directly exchanged ten bottles of Sobriety Potion, one bottle a day punctually, just to keep training, his level of commitment is simply stunning.

In addition, even if he can eliminate the physical fatigue, mental fatigue can not be eliminated.

In such a situation, Houri also intends to train for ten days in a row, day and night, the degree of harshness is evident.
Then, in order to accelerate his training results, Houri also redeemed another items.

Neurochip: Speed up thinking, improve memory, concentration, attention and mental power. Effective within 24 hours. Worth 1000 CP.

This is a pill, also classified as a drug.

If taken in a life-or-death situation, it can improve one’s coping ability, whether for combat or other emergency situations, it is a very effective item.

Originally, these items are used in emergency situations, but Houri uses them in training.

With accelerated thinking and improved memory, concentration, attention and mental power, combined with the fatigue-eliminating effect of Sobriety Potion, Houri was able to better engage in training and indirectly improve his learning ability to learn the Nanaya assassination arts.

Therefore, Houri also redeemed ten tablets of Neurochip.

With this pill and his overwhelming talent for killing techniques, Houri was able to absorb Nanaya Shiki’s techniques to the greatest extent possible, facilitating his learning and training.

It can be said that Houri has made a complete effort to learn the full version of Nanaya assassination arts.

One bottle of Sobriety Potion 1000 CP, ten bottles is 10,000 CP.

One Neurochip 1000 CP, ten tablets is also 10,000 CP.

With 2000 CP consumed for ten days of training, Houri has spent 22,000 CP, which is 80% of the 30,000 CP he gained in the last Transcript world, leaving only 8000 CP to use.

However, it was definitely worth it.

At least, with the support of Sobriety Potion and Neurochip, Houri’s progress has been remarkable, compared to the first time he entered the training ground when he was feeling his way through the Nanaya assassination arts.


The metallic collision sound resounded in the dim alley that was simulated in the training ground.

The two figures, which could not be seen clearly, seemed to be ghosts, flashing back and forth in the dim alley, as if moving instantly, sometimes separating, sometimes intersecting.

Clank Clank Clank–!

All of a sudden, every corner of the dim alley was bursting with a spark from weapons colliding with each other, making the dim alley seem to be blooming with small fireworks all the time, very dazzling.

At this moment, Houri and Nanaya Shiki have exchanged many blows, not only the speed is amazing, even the attack is the same.

Whether it is attacking or dodging, they are like ghosts, floating unpredictably.

Of course, it was Nanaya Shiki who had the upper hand.

With Houri not using his death perception mystic eyes, but only to acquire the Nanaya assassination arts, Nanaya Shiki, whose skills were completely superior to Houri’s, could not possibly be outdone.

Not to mention, this satsujinki also frequently released a breathtaking murderous aura, and the expression on hisface was always with a hint of pleasure as if he was extremely happy with the fight between Houri, and his movements were getting faster and faster.

In response, Houri could only struggle to hold on, single-mindedly observing Nanaya Shiki’s moves and movements.
And so it went on for several minutes.

At some point, Nanaya Shiki burst into action.

“Flash Sheath Blink Prison…”

As if transformed into a phantom, Nanaya Shiki’s figure suddenly split and rushed in all directions, like countless people attacking at the same time, swinging a strike at Houri in the middle, each phantom shot a strike.

Puchi Puchi Puchi–!

Countless phantoms with countless strikes, Houri was completely dismantled, turned into a pile of flesh, mixed with rich blood, died on the spot.

The moment the battle ended, the dark alley disappeared completely, allowing Houri to return to the training ground once again.

Standing in the middle of the training ground, Houri immersed his consciousness in his mind, recalling the battle he had just fought.

Relying on his superior talent for killing techniques and the effects of Neurochip, Houri’s mind clearly replayed Nanaya Shiki’s movements.

Then, Houri slowly lifted the Moonblade in his hand.

In the next instant, Houri’s figure splits abruptly.

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