Illimitable Until Death v2c163


With the splitting of Houri’s figure, a phantom rushed out in all directions, swept through the entire training ground, and finally, re-close to the middle at great speed.

At the same time, the phantoms all raised the sharp dagger in their hands and waved strike at the front.

Swish Swish–!

The dazzling strike suddenly appeared in the entire training ground, so that the bright blade light danced, unusually dazzling.

Only then did the phantoms come back together to form a figure once again.


Houri let out a breath, a smile gradually spread across his face.

“Finally, I learned Flash Sheath Blink Prison.”

This was not the first time that Nanaya Shiki had used this move.

However, it was only today that Houri finally learned this move and used it.

Of course, in addition to this move, Houri also learned a variety of other moves.

Whether it’s Flash Sheath or Flash Step, Houri has enriched it to a great extent, allowing his fighting skills to increase geometrically.

“Nanaya assassination arts is really a physical art that has trained the human body to the extreme, and every move is truly exquisite.”

Now, if Houri were to fight Tohno Shiki, Houri would be confident that he would kill Tohno Shiki in a minute.

With the same physical condition and the same ability, the only thing left to decide between the two is technique.

For Houri, who had already learned many of the subtle moves of the Nanaya assassination arts, Tohno Shiki, who had only learned basic self-defense techniques, was completely outclassed.

Therefore, now, Houri basically no longer simulates Tohno Shiki to fight, but Nanaya Shiki to fight.

“Unfortunately, there’s still not enough time.”

After ten days of simulated battles, Nanaya Shiki had demonstrated Nanaya’s assassination arts many times.

By relying on his self-taught killing skills and the effects of Neurochip’s, Houri had memorized every single move of Nanaya’s assassination arts.

“But remembering doesn’t mean it can be used.”

So if possible, Houri would really like to have some more time to practice and eventually learn the Nanaya assassination arts completely.

In just ten days, even with sleepless training, it would still not be enough for Houri to learn all of the Nanaya assassination arts.

“But it’s not bad to be able to remember.”

That way, if Houri takes one step at a time, he’ll be able to learn it all sooner or later.

For example, in the world of God Eater, Houri began with a glimpse of the Nanaya assassination arts, and only after the battle with Heavenly Father Dyaus did he finally learn the basics.

In view of this, Nanaya assassination arts can be learned slowly, and with Houri’s compatibility with this technique, there is absolutely no need to worry about not being able to learn it.

“It would be nice if I could fight Ryougi Shiki a few more times.”

In order to learn Nanaya assassination arts, Houri spent 10 days sparring with Nanaya Shiki and had no time to fight with Ryougi Shiki.

“I was hoping to learn Ryougi Shiki’s technique of using mystic eyes, but I guess I’ll have to wait until I get the chance.”

With that thought in mind, Houri finished his training and headed for the door of the training ground.

The number of MainGod envoys in the MainGod space is very large.

Even if only one MainGod envoy is born in a hundred planes in the countless Planes world, after so many years of development, the number of MainGod envoys in MainGod space is quite impressive.

This shows how long the history of MainGod space really is.

In terms of number, the longest numbered MainGod envoy in MainGod space must be close to ten digits, right?

The reason why Houri was able to get the number 11273 is that the previous MainGod envoy with this number died, otherwise, with the size of the MainGod space, how could it be Houri’s turn to have this number.

And MainGod space has only four areas.

Even though each area is very large and can even be described as endless, when Houri walked out of the training ground, the streets of the training area still showed a lively appearance of people coming and going.

Of course, the people in MainGod space are different from the people in the world.

Some of the people here can’t be called ‘people’ at all, they look all kinds of strange, and even the sky is filled with large or small figures flying by, very fantastical.

Standing in front of the training ground, which has almost reached the end of its useful life, Houri looked at the bustling state of the street and thoughtfully looked towards the center of the training area.

There, the tower towered into the clouds – Trial tower.

The people on the street were all heading towards the direction of the Trial tower.

That is not only because the Trial tower is the center of the whole training area, but also because many people’s destination is that Trial tower.

“If one climbs to the top of the tower, one can meet MainGod and get a wish.”

This legend is enough to make countless MainGod envoys in MainGod space flock to Trial tower and keeping going.

Looking at the legendary tower, Houri’s mind also came alive.

The first time he returned to MainGod space, Houri did not have the confidence to challenge the Trial tower because he felt his strength was not up to scratch.

But this time, Houri’s strength has been greatly improved, and even combat techniques have begun to improve, completely different from the last time.

“Although it’s still Tier 5, the Trial tower has 100 floors, so I should be able to break through the first floor, right?”

Even if the threshold of Trial tower is really unimaginably high, Houri still has the ace in the hole, Stigma.

With Stigma, Houri can even fight with Heavenly Father Dyaus of Tier 4.

“It’s not like it needs to be Tier 4 to challenge Trial tower, right?

The more Houri thought about it, the more excited he became.

Finally, Houri made up his mind.

“Let’s go for it!”

When Houri came to the Trial tower, he realized how magnificent the tower was.

“Compared with this tower, human is really very small.”

Under such a tower, there is a mirror-like smooth entrance.

Around him, many MainGod envoys entered it, and under a ripple, disappeared at the entrance.

“That should also be a kind of portal.”

At that moment, Houri followed the surrounding MainGod envoy and walked towards one of the entrances at the bottom of the tower.

Looking at the smooth mirror-like entrance in front of him, Houri slowly walked into it and disappeared under the ripple.

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