Illimitable Until Death v2c164

With a sense of dizziness, Houri was transported into the Trial tower.

When his vision returned, Houri was confronted with a vast desert.


Under the wind, the sand and dust began to fill the air, making Houri couldn’t help but close his eyes and raise a hand to block his face.

Looking around, Houri somewhat realized.

“It seems that this is a space that was opened up separately.”

Otherwise, Houri should be able to see the rest of MainGod envoy.

In this case, the system prompt started to ring.

“Entering Trial tower 1st floor, starting the trial.”
“No. 11273, you need to kill 100 Tier 5 opponents within one hour. If the number of kills does not reach the requirement after one hour, this trial will be declared a direct failure.”
“Note that the opponents you need to kill are identical to you in attributes. If you are accidentally killed, you will die permanently and no longer have the chance to resurrect.”

When such a system prompt came into Houri’s mind, Houri was completely dumbfounded.

Kill 100 opponents with the same attributes as oneself?

Failure to meet the requirement after one hour?

One will die if killed?

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding?

This is the 1st floor!

Ignoring Houri’s feelings, the system’s icy prompt mercilessly announced.

“The trial begins.”

As soon as the words fell, the entire vast desert shook.

“Rustle Rustle…”

With the sound of sand rubbing against each other, a black shadow emerged from the desert.

Looking at the black shadow, Houri could not help but feel his head tingling, goosebumps all over the body began to rise.

Because it was a huge scorpion.

The size of the scorpion was comparable to a calf.

The body showed a dark color.

The tail with sharp hooked horns swayed back and forth in the air.

In the eyes, the scarlet hue is moving, allowing the lifelike ominous aura to surge inside.

Such a huge scorpion then burst out from every corner of the desert, instantly surrounded Houri.

The next second, a pair of red eyes simultaneously turned to Houri’s body, so that the dry desert sky filled with an atmosphere of terror.

Time completely stopped at this moment.

When it started to turn again, the huge scorpion with red eyes was already like a spider, coming from all directions and rushing towards Houri’s direction.

“Tsk!” Houri clicked his tongue, the palm of his hand suddenly gripped the sharp dagger.

Then, a huge scorpion is like a wave, instantly swallowed Houri.


With an uncomfortable cry like glass being scratched by a sharp object, a scorpion rushed in front of Houri and directly pounced on him.

Looking at the scorpion that gradually enlarged in his field of vision, Houri’s footstep changed, suddenly with a shift, the Moonblade suddenly flashing in his hand, fiercely thrust towards the body of the incoming scorpion.


With a crisp clash sound, Houri’s dagger did not penetrate the scorpion’s body as expected, but rubbed against the scorpion’s body, stirring up strong sparks.

Seeing this scene, Houri’s eyes were wide open and he wanted to curse.

“You call this the same attribute as me? You’re lying?”

Houri does not know when he can use his physical body to resist the stabbing of sharp weapons.

Of course, the scorpion in front of him defended itself against Houri’s thrusts with the scales that covered its body, and to some extent that was a racial trait, not an attribute of its own.

Just like a cow, even if the attack power is exactly the same as humans, but humans use their fist to clash with the cow’s horn, then the end can be fully imagined.

That’s why humans need weapons, while beasts use claws and fangs.

“Very good…”

Houri closed his eyes slightly.

When he opened them again, ice blue mystic eyes had appeared.


With the sound of air splitting, the dagger in Houri’s hand flashed once more and slashed at the scorpion that had not yet fallen to the ground.


A spray of blood spurted out from the scorpion’s body, causing the scorpion to be split in two in mid-air.

“Even the strongest defense, in front of the death perception mystic eyes are nothing!”

Houri turned his eyes, and his ice-blue mystic eyes focused on the rest of the scorpion.



The scorpions all hissed in anger and simultaneously lunged in Houri’s direction.

All of a sudden, Houri’s surroundings were covered by the scorpion lunging at him, leaving no gaps.

In other words, there was no way for Houri to dodge.

“No way to dodge?”

The corner of Houri’s mouth curled up in an arc.

If it was in the past, then the current situation could indeed be described as unavoidable.

But for the current Houri, that statement was already obsolete.

“Flash Step Water Moon…”

Houri’s figure suddenly disappeared from his original place.

As if a flower in the mirror, the moon in the water, without any warning disappeared.

In such a situation, the scorpion from all directions that pounced on viciously hit together at once.

Bam Bam–!

With the heavy sound of impact, the scorpions all bounced off each other and fell to the ground.

And at this moment, a figure swept down from the sky without a sound, to the scorpion that fell to the ground, suddenly wielded a knife.

Puchi– Puchi– Puchi–!

The sound of sharp weapons into the flesh sounded one after another.

The sharp dagger easily cut through the scales of a scorpion, sending a shower of blood flying into the sky.

Houri is just like the inverted moon in the water, his figure appearing and disappearing, with a pair of ice blue mystic eyes, weaving in and out of the circle formed by a huge scorpion.

Until then, Houri only more or less understands the setting of the 1st-floor trial.

“Although the attributes are the same, these scorpion does not have skills and had no sentience.”

In other words, this is a group of beasts that have the same physical qualities as Houri.

Although there are strong scales, tail hook seems to have deadly poison, but just like the previous Houri, only had the ability of one-hit kill and powerful physical conditions, but no skills.

In the beginning, such Houri faced Tohno Shiki, the result was insta-killed.

Now, Houri faced such a group of enemies, the result is naturally the same.

Not to mention, Houri has skills and equipment.

With the increase of skills and equipment, at least, Houri’s speed is still far faster than his opponents.


“I can win!”

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