Illimitable Until Death v2c165


With an unpleasant shriek, the dark monster lunged unrelentingly in Houri’s direction.


The cold blade light sliced through the air, killing the incoming giant scorpion, bringing up a trail of blood.

In the endless desert, Houri and the scorpion swarm thus engaged in an unforgiving fight, making the atmosphere tense.

In such a situation, Houri only opened a pair of ice blue mystic eyes, like a ghostly shadow, coming and going freely, weaving in and out of the scorpion group, striking without mercy.




That’s the number of kills and the number of knives wielded.

At this moment, Houri’s each swing can take away the life of a scorpion cleanly, so that the number of scorpions continues to decrease.

Even if the opponent is a group of monsters with exactly the same attributes as Houri, it is still the same.

This is the strength of Houri today.

The mystic eyes, which can see death directly, give Houri the ability of one-hit kill.

The assassination arts, which exercise the human body to the extreme, make Houri’s attacks and dodges all impeccable.

Mystic eyes exist only to kill.

The skill that exists only to kill.

The combination of the two is a full-fledged satsujinki style.

With the true mastery of the Nanaya assassination arts, Houri is gradually transforming.

Evidence of this is that Houri’s unpredictable form is gradually taking on a strong murderous aura.

That is the proof of the real mastery of Nanaya assassination arts.

Nanaya clan has the ultimate assassination arts that can kill monsters, but when practicing Nanaya assassination arts, it will also stimulate the engraving in one’s bloodline, allowing oneself to be gradually eroded by one’s own personality, thus creating the urge to kill.

Tohno Shiki was afraid of his own impulse to kill, and his fear of his own impulse led to the birth of Nanaya Shiki.

In a sense, Nanaya Shiki is a manifestation of Tohno Shiki’s impulse to kill.

This is why Nanaya Shiki is satsujinki, the existence of which is rich in the murderous aura.

Houri is not a descendant of the Nanaya clan, so there is no murderous impulse in his bloodline.

However, as he gradually took control of the Nanaya assassination arts, Houri’s temperament began to take on a real murderous aura, approaching the image of a satsujinki.

However, there is a definite difference between Houri and Nanaya Shiki.

Nanaya Shiki is enjoying killing as a satsujinki.

So, even though it is a simulated existence by the training ground, Nanaya Shiki follows his instincts and fights with pleasure.

Houri, on the other hand, is not.

Numb to death, Houri is also indifferent to killing.

If Nanaya Shiki is the brutal satsujinki, then Houri is the indifferent satsujinki.

Killing without enjoying or resisting, just with a heart that does not fluctuate, calmly back and forth in the sea of blood.

In this way, Houri’s kill count is also increasing.




Blood splashed as the blade light swept by.

Without knowing it, the desert has been stained red, covered with the corpse of a giant scorpion.


Even so, the scorpion continued to jump, lunge, or rampage against Houri.

In response, Houri’s pace was bizarre, sometimes turning into a phantom, sometimes standing still on the ground, sometimes suddenly disappearing, and sometimes taking the initiative.

And so the time went on.

Until a certain moment, the last four remaining scorpions, as if understanding their own fate of defeat, hysterically and simultaneously lunged at Houri.

The only thing that came out was a cold sword breath.

“Flash Sheath Four Cross…”

The sharp dagger split into four in an instant, and under the swing of the four mirage-like arms, it turned into a blade light and cut through.


In a neatly resounding strike sound, the four scorpion’s body was cut by four blade light directly, like a neatly cut persimmon cake, severed limbs.

Pata Pata Pata…

As if the sound of garbage falling to the ground, the body of the severed limbs fell to the ground in unison.

Only then did the blood gradually seep out from the flesh without the whole body, staining the sand on the ground.

The system prompt immediately rang out.

“Trial completed. Time spent four minutes and thirty seconds, evaluation S Rank.”
“No. 11273, you have passed the 1st floor of Trial tower and can choose two of the following items as rewards.”
“One: 5000 CP.”
“Two: STR increase by 1 point.”
“Three: VIT increase by 1 point.”
“Four: AGI boosted by 1 point.”
“Five: INT boosted by 1 point.”
“Please choose.”

Houri just recover from the killing’s state and was a little surprised.

“So, you can still get a reward after passing the trial?”

No wonder those MainGod envoys would come to Trial tower to break through.

If there was no reward, then those lower ranked MainGod envoys wouldn’t have come, right?

After all, to climb to the top of the 100th floor is something that even the highest Tier 1 might not be able to do.

“Although passing the trial still has to have an evaluation.”

This is supposed to be the same system as Transcript world’s clear evaluation.

Depending on the level of evaluation, the degree of reward will vary.

Like Houri, the evaluation of S Rank, not only rewarded the CP but also rewarded the opportunity to improve attributes.

Although only 5,000 CP, the attributes can only be increased by 1 point, this is just the 1st floor.

If all 100 levels are passed, how big the reward would be?

“As expected of a place where MainGod lives, it’s really generous.”

At that moment, Houri did not hesitate to choose the first and fourth item and got 5000 CP and 1 point of AGI.

Then the system prompt sounded again.

“You have passed the 1st-floor trial, you are qualified to go to the 2nd floor and will be directly transported to the second floor when you enter the Trial tower.”
“Do you want to enter the 2nd floor?”

Should he enter?

This kind of question doesn’t even need to be asked.

After all, there is a reward once the level was passed.

As for the threat of death, Houri was never afraid.

Thus, Houri made his choice without hesitation.


As soon as he spoke, Houri abruptly disappeared from the spot, leaving only a ground of corpses and pools of blood to be annexed by the sand and dust.

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