Illimitable Until Death v2c166

MainGod space, the training area.

Under the towering Trial tower, the crowd was still bustling.

At one of the entrances, Houri slowly walked out from it, his brow furrowed tightly, while his face wore a slightly helpless expression.

“I failed…”



Houri didn’t make it past the 2nd floor.

This was something Houri did not expect at all.

For Houri, the 1st floor was not very difficult at all, and he got an S Rank rating and a relatively generous reward.

So, in Houri’s mind, the 2nd floor was not much more difficult than the 1st floor, even if it was higher.

However, Houri miscalculated.

The difficulty of the 2nd floor compared to the 1st floor is simply higher than several levels.

The 2nd floor is actually the same as the 1st floor, both Houri in the desert to challenge 100 scorpions.

These scorpions also had the same attributes as Houri, but no skills. For Houri, it is almost no different from the difficulty of the 1st floor.

So, why did Houri fail again?

Because of the attack pattern of these scorpions.

The attack pattern of the 2nd-floor scorpion is fundamentally different from that of the 1st-floor scorpion.

The 1st-floor scorpion will only rampage and lunge at Houri.

However, 2nd-floor scorpions are extremely cunning.

Instead of charging at Houri, they would dive into the sand and sneak up on Houri.

In the beginning, Houri was also surprised but did not think much of it.

As a result, it was a complete and utter loss.

These scorpions who sneak into the sand to attack Houri, will not only hide their breath and traces, carried out a sneak attack on Houri, but once their hit failed, they will immediately disappear into the sand, simply do not fight with Houri head-on.

In this way, even though Houri had full control of Nanaya’s assassination arts, it was impossible to fight with a group of scorpions that disappears into the sand. He eventually ended up in a difficult situation and was even nearly hit by a few scorpions with tail hooks that were dyed with deadly poison.

In such a situation, Houri extremely difficult to kill a dozen scorpions. Before he knows it, the one-hour stipulated time passed, and the trial ended in failure.

Looking back on that battle, even Houri could not help but curse.

“Too despicable.”

If these scorpions just use sneak attacks, then it wouldn’t matter.

Nanaya assassination arts is a kind of space utilization art, a skill that can use the surrounding environment to kill, the control of the environment was also first-class.

So, this tactic of hiding in the sand to sneak attack, as long as carefully observed, Houri will be able to evade.

Plus there are death perception mystic eyes to capture the dead line, scorpion’s movement Houri very clear, although woeful, he would not be taken by surprise.

The problem is that these scorpions once hiding in the sand, some can even hide for half an hour.

In this way, Houri simply had to watch the time pass and ended up being delayed until the defeat.

“This also hits the soft spot of my Stigma…”

Houri is really helpless.

The biggest weakness of Stigma is that it puts too much of a burden on the user and has a very limited duration of use.

In a battle where time is deliberately delayed, Stigma would be a death sentence if it was used.

Houri can only think of how stupid it would be to use Stigma, only to be delayed by one scorpion after another until his soul can’t take it anymore, and then fall to the ground, helplessly receiving a barbed hook with a deadly poison.

“For the time being, there’s nothing I can do about this floor.”

At least, Houri does not want to go on with the challenge with the feeling of disgust.

Turning his head and looking at the towering Trial tower, Houri smiled faintly.

“It’s an interesting place, I’ll have to come back more often.”

Leaving these words, Houri left quietly.

After leaving the training area, Houri did not return directly to his personal residence in the residential area, but first went to the trading area and browsed through the stalls.

Now, Houri still has 13,000 CP, so naturally, he needs to plan well before entering the next Transcript world.

Last time, Houri was almost with nothing but death perception mystic eyes and needed to convert CP into strength, so he made a big purchase.

This time, Houri’s equipment has been all completed, skills are also a lot better, and even attributes have been greatly improved, so there is no need to spend so blindly.

Therefore, Houri came to visit the trading area, mainly with two ideas.

One: Treasure hunting.

Two: Acquire tools.

If he comes across good equipment and skills, then Houri will naturally buy them.

And now that he has more money at his disposal, he also has to acquire some tools, just in case, such as healing items.

In the end, after a round of the trading area, Houri did not find any good equipment and skills, but acquired some tools for various situations, costing 8,000 CP.

“If it wasn’t for the Trial tower 1st-floor reward, I’d be a bachelor again by now, right?

In other words, the remaining 5,000 CP, Houri also can not find the opportunity to use, so he save them.

After two Transcript worlds, Houri finally had savings, not like the previous one that was squandered all at once, which is also caused for celebration.

Then, Houri left the trading area and returned to the residential area.

Residential area, personal residence.

As soon as he returned, Houri immediately spoke into mid-air.

“Requesting access to Transcript world.”

The system prompt immediately responded.

“No. 11273 requesting to enter Transcript world, starting the matching process.”

However, after the prompt of MainGod space to start the matching process, Houri’s hand flipped and a small emblem appeared in his hand.

It was a red emblem.


The red emblem suddenly glowed faintly, illuminating the surrounding lawn.

Under the faint glow, the system prompt stopped slightly, followed by this message.

“No. 11273 has been detected with special tools that can tamper with the Transcript world mission in the match to some extent. Do you want to use it?”

Hearing this prompt, Houri laughed, then lowered his head and looked at the badge in his hand.

Transcript Order (Tier 5): Special item. Used when applying to enter Transcript world, it can tamper with the Transcript world mission in matching to a certain extent, targeting Tier 5, can tamper with the content of Participant and Number of Main Mission. Worth 5,000 CP.

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