Illimitable Until Death v2c83

After ten days, Houri’s personal residence has been completely transformed.

The ground is covered with a lawn.

The surrounding area is covered with flowers and plants.

There is a mansion at the far end of the lawn.

This mansion is Houri’s residence.

Compared to the previous wasteland where even the beasts were not able to live, this is now a place to live.

After all, in the case of persistent training every day, Houri really has no way to ignore the issue of rest.

Obviously, the former wasteland could not provide enough rest and energy for Houri.

So, Houri had to spend all the remaining 1000 CP to transform his personal residence into this.

Houri, who came back from the outside, looked at his residence but did not go in. Instead, he opened his own attribute panel to confirm his current attributes.

Character: Houri
Race: Human
Title: Newbie Leader
Tier: Tier 5
STR: 18 (+17)
VIT: 18 (+17)
AGI: 33 (+17)
INT: 18 (+17)

Houri’s two accessories provide him with a total of 7 points of full attribute boost, giving Houri a large increase in attributes.

Houri also added all ten of his free APs to his AGI, pushing it up to 33 points.

After the effect of the 10-point increase in all attributes brought about by the title, Houri’s attributes were completely different from before.

As for strength, that was a qualitative leap.

At least, now Houri is no longer a layman in the field of combat.

“It’s just that, I’m still not an expert.”

That’s why Houri needs to specialize.

For Houri, who has death perception mystic eyes and can ignore defenses, there is little use in improving STR.

VIT is useful, but it’s much less useful than AGI for Houri.

Considering that AP is limited and Tier 5 has a combined attribute cap of 100 points, it is better to stack one attribute higher than to share the AP.

Therefore, Houri chose to add all of his APs to AGI.

“Instead, the INT is a little ambiguous for my needs.”

To be clear, INT is an attribute that determines the amount of power that can be used to perform a miracle.

For example, the magician in the Type-Moon world can use the power of magecraft by consuming energy called magic power. At this time, the higher the INT of the MainGod envoy who chooses to turn into a magician, the more the amount of magic power will be.

The INT attribute determines how much of this power is used to exercise miracles.

From this point of view, the usefulness of this attribute is naturally many.

However, Houri is currently not transferred to any profession that requires INT, this attribute is not necessary to improve at all.

“So, that’s all for now.”

After confirming his condition, Houri only raised his head and looked into the mid-air, as if he was speaking to an unseen presence, suddenly said.

“Request to enter Transcript world.”

When his voice falls, the system prompt immediately responded.

“No. 11273 requesting to enter Transcript world, begins matching.”

Hearing the system prompt, Houri’s expression became more or less serious.

“I hope the number of participants is still one person.”

The first Transcript world experienced by MainGod envoy who first entered MainGod space was a fixed one person.

For the subsequent Transcript worlds, the participant is chosen randomly.

If there is more than one participant, then the MainGod envoy needs to recruit teammates, form a team, and enter the Transcript world with his own team.

However, forming a team is not that easy.

First of all, because each comes from a different Planes world, and the well-known Transcript world has a different relationship, no MainGod envoy will choose to join under the circumstances.

After all, the captain leading the team is familiar with the plot, but the MainGod envoy from other Planes world knows nothing about the plot. It is likely to be used by the captain. In the end, not only will the benefits be lost, but life will be taken.

As the MainGod envoy who formed the team, the captain also needs to guard against the group members who joined in because of the interesting aspect, so as not to be stabbed at any time.

Therefore, in the MainGod space, the formation of the team is very difficult.

It is for this reason that the Servant Certificate was created.

Rather than recruiting members who can’t trust each other in the MainGod space and fighting with other MainGod envoys, it’s better to deal with familiar Main characters in the story world and build friendly relationships, and then use the Servant certificate to recruit and make the other party their own Servant.

For example, Houri, if he has to choose a completely unfamiliar MainGod envoy or Mumei as a member, will definitely not hesitate to choose the latter.

That’s not only because the familiarity with Mumei allows Houri to trust his back safely, or because the Servant certificate has the effect of life sharing. Once a servant, that is the community of life.

This is the idea that almost all MainGod envoys will produce.

Therefore, unless there is really no other choice, no one will choose to recruit members, and no one will choose to join the team established by another MainGod envoy.

Houri, too.

Therefore, Houri sincerely hopes that this time the participant of Transcript world is still one person.

Otherwise, Houri will really have to go through the trouble of recruiting group members.

It didn’t take long for the system to find a match.

“Transcript world: God Eater.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 5.”
“Participant: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 3.”
“Mission 1: Participate in the Aragami campaign initiated by the Fenrir Far East branch. Extra rewards will be based on the number of killed Aragami during the operation.”
“Mission 2: Obtain Aragami cores. Extra rewards will be based on the number of acquisitions.”
“Mission 3: Earn 5000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Failure Penalty: 1000 CP will be deducted for each failed Main Mission.”
“Completion Reward: Settlement will be based on the final evaluation.”

When the system sound of ‘Participant: 1’ appeared, Houri could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and suddenly smiled.

In the next second, Houri’s figure gradually disappeared from the spot.

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