Illimitable Until Death v2c85

Fenrir is based in Europe and has branches around the world.

The Far East branch is located in what was once Japan.

“Our mission this time will be in the Russian branch.”

Amemiya Rindo re-lit a cigarette, but his expression became more serious.

“According to the report, a large group of Aragami has been found gathering in the vicinity of Russia, and they have gradually started to move towards the Russian branch. We need to go to the Russian branch, fight with the Russian branch, and take the lead in annihilation before the Aragami attack.”

Hearing this, what the rest of the soldiers’ expressions were, Houri did not know.

However, Houri’s brow was slightly furrowed.

“A mission in the Russian branch?”

That would be a bit of a problem.

Because, in this way, Houri will not be able to significantly take advantage of his foresight.

The plot of the original work is almost all happening in the Far East branch.

However, now there is a battle that has to go to the Russian branch.

What does this mean?

It means that this time the battle is not in the original work.

Moreover, looking at the size of the first unit of only three people, Houri can also be sure that at this time, the original plot should not have officially started.

After all, if the original plot had started, the original work protagonist would have joined the first unit.

Now, since the original work protagonist’s figure is not seen, it is very likely that the plot has not yet begun.

The task this time is obviously more difficult than the last time.

“It seems that from the novice period, the test of MainGod space will only become more severe.”

Thinking of it this way, Houri once again focused his mind on Amemiya Rindo.

“We have limited time, we must get to the Russian branch within three days not to mention rendezvous with that side and make many preparations.” Amemiya Rindo closed his eyes, put the cigarette on his mouth between his fingers, and said. “As you can see, we are only in charge of the battle, the preparations will need to be carried out by you.”

“If there are no problems, we’d better go now.” Amemiya Rindo raised his eyes and looked at the soldiers, said.
“If you have questions, ask them now.”

Just after he spoke, the surrounding was silent.

As a matter of course, not a single person raised a question.

In the queue, Houri understood something instead.

As Amemiya Rindo said, the combat aspect was completely out of the hands of the soldiers present, and only the first unit, God Eater, needs to consider this issue.

Instead, the soldiers present were in charge of backup.

The equipment squad is in charge of supplies.

The ambulance squad is in charge of treatment.

The communications squad is in charge of communication.

The traffic squad is in charge of driving.

And so on and so forth, and that’s what the soldiers here were responsible for.

Houri seems to have been assigned to the equipment class.

This squad is responsible for the front-line combat troops to transport resources, in case of necessity will also carry weapons, a certain degree of support, is considered a more dangerous part.

But the danger is not a concern for Houri.

Houri needs to focus on only one issue.

“Is it just the three of you?”

Houri’s voice rang out clearly.

“The God Eater sent by the Far East Branch, is it just the three of you?”

When these words came out of Houri’s mouth and echoed clearly all around, all the soldiers turned their astonished eyes to him.

“Oh?” Amemiya Rindo did not seem to expect anyone to really ask questions, and all of a sudden his eyes were also focused on Houri.

“Eh?” Tachibana Sakuya also looked at Houri with a little surprise.

“Hmph.” Soma just glanced at Houri for a moment, and then seemed to lose interest and stopped paying attention.

At this moment, Houri became the focus of the scene.

With all eyes on him, Houri looked at Amemiya Rindo.

Amemiya Rindo looked at Houri with interest, and after a while, said this. “What? Don’t you believe in our ability?”

“How could be?” Houri shook his head and then said. “The first unit is the best God Eater unit in the Far East branch. I still know this.”

“We can’t afford such a rating as the best, it would only increase our workload, so give me a break.” Amemiya Rindo shrugged his shoulders and asked. “If you think so highly of us, then why do you have this question?”

“Just wanted to make sure.” Houri didn’t hide anything and said what was on his mind.

“If you guys can’t take the situation in your hand, can we go to the front line to fight Aragami?”

That’s right.

This was Houri’s concern.

Houri’s mission is closely related to Aragami.

Regardless of the difficulty, if he does not even have the opportunity to go to the front line, then do not even mention the completion.

So, Houri has to figure this out.

Otherwise, it would be a bit difficult for him to plan his next move.

Only, Houri did not know how amazing the words he said were.

At least, the eyes of the soldiers around Houri had changed.

It became as if they were looking at a strange person.

“Fighting with Aragami?” Amemiya Rindo smiles bitterly. “You’ve brought up an interesting thing.”

“You don’t look like you want to avoid fighting, but rather you want to fight on the front line?” Tachibana Sakuya advised.” You’re just an ordinary soldier, not a God Eater. You don’t have a God Arc to deal with Aragami, so it’s better not to think about such a dangerous thing as fighting with Aragami.”

“Without God Arc, you can’t fight Aragami.” Soma didn’t look back, just tossed this sentence.

“Don’t seek your own death.”

After that, Soma went into the helicopter by himself, leaving Amemiya Rindo and Tachibana Sakuya to look at each other, they were both a bit helpless.

“Well, that’s basically it.” Amemiya Rindo smiled at Houri and said. “Leave the battle to us, and you will do your part, funny boy.”

Amemiya Rindo gave a direct order.

“Then, all hands start boarding!”

At Amemiya Rindo’s order, each and every soldier responded loudly and started boarding one after another.

Houri, looking at Amemiya Rindo and Tachibana Sakuya, who had also boarded the helicopter, thought to himself as he followed the group.

“I have to plan my next move.”

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