Illimitable Until Death v2c86

It was not a very nice day.

The wind raging high in the sky was more or less noisy.

There was no light in the sky as far as the eye could see.

As if a storm was coming, the whole sky was covered with dark clouds, looking very gloomy, giving people a feeling that when lightning suddenly struck down is not a strange thing.

Under such a sky, military helicopters turning propellers, as arranged in formation, one after another to ride the gale flying over.

Houri was on one of the helicopters.

In the cabin, uniformed soldiers sitting next to each other in long rows of seats, holding guns in their hands, in a serious and silent atmosphere with their heads held high, quietly waiting for the time.

Only Houri, more or less not very disciplined, not like the other soldiers standing at attention, but turned his head and looked out the window.

To be more precise, it should be said that the landscape of the earth below.

However, everything in sight is just a piece of crumbling ruins.

The earth was covered with dust and rubble.

Buildings are like half-eaten cakes, broken and tattered.

In that piece of rubble, Houri can occasionally see one or two black shadows from it slowly shuttle through.

Looking at such a scene, Houri could not help but murmur.

“It’s really tragic…”

This world is more completely collapsed than the last one.

At least, in the last world, except for the Fused colony, no Kabane has the ability to change the terrain.

However, in this world, even the smallest Aragami has the ability to prey on everything.

As the saying goes, ants bite the elephant, Aragami is such existence. Once the number increases, that even the smallest Aragami, slowly gnaw, sooner or later will gnaw the world to a thousand holes.

That scene now is well presented in front of Houri.

Perhaps heard Houri’s speech, the person next to Houri talk to him.

“It can’t be helped, Aragami is too strong for us humans.”

The person who said this was a shoujo who was also wearing a military uniform but was unexpectedly cute.

She’s probably the same age as Houri.

Her shoulder-length hair is bright red and tied into two braids.

Looking at this shoujo, Houri always felt some familiarity.

“I’m sorry for suddenly talking to you.” Shoujo smiled a little embarrassed. “My name is Hibari, and I’m a communications officer assigned to the communications squad for this mission, pleased to meet you.”

“Hibari?” Houri was first stunned and then remembered.

This shojo, in the original work, also has some considerable role. She can often be seen in the command room. As a communications officer, she has been in charge of contacting the various God Eater troops and accurately issuing instructions from the top, is quite active.

He didn’t expect that in this mission, this communicator was actually assigned too.

“My name is Houri,” Houri said so with a slight smile at Hibari. “As you can see, just an ordinary soldier.”

“An ordinary soldier wouldn’t want to defeat Aragami.” Hibari lowered her voice, looked at Houri with curiosity and admiration, and then said. “To be honest, no one expected you to suddenly say something like that at that time.”

“Is it that strange?” Houri said helplessly. “Captain Amemiya himself said that he could ask questions.”

“But no one other than God Eater would want to fight Aragami, right?” Hibari’s expression became more or less downcast and said. “After all, people can’t defeat Aragami, that’s why our world has become like this.”

With these words, the atmosphere between Houri and Hibari became a bit heavy.

Hibari seemed to be aware of it and said in a hurry. “Sorry, I talk to myself too much, actually I just…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the pilot’s voice sounded in the cabin.

“The Russian branch is here.”

But just as these words fell, the pilot’s voice became alarmed.

“Wha-what’s going on?”

That panicked voice made all the soldiers in the cabin tightened in their hearts.

Houri frowned and cast his eyes out the window, looking in the direction of the ground.

The next second, Houri saw a base tightly surrounded by thick steel walls.

The base was filled with tall buildings.

However, outside the base’s walls, black dots were swarming in the direction of the base like ants.

“That’s…” Hibari couldn’t help but exclaim.


Hibari’s speech made the soldiers in the whole cabin a little panic.

“What’s going on?”

“Why is Aragami attacking the Russian branch at this time?”

“Didn’t they say it would take three days to arrive?”

The whole cabin looked a bit confused.

Seeing this situation, Houri’s frown became deeper and deeper.

“Just hearing Aragami’s name makes the situation so chaotic?

Is this still a well-trained soldier?

Of course, this also shows how deep the fear of Aragami is to the people of this world.

The chaos in the cabin was only eased when a voice sounded.

It was a voice from the vehicle’s advanced instruments in the cabin.

“Communication squad, can you hear me?”

This was Amemiya Rindo’s voice.

Hearing this voice, Hibari, who was sitting next to Houri, reacted immediately. She quickly sat down in front of the instrument, picked up the headset, started to manipulate it, and replied. “This is A4, please give instructions.”

In each helicopter, there is a communicator for the communication squad, so that it can give orders to each aircraft at any time.

So, Amemiya Rindo’s voice should now be ringing in every helicopter.

Then, Amemiya Rindo said this.

“Next, the first unit will go to meet the Aragami attack, and each aircraft will make its own landing to assist the Russian branch.”

With these words, Amemiya Rindo hung up the communication.

Then Houri saw it.

In the queue of helicopters, one of the cabins suddenly opened.

Amemiya Rindo, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma all came out of the cabin, and then one by one, they suddenly jumped off.

Immediately afterward, a military helicopter began to land down to the Russian branch.

At this moment, only Houri noticed.

In the distance, a group of black shadows, like dark clouds, came towards this side.

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